I Am the Monarch – Chapter 249:The Ruin(4)


There was bitterness lingering in heart.

‘My lord. No, Count Lancephil. I didn’t want to see you like this.’

Serifa, who is in charge of directing and controlling the Druids, smiled bitterly.

‘If it wasn’t for the Druid’s Oath, I’d like to stay with you sir Count.’

The Druid’s Oath was a problem.
That pledge with Clay forced Serifa and many other Druids to betray Roan.
Sad eyes.
The end of his gaze turned to Roan, who was running from afar.
A black-red flame that flows through the whole body and on horseback.

‘We already know about your fearsome fire-mana.’

A fire-mana, powerful enough to burn the earth
There was no way Clay would not know about it and not plan a contingency plan.

“Get ready, everybody.”

At Sephira’s command, the surrounding Druids once again recited the bizarre spell.
At that moment, the huge trees that was moving heavily stopped.


At the same time, the ground shook loudly and a large bridge dug into the ground.
It’s as if the roots are falling.
In the meantime, Roan came to the brink of a great tree.
At that very moment.


Huge streams of water sprouted from the center of the giant trees.
It was reminiscent of a heavy rain.
A stream of water was shooting beyond the eye can see.

“Wha, what!”

Not only Lancephil Fief Army but also the Rinse Liberation Army were greatly bewildered by the sudden water flow.
They quickly backed off from the water.
Ordinary soldiers felt pain just by being caught in the water.

“Get back! Get back!”

Pierce looked at Roan, giving orders quickly.
Roan was still spewing out a dark red fire.

“Heung! That’s right! Did you think you could turn off the Lord’s fire-mana with a stream of water?”

A powerful voice.
Roan’s fire wasn’t just a fire.
It was the source of fire that condensed the fire-mana even in a mixture of energy.
It was not enough to put it out with only a stream.
At least that’s what Pierce thought.

The flames of Roan, which had been raging, died down gradually.
It wasn’t completely turned off, but it was definitely less powerful than before.
Roan had a bitter laugh.

‘To think they would use this kind of method.’

He looked at the giant trees that was spouting water.
They weren’t just spouting water.
The giant trees absorbed fire-mana from the surrounding mana, then shot its energy down to the surface, and then created a huge stream of water using water-mana, which was pushed out the other end.
Thanks to the huge tree, the nearby Fief’s area was becoming increasingly dryer and water-mana becoming richer.

‘The Flamdor fire-mana in the body can still be used, but……’

There was no way to restore the used fire-mana if it was used up like that..
Of course, there was a second best option.

‘Using the water-mana.’

Roan was also able to use water-mana thanks to the tears of his elemental king.

‘It’s been hard to deal with water-mana since the last Overflow with Flamdor taking over my body.’

Though still more powerful than ordinary soldiers and knights, but compared to fire-mana the gap was as wide as the difference between the level of an adult and a child.


Roan breathed out a long breath.
For now he couldn’t use fire-mana like this anyway.
By exhausting Flamdor fire-mana in his body, his body could be crushed by forcing fire-mana to rise.


The black-red flames that had been circling all over the place disappeared.
At the same time, a blue water-mana trickled out through the Travias’ Spear.
Thanks to the pouring water, the water-mana soon took the form of water.


The blue water wrapped around Roan.
But it was still less powerful than fire-mana.

“As expected.”

Clay smiled brightly as he watched the situation from the moving tower.
Over the past few days, or months, or years, many meticulous calculations have filled his mind.
For him, Roan Lancephil was a must-win enemy and an obstacle that must be surpassed.
The fire-mana elimination operation through the Druids was sure-fire plan that could not be failed.

“Roan Lancephil.”

There was a icy-cold streak around Clay’s eyes.

“Be killed by the rain I made.”

A voice of conviction rolled down the moving tower.
The situation was certainly not good.


Giant trees spread their roots and branches and attacked Roan.


Roan fought back, wielding Travias’ Spear.
But the big tree wasn’t the only thing he had to care about.


The Druids went between the water stream and recited their chants.
Each time, a hard stem sprang up, dragging Roan’s ankle or attacked his body directly.


Roan swung with a thundering cry.


The snake-like stems were cut off nicely with a refreshing sound.
At that moment.


Serifa and the Druids emerged through the stream.

“Count Lancephil. Long time no see.”
“It’s been a long time. Serifa.”

A brief greeting came and went.
The eyes with complicated emotions were connected.
The Serifa mumbled under his lips and lowered his head slightly.

“I’m sorry.”

Roan smiled vaguely and shook his head.

“You don’t have to apologize. We’re all faithful to respective ones.”
“Thank you for your understanding.”

Serifa bowed his head once again and quickly kicked the ground.


Light flashed around his body.
At the same time, a large eagle appeared and shadowed over the sturdy body of Serifa.


The eagle flew at Roan’s head with a sharp intent.
It was a summoning followed by transformation art.


Other Druids also rushed at Roan.
The light flashed and changed their appearance to predators such as lions, tigers, and leopards like beasts.
They looked like an ordinary beast on the outside, however they were far beyond an average knight.
Druid’s transformation was much more powerful than one thought.


A series of malefic calls came out.
Roan quickly pulled the reins.
However, the military horse, which had been brave enough to move so far, hardened like a stone statue and refused to move.
A moment of panic came from the predator in front, filling it with fear.


Roan was forced to gear up and kicked into the air.
At the same time, he swung the Travias’ Spear.
The stream of water moved from the spear seemed to dance through a strong stream.

Pavat! Puk! Sshak!

The lion and the tiger, who were rushing in, were cut in long margin by the spear and bounced back.

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