I Am the Monarch – Chapter 246: The Ruin (1)


I am the Monarch – Chapter 246: The Ruin (1)

The horizon between the sky and earth were blurry, and the eyes could see blue in every possible way one could think of.
The stream soared down from top to bottom, and even large chunks of water burst upwards as well.
A place that cannot be considered a human world.

“Huh? We’re late! Let’s go now!”
“It’s okay. It’s okay.”
“We still have some time.”

A boy and a girl, with blue hair and transparent skin, chattered on they walked on their way.
obviously, they can’t be a human being.
The girl who was ahead of the boy stopped and stared at the end of the cliff, with no water or water droplets.

“Huh? Isn’t that……?.”

With Unpleasant expressions and voices.
The boys who following the girl also stared at the end of the cliff little after the girl, frowning at visage.

“Look at how he looks, he looks so ugly.”
“How can that kid be the Elemental King candidate. It’s ridiculous.”
“Look at that hair and skin, it’s terrible to even think about it.”

Sharp accusations poured out from them.
At that moment .

“Everyone has a lot of dissatisfaction for what I’ve decided upon.”

A beautiful voice was heard.


The boy and the girl bowed their heads in a hurry.
In front of them stood a woman with a beautiful face, a smooth body, and flooding massive amount of dignity.

“E, madam Elaim!”

The boy and the girl couldn’t keep their feet steady as it was jumping uncontrollably.
The identity of the beautiful woman was the Elemental King Elaim of the water.

“Won’t both of you be late for class? Go on ahead.”

As Elaim spoke low volume, the boy and the girl, no, the spirits of the water looked down and disappeared rapidly.
Elaim breathed a short sigh as she watched.

‘It seems there are repulsive children already.’

She turned her head and stared at the end of the cliff.
At the end, a girl with dark red hair with shining skin sat while crouching.


A sad light flowed into Elaim’s eyes.
It was Kinness who had a different appearance than the ordinary water spirit.
Elaim slowly stepped forward and approached Kinness.

“Are you still doing this?”

Gently said words.
However, Kinness didn’t respond.
She only focused upon the landscape beyond the cliffs without emotion
No, the pupils were empty.
She wasn’t looking at anything.

‘How many months has she been doing this now…….’

When Roan became one with Flamdor and Travias to face Simon.
That was when Kinness returned to the Spirit World.
She was not forced to return because of the overflow of powerful fire-mana.
No, rather, it was the opposite.

‘The stronger the fire-mana, one obtains stronger power and abilities.’

At the time, Kinness was very startled.
The more you absorb the fire-mana, the stronger your abilites come to be, while also looking more different from other spirits.

‘She became doubtful of her origin and caused conflict within her.’

Furthermore, she didn’t know how she would change if she stayed with Roan, and she was afraid of that.
In the end, Kinness returned to the spirit world without saying a proper farewell.
Afterwards, she just sat on the cliffs of Terr, also known as the tip of the border, in the spirit of water, and spent her time only with blank mind.
No, she was deeply troubled and seeking for answers.

‘A poor little child.’

Elaim came to see Kinness every so often, but she didn’t know what to do with her.

‘She can only stand up by herself.’

She believed in Kinness.
Kinness was the one she selected for one of the Elemental King candidates.
Also, since her birth, she was always a mystical child.

“Kinness. I’ll be going now.”

Elaim smiled faintly and stroked Kinness’s head.
At that moment, Kinness’s who had not said a single word for the past few months, moved her lips.

“Madam Elaim.”

A voice that has lost all its power.
Elaim looked at Kinness with a slight surprise as she was about to leave.
Kinness looked at Elaim with an unfocused eye.

“What the hell am I?”

* * *

Located in the southern part of North Rinse Kingdom, Newark Fief was a great place to exploit ambushes and traps, and other strategic tactics because of its rugged terrain.
In addition, the south-central area of Newark Fief is surrounded by wild hills and fields, making it ideal for large and small turns if needed.
It was a great place to use as a battlefield.
That’s why Clay had been looking over Newark Fief trying make it his ideal battlefield from the beginning.
The goal was to use the already destroyed Rinse Liberation Army to lure Roan and Lancephil Fief Army to Newark Fief.

‘I was a little surprised when the first team was hit close to annihilation…….’

But he didn’t have to be discouraged.
Clay cleverly twisted the Lancephil Fief Army’s advance through the Druids.
Roan and Lancephil Fief Army were entering the Fief, south of Newark, thanks to a very cautious and very slow-paced ploy he made.

‘Fortunately, everything is going as planned.’

Clay smiled faintly.
He led the Rinse Liberation Force 2nd Division and took his position in Newark Fief one step ahead.
For now, Clay used the rugged terrain of Fief, north of Newark, to build each Corps’ and Troops’ encampment, while installing traps on major transit routes critical to Fief.
In addition, assault squads and other squads were set aside to ambush the main base area.
As a result, Fief, north of Newark, was transformed into a huge fortress to intercept Lancephil Fief Army.
It can even be called a perfect and solid fortress with no gaps.
When everything was ready, Clay joined the Duke Webster’s family, the aristocratic forces that followed him, and the forces that had been forced to join him, and led them to Fief, south of Newark, with an army of 70,000 strong.
The spectacle was similar to the great mountains and rivers moving.
Clay reorganized the 70,000 troops into the central, left, and right, respectively, to establish a separate camp, and then he took charge as the General-in-Command for the central and left forces.

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