I Am the Monarch – Chapter 247: The Ruin (2)

Pierce crossed the battlefield and flawlessly grasped the enemies.


With the blunt sounds, the enemy’s alignment collapsed.
It was an opportunity.
No, it seemed like an opportunity.

“Got at’em in one breath!”

Pierce raised the spear up high and pushed the enemies even harder.
But it was weird.

‘Hey? Why is it so hard?’

Obviously, the enemy’s alignment was destroyed, but it was not as easy to penetrate through as he had thought.

“Damn it!”

However, Asta Troop soldiers, who followed Pierce’s back that attacked the enemies, struggled rather loudly.

‘Have they already raised their alignment up? No, it’s not about their formation. It’s thicker than before.’

He felt a great deal of pressure.
Pierce turned his head and looked at Heath, who was attacking the left wing on the other side.

“Don’t back down! Don’t be pushed!”

Heath, obviously, was clearly in disarray.
Even The Pakicetus Troop was being pushed back a little at a time.

‘What the hell is happening?’

Pierce couldn’t believe what was going on in front of him.
This kind of situation never happened before.
Then one curious objects caught his eye.


Pierce frowns upon his visage.
It was clearly watchtower that appeared in the Rinse Liberation Army’s encampment beyond their enemy.
The problem is that the watchtower…….

“It moves?”

The moving watchtower was a little lower in height than the usual watchtower.
Instead, the roof was set up separately to prevent an arrow attack.


The Lancephil Fief Army, including Pierce and Heath, was caught in the view of a moving watchtower that suddenly appeared.
Flags then protruded from the top of the watchtower from both sides.
The flag fluttered in a very rough and bizarre way.
At that moment.

Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo!

The Left-central and right forces of the Liberation Army changed their alignment, pressuring Pierce and Heath.


Pierce burst out with low exclamation as he struck the enemy soldiers who rushed to him.
This was how it was possible for the enemy to fight back and behave in perfect order.
He figured out the cause.

‘They have a perfect command system just like us.’

Pierce’s face hardened.
His thoughts were correct.
The Rinse Liberation Army was not just an army with great force.

“Great. Everyone is moving well.”

A satisfied voice emerged from the top of the moving watchtower.
The preparator of the voice was Clay.
He appeared on the battlefield and commanded several Troops himself.

‘It can’t be helped since they’re fighting the Lancephil Fief Army with strong soldiers and conscription who has little combat experience.’

However, the battlefield where the spears and arrows flew was really dangerous.
Therefore he built a watchtower and a moving tower that moved for his own safety.
He stood at the top of the moving tower and looked down at the battlefield.
Liberation Army’s assault was matter of course, Lancephil Fief Army’s advances, and even the rear encampment were revealed to him.

“Left-wing spread out.”

Clay quickly ordered as he looked looked the battlefield.
A water-mana bottle on the left shook the two flags dizzyingly.
At one point, the battle alignment that had been disrupted for a moment, but it quickly overcame the struggle and fortified itself.
Clay smiled at the scene.

“Roan, Ian. They would probably see the conscripts as laughingstocks?”

His gaze turned to Roan and Ian, located behind the Lancephil army.

“But the conscriptioners is no different than the elites when it comes to me.”

A voice that was so confident it sounded arrogant.

“Real artisan doesn’t differentiate the tools.”

His eyes became sharp.
At least the early battle was clearly going to Clay’s will.
Of course, Ian knew exactly what was going on.

“He’s more troublesome than I thought.”

Ian smiled bitterly at the ever-moving Liberation Army soldiers.
One Adjutant, who was standing next to him, frowned.

“Did he already train the conscripts like that sir?”

At that question Ian slowly shook his head.

“No. The conscripts are just following orders, they don’t know anything. If they order them to run forward, they run, order them to turn around, they turn around, and if they order you to stop, they stop.”

“Wi, With only that amount can they show that much of power sir?”

Adjutant looked as if in disbelief.
Ian shook his head.

“It’s impossible. No, I thought it was impossible, but……”

There was a bitter smile on his mouth.

“Clay made it possible.”

He exhaled out a short sigh.
Originally, he was not one to underestimate his enemies.
But as he battled Clay, he once again went over evaluation in his mind once again.

‘With a slightest mistake, you will be eaten.’

He turned his head and looked at Roan.


With low voice he called out to him.
Roan nodded at Ian.
He knew what he wanted.


Roan took a deep breath.
At the same time, he held the horse’s reins strongly and raised Travias’ Spear.

“Amaranth Take to Battlefield!”

With the command, the warhorse stormed out.
He was followed by Amaranth Troop.

Dududoo doo doo doo.

The sound of horseshoe rang.
The fierce sprint continued.

“They’re finally here.”

Standing on the moving tower, Clay looked down at the battlefield and smiled.
There was a chilly light in his eyes.

“Come at me. Roan Lancephil! I have prepared a gift for you.”

He hoped that The Amaranth Troop, led by Roan, would advance towards the main force.
Fortunately, Roan did what he wanted him to do.

‘Ian. You’re still a Greenhorn.’

Clay’s mouth was smiling.
Amaranth Troop broke through between the left and right confrontations and rushed toward the central force base.
No, it seemed like they were towards it.
At that moment.


Clay’s eyes went round.
Of course, it was only about the size of normal people barely opening their eyes.
He quickly stretched out his right hand.

“Water-mana bottle.”

An urgent voice.

“Send a signal to the right wing. Thicken the sides.”
“Ye, Yes sir!”

The soldier quickly waved the two flags.
Clay regained his cool for a short moment.

‘Should I abandon the center and strike the right wing?’

It was an unexpected development.
Roan and Amaranth Troop, who were running toward the center, suddenly turned and charged toward the right.

‘It’s bewildering, but……’

It wasn’t enough to cause much problem.
Thanks to his quick command, the right-wing side has already become thicker.
Clay kicked his tongue and shook his head.

“Roan. No matter what you do, it……”

At the moment when the voice of his continued talking.


Clay’s eyes once again widened.
Roan and Amaranth Troop, who were advancing towards the right-wing flank, changed direction once again.
Clay frowned.
An unstable gaze followed Roan.

“Perhaps a retreat?”

The end of his voice trembled slightly.


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