I Am the Monarch – Chapter 250:The Ruin(5)

Clay gritted his teeth.
Roan and the rain of fire poured without missing a beat.
He quickly held his hands palm-to-palm and recited out an odd spell.
To protect his life, he used the Druid ability, and tried to disperse the damage.


A hazy film flowed through the whole body.
A fierce heat beat against Clay’s body.

Tudk! Tudududu!

The rain of fire bounced off the hazy shield.
However, the momentum of heat was fierce.
There were certain limitations to stand up against such strain for a long time.
Then at that moment.


Clay spat out.
One of the flames pierced through the film and went over the skin.


The flame pierced the hem and melted through the skin.
The pain was terrible.
The blurry film that flowed through the whole body became slightly thinner.

‘Oh, no!’

Druid’s defense couldn’t stop Roan’s fire.

“La, Count Lancephil!”

Clay looked at Roan with a desperate expression.

“Ple, Please spare me! I will give you my loyalty!”

The pride and vengeance that had kicked up to his throat had disappeared.
He begged for his life with a red face.
Instead of answering, Roan slowly raised his right hand.


Roan and Clay’s gaze intertwined in complicated way.
No, the only thing complicated was Clay.
Roan’s gaze clearly had only one meaning.
The firmly closed his lips moved with amusement.


A neutral voice pierced Clay’s ear through the sound burning rain of fire.
At the same time, Roan’s hand fell towards the floor.
At that moment, the rain of fire poured out upon Clay.



Clay screamed in the fierce blaze that penetrated into his body, melting his clothes and skin by going through the hazy film.
In no time at all, he became a black-red fireball.

“Ro! An! Lan! Ce! Phil!”

Clay’s cry resounded out the battlefield.


The flames erupted and the sound was like that of a drum bursting.
Clay burst into flames and spread out in all directions.
Perfect death.
He no longer existed in this world.
Roan and Clay’s relationship ended with just that.


Roan took a long breath and shook his right hand.
The heavy rain of the fire changed direction and struck the giant trees.


A fiendish sound rang throughout the battlefield.
Giant trees instantly turned into ashes.


When Roan gestured again, the rain calmed down a bit.


Fire calmed down, but it was a sea of fire surrounding Roan as the focal point.


The Druids, as well as the soldiers of the nearby Lancephil Fief Army and the Rinse Liberation Army, all seemed to swallow dry needles, and hardened like statues.
Roan stood alone in the midst of the fire and looked over the battlefield.
He could see the faces of the soldiers in awe and terror.

‘It’s time to finish this.’

Like Kinness said, the time had come to end the battle.
Roan swung Travias’ Spear lightly.


The flames soared along with the spear.
In addition, the devastating flames that burned the site also followed the spear.
Roan in same position, stabbed the spear forward.
At that instance, a huge blaze raged toward the moving tower.


With a roar, the moving tower was destroyed and burned.
The flames did not stop just there, and flew toward the Rinse Liberation Army faction.


There was a much louder roar than there had been before.
The flames spread out wide from side to side, engulfing the enemy faction.

“Thi, This ridiculous……”

Soldiers of the Rinse Liberation Army opened their mouth and deeply sighed as they watched the burning camp.
Some of them lost strength on their legs and sat, and some of them dropped their weapons.
Roan looked at the world of fire unfolding in front of him, he talked, but in a loud voice.

“The battle is over.”

It was said in resolute expression and attitude.
It was a one-sided declaration, but no one dared to oppose it.
The Rinse Liberation Second Division was defeated, and Roan and Lancephil Fief Army have won once again.

* * *

Death of Clay and the destruction of the 2nd Rinse Liberation Army, as well as the rapidly collapsing of left and right forces.
With Roan’s declaration, the battle finally ended with the victor being Lancephil Fief Army of the Southern Newark Fief.

Roan went into corps refurbishment zone shortly after the battle was over.
The central, left, and right-wing casualties were transferred to the rear cities and reorganized with a reserve force.
In addition, the soldiers of the 2nd Rinse Liberation Army, who were captured in captivity, were transferred to the rear force for only for those who wanted, and the rest were detained in the rear camps.
Of course, this was out of consideration for the conscripts who were forced to join the war, but the noble commanders and the knights and soldiers who followed him were all beheaded.
There were exceptions among them.

“Serifa. With the death of Clay, the Oath that bound your movement has disappeared.”

The Serifa and the Druids, that were prostrating, showed no reaction to Roan’s words.
They were just apologetic, while making sorry faces.
In contrast, Roan’s face was neutral.


A short command fell.

“Lord. That’s not doable”

Austin, Ian, and several other commanders who were near by shouted in surprise.
Roan swiped his right hand to calm them down.
Serifa and Druids were also surprised.
Roan looked at their eyes and continued.

“Although I had refused, Serifa was also concerned about my life, and tried to save me during the battle. Therefore, I also want to give them a chance.”

With such words, everyone fell into deep contemplation.
Because they knew Roan’s heart and the heart of the Serifa, they could not oppose it.
Serifa and the Druids, with deeply moved expression bowed their heads.

“Thank you so much, and I’m very sorry.”
“I’m very ashamed.”

Depressing voices filled the commander’s room.
Roan exhaled ou a short sigh.

“Go where you want and live the life you want.”

That was all.
Serifa and the Druids rose from their seats, greeted once again, and exited the commander’s room.

“Would it be fine?”

Austin asked with a somewhat worried look.
Roan nodded silently.
He once again wanted to believe in Serifa and The Druids.
No, actually.

‘I believe in my eyes.’

Roan read deep feelings of atonement and regret in the eyes of Serifa and the Druids.
Besides, it was a war of attrition anyway.
Even if the Serifa and the Druids regrouped with the enemy, nothing would change.
Roan hit the table and turned the topic.

“The detached force of North Newark Fief, that’s been ambushing us has to be broken through. If there’s a good plan, say it.”

It was only through North Newark Fief, that they would be able to attack Mills Voiza and the Rinse Liberation Army headquarters in central North Rinse Kingdom.

“For now…..”
“In my view…….”

The moment roan’s words fell, Ian and other commanders expressed their opinions.
This was one of the strongest points of the Lancephil Fief Army.
Even officers can freely share their opinions and thoughts.
These little thoughts brought together the Lancephil Fief Army as a mighty force.
The debate continued.
It was to break through the North Newark Fief with the least amount of damage as possible.
Right then.


Chris, who had been absent for a while, emerged as the door of the commander’s office opened.
His expression looked somehow bright.

“What is it?”

When Roan asked, Chris looked at the confusing table with papers and replied:
“We no longer need military meeting it seems sir.”

Several commanders had frowned upon their visage.

“What are you saying?”
“Why are you saying we don’t military meeting?”

Chris smiled at the overflowing questions.

“The detached force that ambushed Fief, north of Newark, was destroyed and the trap was destroyed.”

It was an amazing report.

“Ho, how did that happen…….”

Several commanders opened up their eyes wide and looked astonished.
Among them was Ian Phillips, who was going over every little detail.
Everyone was dumbfounded in a situation that they could not comprehend.
In the meantime, Roan smiled with a casual expression.
He looked straight at Chris and nodded slowly.

“Is it them?”

An unknowable question.
But Chris noticed the meaning of the question.
He nodded hastily.

“Yes, it was them sir.”

It was still an unknowable answer.
Roan’s smile on his lips grew stronger.

“I told them to go where they wanted to live and live the life they wanted.”

Said in a soft voice and warm eyes.
His gaze turned to the commanders.

“Everyone should be ready to go. We…….”

His voice was energized.

“We are going to North Rinse Kingdom via the path that the Druids have opened.”

Finally, the war was coming to an end.



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