I Am the Monarch – Chapter 25 : Unexpected battle (5)

The place Roan’s sight was directed to was across Prely River.
It fell on the monster army that caught the rear of the three troops.

‘It’s the goblin and orc army that were at the rear of Int’s forest.’

On top of that, the ones that chased the Rose Troop should have regrouped.
His two eyes become thin as thread.

‘That flag is………’

A flag mixed with red and blue.
It was a familiar flag.

‘The flag of Sedek’s Troop, a part of the Orcs Alliance northern parts of Rinse.’

It wasn’t that Roan remembered all the flags of the troops.
However, even if he wanted to forget that flag, he couldn’t.
His hand goes to his left side.
The feeling a scar that doesn’t even exist now hurts.

‘We clashed against Sedek’s Troop in the region of Krel.’

And then, a young orc warrior swung his blade and sliced his side.
It wasn’t so deep as to danger his life, but even so, it was quite a big injury.
Because of that, he had to leave the battlefield for a while and focus on healing.

‘Meanwhile, my comrades all kept accumulating merits.’

Perhaps, his life could have started to become a mess since then.

‘So how would I be able to forget that damnable troop flag.’

But of course, he couldn’t know if Sedek’s troop participated on Int Forest Battle in his past life.

‘It’s quite similar to my past life, but some little parts are different.’

The reason why he couldn’t be careless even when he knew the future.
Roan checked the battlefield once again with calm eyes.
Then, he frowned and looked at Kennis.

“Adjutant Keniss.”

Kennis, that was also checking on the battlefield, nodded.
Roan pointed at Sedek’s troop, that was at their rear.

“Aren’t they a bit weird?”

Kennis tilted his head and turned to look to the rear.
After he stared for a long while, he put a surprised expression.

“What are they doing right now? Are they joking?”

A voice that was filled with displeasure.
Roan smiled faintly and nodded.

“They are only pretending to attack our troops.”

He couldn’t know the exact reason.
However, the certain thing was that Sedek’s army that was at their rear, were only pretending to attack while maintaining a distance.
Roan organized his thoughts for a moment and looked back at Kennis.

“I have thought of something good.”

He whispered towards Kennis for a little while.
Kennis frowned after he heard all the story.

“Won’t it be dangerous?”

Roan replied with a calm voice.

“It is, but to secure a path to escape, we can only lure Sedek’s troop.”

Kennis gulped and looked at Roan.

‘I thought that he only knew how to use his head, but it seems like he has some courage and determination.’

The strategy Roan said.

‘While we are luring the rear of Sedek’s army, make the three troops retreat by crossing the river.’

If only they could lure Sedek’s troop, they would be able to open a path for the three troops to retreat.

“And are you confident in being able to do it?”
“Yes. I am.”

Roan nodded without even a trace of hesitation.
Kennis looked at his two eyes and then made hand signs to his back.
Karon, that was in charge of the 1st Squad approached.

“Yes. Tell me.”

At Kennis’s call, Karon bent his head.
Kennis pointed towards Sedek’s Troop.

“Get 10 squads and attack Sedek’s Troops rear.”
“You want me to attack the rear of the monsters army?”

Karon put a surprised expression and looked at the battlefield.
Even at first glance, their numbers were more than 3 thousand.
To attack them with only 200 soldiers, they had an overwhelming number of monsters.
Kennis nodded slowly and looked at Roan.

“Roan will help you.”

A voice that contains strength.
It was a voice that was filled with trust.
Roan slightly bent towards Kennis.

‘I don’t know if this choice will be the right one or a wrong one.’

An unexpected battle.
This choice was all on Roan.

‘But if I can just succeed, I will accomplish a really big merit.’

Fire appeared in his eyes.


Sedek got on the war horse and glared at the battlefield.


Laughter kept coming out from between his cuspids.

‘Was he called Pelt?’

The thing Sedek was looking at was at the monster army that were doing a fierce battle that was happening across the river.
And between them, it was an orc warrior swinging his halberd.

‘Hmph. I can’t let a bastard from the Byron Kingdom to get all the merits.’

His eyes became sharp.
The orc warrior that was swinging the halberd was a friend of Tarem, that was from the same Byron Kingdom, and proposed to make this ambush tactic for revenge.

‘That stupid bastard Tarem said that he was going to make a night raid and after he took some warriors from the orcs alliance of our Rinse Kingdom, they were the ones that rather suffered a surprise attack and got annihilated.’

Even so, the supreme commander of the orcs alliance Rak, kept more trust on the orcs from Byron Kingdom.

‘Damn. I don’t know why he keeps covering for the defeated bastards.’

His face contorted.
Sedek, that was from Rinse Kingdom and even got attention on the northern Rinse Orcs Alliance, didn’t really like supreme commander Rak’s decision.

‘Even so, I can’t oppose him……. I can only hope for that Pelt bastard to die on this battle. Kukuku.’

He called his adjutants with some hand sign.

“Keep in mind. We are only pretending to attack. We will wait until Pelt’s Troop crumbles.”
“Yes. Understood.”

The adjutants nodded and scattered to the sides.
They acted as if they were attacking just like Sedek’s order, and didn’t move first.

‘Kukuku. Even if he survives, if his losses are great you won’t be able to say that it’s an outstanding merit.’

Laughter keeps coming out.
Then, a yell was heard flowing through the west wind.


A loud yell

‘Who dares to call my name?’

Sedek frowned and turned to look at the place where his name was called.


He saw soldiers charging to them while climbing the hill.


Sedek got surprised but in the end, burst out of laughter.

“What is it? That’s all? Kukuku.”

The soldiers charging towards him were barely 200.
His numbers were more than 3 thousand.


A loud yell was heard once again.
The owner of the voice was a youth with a childish face that was at the front of the soldiers.
It was Roan.

‘Certainly, his body is really impressive.’

Roan looked at Sedek that was looking at him being on top of the war horse and gasped in amazement.
His body that was covered with strong muscles was as thick as a tree.

‘Even so……..’

The corner of his mouth rises slightly.
He knew his fatal weakness.

“Sedek! You stupid orc!”

Roan’s voice cuts through the battlefield.
Some orcs got agitated and breathed hard.

“Who dares to our troop commander!”
“Your heads should really be screwed!”

However, Sedek himself was calm.

“Kukuku. Is he provoking me? Leave him. There’s no need to pay them any mind. Just fire some arrows.”

And then, Roan yelled loudly once more.

“Sedek! You looking at the battlefield while seating on the horse is really manly!”

A sudden praise.
Sedek frowned and glared at Roan.

‘What is he planning?’

He started to get uneasy.
A faint smile appears on Roan’s face.

“The Sedek Troop’s members should be really happy! To have that cool and dignified man as your troop commander!”

A continued compliment.

“What is it?”
“Is that human crazy?”

Even the orcs get perplexed.
And it was also the same for Karon and the squad members.

“Squad Commander Roan. What are you doing right now?”

As Karon asked, Roan replied with a nervous expression.

“Now, that bastard will charge towards us as crazy. And then, we will have to cross Prely River and flee.”
“He’s going to come to us after you compliment him like this?”

Roan nodded and looked at Sedek.
He yelled with all the strength he had.

“But do you know that? That your troop commander doesn’t have a dick!”

In an instant, the orcs all look towards Sedek.

‘Troop Commander Sedek, that’s a warrior among warriors, is a eunuch?’
‘No, no. It’s not to the point of being a eunuch, but he directly doesn’t have one?’

Sights filled with doubts.
Sedek’s face becomes nicely contorted.
Roan kept yelling.

“That bastard was having fun with some bitches and in the end, it got cut by his wife! His crotch is really clean!”

Roan’s words were all true.
These were all things that got revealed when Sedek’s Troop got defeated in Huil’s battle, and they got interrogated.

‘That bastard Sedek kept this truth really well hidden. Because it’s the most disgraceful thing for an orc warrior.’

Mumbles of the orcs become harsher.

“If you can’t believe me, send one adjutant and make them put his hand on his crotch! It will slip away! Hahaha!”

Roan drenches his throat and laughs hysterically.
Karon, that was well aware of his surroundings, laughs together and makes some hand signs.
And then, all of the squad members burst out of laughter.

“HAHAHAHA! They say that orcs are prestigious warrior, but the one that his lower parts is lost to be the leader!”
“It would be nice to ride the horse! HAHAHAHA!”
“It will be good, because it’s fresh in summer! HAHAHAHA!”

Laughter shakes the battlefield.


Sedek’s body trembled and ground his teeth.
Rage surged up.

“This son of a bitch…….”

In the end, he couldn’t hold it and hit his war horse.


The war horse crise and charges through.


Sedek left back the orcs and ran towards Roan.

“Huh?! Tro, troop commander!”
“Chase the troop commander!”
“Follow his back!”

The orc adjutants get surprised and hurriedly kicked their horses.
At the sudden order, the orcs got started to follow him ack.

“They are really charging like crazy.”

Karon looked at Sedek while panicking and pulled the reins.
The head of the horse turns south east.

“We are running to the south east and cross Prely River! Run with all your strength!”

Karon kicked his horse and lowered the posture.
The war horse let a long cry and started to charge while cutting through the air.
Roan and the squad members followed his back.

‘They are following really well.’

Roan glanced back and put a faint smile.
At least half of the 3 thousand orcs were chasing them.


They could see Prely River.
Karon made hand signs to his back and then one soldier grabbed his bow.


As he left go of the tensed bowstring, one arrow flies to the skies.


A sharp sound hits their ears.
That was the signal to explode the reserve, and also the sign of the battle starting.

< Unexpected battle (5) > End

Translator’s note:

Thanks for reading!

Translator : Subak \ Editor: Deathwing

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