I Am the Monarch – Chapter 249:The Ruin(4)


A shallow cut on the neck and chest
Certainly, it was not easy to control water-mana.
In addition.


Their wounds healed surprisingly quickly.
One of the abilities of Druid’s transformation art came with a powerful healing ability.
Of course, they could not recover their wounds forever.
At best, two or three times was the limit, and deep wounds made it impossible to heal perfectly.
But that was enough to bother Roan.
The Druids, who were bounced off, turned back into beasts and attacked Roan again.


Roan clenched his teeth and waved his spear around.
In the great stream of water, not so easy battle ensued.

“Damn it! Legionnaire field rally! We’re going into the stream!”

Pierce shouted while looking at the struggling Roan.

“Yes Sir!”

Legionnaire from Asta Troop quickly lined up.

“All right! Then Char…”

Pierce, who was about to charge in violently, clenched his teeth and stopped.

“Damn it. When did…”

A confused look and expression.
The central force of the Liberation Army appeared before them.
Moreover, the right-wing force, who had backed down for a while, have also begun to put pressure upon Asta Troop again.
Pierce’s gaze naturally led to the moving tower.
At the top of the moving tower, a small flag fluttered without a break.

“Huhu. Did you think I’d just watch you guys jump in?”

Clay snorted and shook his head.
The battlefields was perfectly divided into the battle zones of Roan and Druid and the battle zones of ordinary soldiers.
Everything was going according to Clay’s will.

“We were fooled.”

Ian Phillips, who was looking into the situation at the main force of Lancephil, bit his lower lip.

‘I thought left-wing and right-wing are the baits and the goal being the central…’

Now it turns out that the left and right wing was the main force, and the main body of the central government was the same as the garrison to protect the Druids.
Moreover, the defensive troops were setting up walls to keep central Lancephil force away from Roan.

“Main force charge, save the Lord!”

Ian quickly gave orders to the main force, who had been on standby.
Originally, it was the Troop, which was reserved to deal with the raging enemy’s central force.

“Yes Sir!”

With the affirmative reply, the main forces marched belatedly toward the battlefield.
An imposing figure
But Ian’s face was not good.

‘If something goes wrong for the Lord, it’s all over.’

Even if you win a battle, you lose a war.
No matter what happened, Roan had to be safe.

‘Just hang in there, please.’

Ian prayed and prayed desperately.
In the meantime, Roan was having a harder fight than he anticipated.


Roan gritted his teeth at the attacks of the branches from the giant tree.
There was a flurry of water pouring overhead, huge boulders soaring from the ground, and a series of frantic attacks.

‘If only there was fire-mana……’

He would have burned down a giant tree in a single swoop.
Then again, the attack by the Druids followed with the giant tree.

Kwokwang! Kwaguwaang! Pububuk!

Roan moved his feet in a dizzy way at the same time, pulling up water-mana to shake off the stream of water.
The Druids’ sharp attack bounced off or dodged safely, but the root attack of the giant tree that shot up from behind his back was not stopped.


A dull roar
Roan gritted his teeth from the tremendous shock.
A shock beyond human capacity.


There was blood dripping from his lips.
Still, he did not kneel or fall.
No, he didn’t dare touch the ground with a spearhead.
He still stood proudly on both legs and looked at the Druids and the big tree.
Serifa breathed out a short sigh at the sight.


He returned to his original form and stood facing Roan.

“Count Lancephil.”

Roan smiled a vague smile at the low call.

“What do you want? Are tired already?”

He was still fierce.
Roan straightened his position while going over his mouth with the back of his hand.
Sefrifah hesitated for a moment at the sight, then said in a small voice.

“Why don’t you stop here? If you surrender, I and my colleagues will take responsibility for your life.”

Roan smiled a bit, and came back with a remark.

“What do you do with Druid’s Oath then?”
“Tha, That’s….”

Serifa stammered a little, and he was also perplexed.
Roan took a deep breath.

“There’s nothing to be afraid of. I’m not going to surrender in the first place.”


He gave strength to the grip of the spear.

“Best of all…”

The smile on the corners of my mouth deepened.

“I’ve finally come back to my senses.”

A confident expression and voice.

“Yes? What does that…?”

Serifa asked back with a look of surprise.
Roan held the Travias’ Spear forward and took the parade position with the spear.
At that moment.


A great stream of water sprang up along the spear.


Serifa and other Druids went into silence with a stiff look.
Now Roan looked exactly as if he used fire-mana.
One could feel a great deal of energy from the water, which rose separately from the spears.

“I’ll show you why I’m called a Wargod, not a Crimson Wargod.”

The smile on the lips deepened.


Roan kicked lightly on the ground and ran toward the Druids.
Travias’ Spear cut through the stream and cut the space.

“Get out of the way!”
“Don’t block him!”

Serifa and other Druids screamed at each other and jumped away in all directions.
A situation in which one’s eyes could be blank with disbelief


Roan gritted his teeth.
He forced the swing of the spear to change trajectory.


The spear trembled and soon flew towards the big tree.

“Oh no!”

Serifa bursted out bewildered belatedly.
Roan was aiming for a giant tree, not for the Druids.
He was planning to cut down the giant tree and reduce the flow of water.

‘It was a feint!’

Serifa shook his head, chasing Roan’s back.
The perfect handling of water-mana was actually a lie.

‘This is my last shot!’

Roan took a deep breath.
It was still very difficult to deal with water-mana for him.
The stream that rose along the spear was made by pulling up all of the remaining mana and forcing it upon the surrounding water stream.
Roan stared at the big tree in front of him.

‘I shall cut you down.’

At the same moment his spear divided the space.
Travias’ Spear quickly lengthened and thickened.


With a heavy sound, a huge size of a spear cut down the giant tree.

Cuo Oo Oo Oo!

The giant tree twisted its body and blew its whistle.


Roan again gave strength to his wrist, forcing it to bear the pain that seemed to burst out of his forearm.


With a dull sound, spear beat the trunk of the giant tree.


The giant tree tilted little by little with a thundering cry and soon fell on its side.


Finally, the huge tree fell with a roar.


The stream, which had been pouring so much that it was hard to tell where the front of the water has now shrunk a bit.


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