I Am the Monarch – Chapter 249:The Ruin(4)

In addition, the exhausted fire-mana gradually increased.


A hazy smile hung over Roan’s mouth.
A look of contentment shows at the way things were done.
At that moment.

“That’s great. You cut down a giant tree even in that situation.”

A familiar voice pierced his ear.
Roan frowned and looked where the voice had come from.
There was a familiar but unwanted face.
A man with small eyes that are too thin to see an eye.
It was Clay.

“It’s been awhile.”

At Roan’s words, Clay greeted him as if he had met a close friend.
Clay drew a strange figure, holding his hands together.

“It’s been so long that I have a lot to talk about, but I don’t think it’s time to do that.”

He quickly recited a spell, feeling the fire-mana getting stronger little by little.
At that moment.


The huge tree that had fallen with great tremors has risen again.
It was even bigger than before.


Newly grown roots have penetrated the surface of the earth and settled down.


Roan swallowed the saliva on what had happened in an instant.
Clay was at least two or three stages better than the other Druids.


The stream that had been tapered for a while had thickened again.
No, it’s stronger than it was before.
In addition, fire-mana, which had been gradually rising in power, quickly disappeared.


Roan gritted his teeth, feeling the torrent of water pouring all over his body.
Manna in his body has already revealed it’s bottom.
Moreover, there was no more fire-mana on his surrounding.

“Roan Lancephil.”

Clay had a strange smile with his arms crossed.

“There are many stories I wanted to tell you…”

His eyebrows danced with a big umph.

“I’ll tell you the story, in front of your grave.”

At the end of the remark, once again the giant trees swung it’s branches at Roan.
At the same time, the other Druids also kicked the ground with a gruesome look.

Roan took a deep breath, looking at the attacks coming toward him.
It was a desperate situation, but he didn’t shake his head.
He didn’t even give out a sigh.
On the contrary, he lifted his head.
There was a flash of light.
Mana and his physical strength may have fallen, but his momentum were as high as the sky.

‘I do not give up.’

He was confident in the face of death.
At that moment.

<Yes. It’s too early to give up.>

A bright, pointed voice pierced his ear.
No, it rang in his head.
A voice that he missed very much


Roan unconsciously muttered in a low voice.
Within that moment


A whirlpool ran before his eyes.
At the same time, a girl with red hair and shiny skin appeared through the water stream.
It was Kinness.


The Druids, who were rushing in with a roar, were thrown out in all directions.


Clay, who was expecting Roan’s end, frowned upon the sudden situation.

‘Who’s that girl?’

Clay didn’t know the identity of Kinness.

<Roan. I’m disappointed. You can’t even handle this much?>

Kinness looked at Roan with her hands on her waist.
Roan smiled brightly and shook his head.

“I missed you.”

Kinness’s eyes trembled at the words.
She soon burst into a short snort.

<Hng! Me too!>

It was something out of tune with voice and attitude.
She turned her head to look at Clay and the Druids, while apparently looking shy.

<These guys were mean. There’s no fire-mana at all……>

Her eyebrows rose sharply.
She must be angry to see the guys that bothered Roan.

“Kinness. Are you going to scold them for me?”

When Roan asked with a playful look, Kinness shook her head.

<If you’re a man, you’re going to have to get your own revenge>

Roan listened to her words and looked at Travias’ Spear.

“I’d love to, but my mana ran out.”

<Don’t worry about that.>

Kinness shook her head with a playful look.
She stretched her arms wide.

<I’ll make this place your world.>

An obscure remark.
But Roan didn’t bother to ask.
For he believed in Kinness.
Right then.


A red glow came out of Kinness’s body.
The light gradually stretched out to the strong stream.
Roan just stood still and looked at the figure.


Once again, red light burst out from the entire stream that had been pouring out.
It’s like the whole world is turning red.


Roan closed his eyes unknowingly.
He felt strong fire-mana on his whole body.
The empty Mana quickly filled with fire-mana.

<Roan. I’m not the Spirit of Water anymore.>

He could hear Kinness’s voice in his head.
Roan nodded slowly.

‘Yes, but it’s okay. I don’t care if you’re a water spirit or not.’

The corners of his mouth crept up.

‘You’re just…’
<I’m just….>

The voices of the two were mixed together.


Roan and Kinness smiled at the same time as if they had promised.
At the same time, Roan opened his closed eyes.


Once again, a sigh of elation came out.
The world opened up before his eyes
There was no more torrents of water pouring.
Instead, it was raining black and red fire, as if it would burn the whole world.


Kinness looked at Roan.
Her face was still full of mischief.

<Let’s finish this battle.>

Roan nodded slowly at the words.
His eyes turned to the other side.
At the end of the sight was Clay.

“Thi, this is ridiculous…”

Clay was dumbfounded by the shower of fire above his head.
An expression of incredulity.

Roan hit the ground lightly.


The newly stronger fire became blurry and quickly reached the front of Clay.


Clay tried to back away little delayed, while swallowing the wind.
But Roan’s left hand was a little faster.


Clay’s eyes went backwards from the breathtaking pain.
Roan’s left hand grabbed Clay’s neck.

“Ho, How could this happen…”

Clay shook his head in disbelief.
Roan looked him in the eye.

“You must be curious about a lot of things.”

At those words, Clay nodded.
Roan smiled vaguely and carried on his words.

“About those curious stories…”

A little effort was put into his grasp.

“I’ll tell them in front of your grave.”



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