I Am the Monarch – Chapter 245: Northern Expedition (6)

“The First Soldiers of the Rinse Liberation Army, who were deployed to intercept the Lancephil Fief Army, then went into battle in the Chroma Fields, The Canuden Plains, and The Beech’s Fief.”

He took a moment to breathe, then continued.

“We lost all of the fights.”

All the commanders saliva were bursting in their mouth.
He heard it twice in a row, but he could not accept.
The report of this defeat was not expected at all.
That’s why Clay, who was reviewing several operations, broke the penholder he was carrying.
It’s an unexpected defeat for Clay.
Of course, he was claiming that the penholder was worn out.
Clay patted his chin with his fingertips and smiled faintly.

“Have we really been defeated at the end of the battle?”
“Yes? Well, that……”

The soldier hesitated for a moment from an unexpected question.
Clay’s eyes beamed with sharpness.

“The official report will be released in a few days anyway. Report the truth as it is.”
“The truth is……”

The soldier looked at the commanders for a moment and answered with a small voice.

“It’s a complete defeat. The enemy seemed to know everything about what we were doing and how we would behave.”

It was worse than the one he had just reported.
The commanders’ faces hardened.

‘The Lancephil Fief Army is much stronger than I thought.’
‘As I thought, it’s dangerous to have Roan Lancephil as an enemy.’
‘Should I go to to the Lancephil Fief Army at this instance?’

Foul thoughts blossomed.
Despite the agitation of several commanders, Clay looked at the soldier who had pretended to not look affected.

“Are your allies sure that they have moved the way I directed them?”

He wanted to ask if he had ever been arbitrarily strayed away in the battle plan.
The soldier shook his head with a firm expression.

“They’ve all moved according to the instructions….”
“Got it. You’re dismissed.”

Clay shook his hand and interrupted the soldier’s words.
He’d rather not hear it all the way.
The soldier hurriedly shut his mouth, bowing his head, and then walked towards the door.
Clay, then back to his original seat, pulled out a new pen holder and asked as if insinuating.

“Oh! Who is the Lancephil Fief Army’s general army again?”

The soldier, who had left the commander’s office, turned and responded with a low voice.

“Count Phillips’ eldest son, Ian sir.”
“Yes. Is it Ian Phillips you said. Got it. Carry on.”

Clay smiled faintly and shook his hand once again.


With a blunt sound, the soldier disappeared out of the commander’s room.
The commanders who could not even talk only checked upon Clay.

‘If it were Clay Supreme Commander, there would be a way.’
‘Clay Supreme Commander is a confident man in all things.’
‘Duke Webster, who was dying, led north Rinse Kingdom. Well, that’s what i think.’

The situation where everyone in the room is strangled by Clay.
Clay was well aware of the expectations of those commanders.
He would have smiled and reassured them.
But it wasn’t so now.

‘There was a person in Rinse Kingdom who could be comparable to me…….’

Although the First Army of The Rinse Liberation Army was not the main force, he had thought it would be a pretty equal fight.
Furthermore, the first goal is to harass the Lancephil Fief Army and lure them to Newark Fief, the main battleground.
This means that he had no plans to fight aggressively enough to fight to annihilation in the first place.

‘Were they thinking to destroy the Corps, who were thinking of retreating from the beginning?’
This kind of situation has never happened.
‘Ian Phillips…….’

There was nothing that came to mind when he scanned through his memories.
At best, he can only remember him as Count Phillips’ eldest son and rumored to be a genius since he was a student at Tron Academy.

‘I thought he was Greenhorn from the academy…….’

It was a completely wrong judgment.


Clay took a long breath.
He couldn’t be more troubled.
Mills Voiza broke the silence, as he just couldn’t wait any longer.

“Clay Supreme Commander.”

With a low volume he called unto him.
Clay turned his head and looked at Mills.
Suddenly, there was a confident smile on his mouth.

“Don’t worry about it everyone. It’s seems like there’s great military setup in Lancephil Fief Army.”

Some of the commanders shuddered from his words.

“If it’s Ian, he was even rumored to be a genius at Royal Capital Miller.”
“How do you stand up to such a guy?”

Everyone nodded with anxious expressions.
Clay rose from his seat with his arms pointed at the table.
He looked over several commanders, including Mills, and responded with a bold voice.

“I’ll go.”

At the moment, everyone opened their eyes wide.

“That, that means that……”

The commanders blurted out their words, seemingly in disbelief.
Clay nodded slowly.

“I’m going to lead the Liberation Army 2nd Team and cut Roan Lancephil’s neck.”

Declaration to take part.
As well as unexpected departure of Clay.


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