I Am the Monarch – Chapter 250:The Ruin(5)


“Sa, Save Sir Clay!”

“Save the Supreme Commander!”

Druids and other knights around him yelled.
However, in contrast to the way they shouted with momentum, no one took a single step forward.

Tudu Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo!

A rain that could injure the blue sky poured down.
No one dared to step into it because of the fiery rain that would seemingly burn everything.
They could only just stand still and look at Roan Lancephil and Clay.
The good news is that there was no rain on Roan and Clay’s side.

“Ke-eck. Ro, Roan Lancephil…….”

Clay called out to Roan in a desperate voice.
He could not die like this.
He did not come into this world just to die in this way.
Suddenly, the faces of the two brothers came to mind.
He was not a sibling to them, but he had been in their mentorship for more than 20 years.
Both brothers were of outstanding talents, but they were not comparable to himself.

‘I can’t die like this. I the best of the three.’

Clay looked straight into Roan’s eyes.
His lips trembled.
As if trying to tell a difficult story.

“Please spare me.”

His ego was defeated.
Finally, his arrogance was broken.
Roan smiled hazily.

“You want to live?”

He asked with a look as if he was asking an outrageous question.
Clay nodded with a rather convinced expression.

“If you keep me alive, I’ll seat you upon the highest position, sir.”

The tail of his mouth went up.
Once he started talking, he felt his confidence swelling up again.

“I really do have the ability to do that.”

While he was still boasting over his abilities, Roan shook his head slowly.

“It doesn’t matter if you have the ability or not. You have already lost my trust.”

Terrified of the end of his word, Clay took a long breath.

“I’ll swear by Druid.”

It was a vow that if you break your promise, you will completely lose all of your Druid’s abilities.
Serifa and several Druids that were following Clay’s orders was because of this oath.
But Clay and the other Druids had a clear difference.

‘It really doesn’t matter, since Druid’s abilities are just a few of my abilities.’

The ability he felt was the most valuable to himself was his intellectual ability.
With his head, he could once again control the world.
Druid’s ability could be replaced with other abilities.
No, in the first place.

‘I won’t ever betray Count Lancephil anymore.’

Clay grit his teeth.
He realized that he was not Roan’s opponent until it was the end of the fight.
He was confident that he was smart enough to take him on, but it was too late to judge the situation by the time he realized that he could potentially lose his life.
Roan looked at Clay steadily.

“I already have great subordinates.”
“Ian Phillips? He’s greenhorn compared to me.”

Clay spread his arms wide.

“It’s true that Ian is also of a great talent, but he couldn’t predict my movements at all. He was confused by the central forces and the baits and such, therefore putting sir Count in danger.”

To some extent, it was true.
Roan nodded.
Clay saw this and became joyful.

‘I did it. Count Lancephil acknowledged my abilities. If he knows more of my usefulness, he wouldn’t be able to kill me.’

An unfounded confidence rose up to his throat.
His mouth went up and his face showed relief.
Roan could not help but laugh at him.

‘Foolish man. He’s still too full of himself.’

He shook his head, loosened his hand, then held his neck.


Clay took a long breath.
It was a sigh of relief.

‘In the end, he’s choosing me.’

He thought Roan would take him in.
Clay bowed his head toward Roan.

“I will do my very best to follow you….”

When the words were about to end.

“No need.”

Cold voice.


Clay looked a little surprised.
Roan looked into his eyes and continued with a neutral voice.

“I said I don’t need your assistance.”

The voice was still cold.
Clay’s expression hardened.
The tail of his mouth, which had been raised, was also stuck in place.

‘He doesn’t need me?’

He was embarrassed.

‘Is he saying that he’ll just let me go?’

Within that moment his face distorted.
He laid down his pride to beg for his life.
However, it was only because he was confident in his abilities.
If he was able to live, then he’ll once again be able to be trusted.
But now Roan is saying that he does not need his support.

‘Is, Is he belittling me again?…….’

He then remembered the memories of being deprived of his office because of eavesdropping.
Clay grit his teeth.

‘Roan Lancephil. I won’t forget today’s humiliation.’

Vainful pride and vengeance sprang up.
Clay looked up and looked straight into Roan’s eyes.

“Alright. If that’s Count’s will, I’ll follow it. It’s just….”

His eyes and voice were cold.

“The next time we meet, we’ll be in a lot different situation than now.”

Roan shook his head with a hazy smile.

“That’s never going to happen.”

Clay yelled at him at the end of the speech.

“Belittling me to the end!”

It was a completely different reaction from the way he always looked calm.
Roan was still smiling.

“I’m not belittling you. We’re never going to see each other again.”

That’s when Clay felt something unusual.
He frowned and stared at Roan.
Roan also looked straight into Clay’s eyes.

“You don’t have to support me as well as……”

His right hand touched Clay’s chest.

“You don’t have to be alive anymore.”

Cold voice.

“What, what do you…….”

Clay panicked and tried to get Roan’s hand away.
This time as well, Roan was a little faster.


A red light came out of from the hand that was touching Clay’s hand.
Moment later, Clay’s body floated and flew back.


Clay opened his eyes and looked surprised.
Roan looked at him and whispered in a low voice.

“Die in the depth of the heat in the rain of fire.”

It was a declaration and a judgment.


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