I Am the Monarch – Chapter 251: Victory (1)

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I am the Monarch – Chapter 251: Victory (1)


The once sturdy table shattered together with a blunt sound.
It was an abrupt event, but there was no one who was startled.
For they too were of the same feelings as the one who broke the table.

“We shouldn’t have trusted Supreme Commander Clay, no… Clay so much.”
“Damn it. To think even the 2nd Army is annihilated……”
“The Newark Region has already gone over to Count Lancephil’s hands, sirs.”

Numerous commanders in the meeting room raised their voices.
Everyone’s gazes turned towards the man who broke the table.
He was Mills Voisa, the one who promoted Clay to Rinse Liberation Army Supreme Commander seat and the chief executive of the remaining main army’s forces.

‘To think that Clay would suffer complete defeat.’

He thought a difficult battle was possible.
He thought a defeat was also possible.
But at the least, if it was Clay, he thought he would fully torment Roan and the Lancephil Fief Army.
After that, destroying the Lancephil Fief Army that had faced the agonizing battle using the 3rd Rinse Liberation Army which was the main army was the plan.
However, everything was derailed.


Mills spat out a long sigh.
An unpredicted situation.
Furthermore, it was quite a difficult situation.
However, it was too early to despair.

‘We still have the Byron Kingdom Army and the Istel Kingdom Army.’

The two kingdoms’ forces were pressuring the Lancephil County from north and east.
The one that was advantageous was still the Rinse Liberation Army.
Mills looked straight at the numerous commanders’ faces.

“Everyone prepare for the march. We will intercept Roan and the Lancephil Fief Army.”
“Yes, sir. Understood.”

Everyone lowered their heads with resolute expressions.
However, it wasn’t as if they could simply march either.

“We need a man to safeguard the Sedes Castle here.”

The Sedes Castle was the North Rinse Kingdom’s Capital and the place the current king Barry Webster was staying.
At the same time, it was where the Rinse Liberation Army’s headquarters was located.
Even if things possibly went wrong, they could easily aim for a comeback as long as the Sedes Castle at least was safe.
The capital, Sedes, was that much of an important place.
However and even so, they couldn’t carelessly leave behind their forces before a large battle either.
They had to contemplate deeply than they had thought.
At that moment.

“I will protect the Sedes Castle, sirs.”

The one who stepped forward with a clear and ringing voice was a rather young man.
His large eyes were highly striking.

‘This man was a subordinate brought by Clay……’
Mills looked at the young man and slightly nodded his head.

“What is your name and rank?”

The instant his words finished, the young man answered in a voice full of tension.

“I’m the Sedes Guard Captain Pichio, sir. I was serving Supreme Commander Clay, sir.”

The young man’s identity was shocking.
The one who left together along when Clay betrayed Roan and left the Lancephil County, it was that very Pichio.
A clear traitor.

‘My turn has finally come.’

Pichio clenched his teeth.

‘Quite a long time has passed since receiving the lord’s secret orders and following Clay.’

At the time, Roan has separately given an order to Pichio with Clay betraying in mind.
Roan too thought of Pichio as the final puzzle piece.
Pichio had committed not a real betrayal but a fake betrayal.

‘Of course, making Clay trust me was the first.’

Coincidentally, a believable reason that Pichio couldn’t help but betray Roan was made.

‘The war of Lancephil Fief Army versus Hexers.’

In that process, the fact that Pichio was of the Hexers’ bloodline had been revealed.
Of course, the one who knew of this fact was only Roan who had received the Hexers’ mind attack.

‘I went to Clay and begged for my life.’

He laid out words saying that Roan was planning to kill him who was of Hexer bloodline.
Of course, this was all a plan Roan and Pichio together had matched their words and schemed.
But Clay, who from the start had suspected whether Pichio was of Hexer bloodline or not instantly bit the bait.
Thanks to that, Pichio was able to tag along with Clay when he left the Lancephil County and headed for the Webster Duchy.

‘Clay who was full of suspicions didn’t entrust important duties on me.’

He left him at the lowest rank position, constantly monitored and eavesdropped on him.
Pichio wordlessly focused on the given duties.
Clay’s suspicion slowly faded as time passed, but even so, he didn’t extend out to him a high position.
At the least, he was able to climb to the position of Guard Captain of the Capital, Sedes, thanks to his outstanding abilities.
But, it was just up to there.
Clay, when he formed the 2nd Rinse Liberation Army, completely left out Pichio.
The pretext was because of the Sedes Castle’s public order, but in actuality was because of the single strand of suspicion that he still couldn’t erase.
Clay’s such feeling was only known to the North Rinse Kingdom’s closest adjutants who followed him, and other commanders, knights, and soldiers completely couldn’t guess it.
There wasn’t even a need to mention Estia Imperial Army’s people including Mills.

‘Thanks to that, I’m one of Clay’s capable subordinates in these people’s eyes.’

In their eyes, Pichio was merely one of Clay’s subordinates and the Guard Captain of the Capital, Sedes.

‘They do not suspect me.’

Pichio deeply breathed in.
Now was exactly the time to raise up his crouched body.

‘I will take over the capital, Sedes.’

It was the reason he particularly stepped up and volunteered for the Capital’s defence.
Mills slowly nodded his head.

“You must be well informed of the Capital’s situation considering you are the Sedes Guard Captain.”

Mills who simply didn’t know of Pichio’s intentions made a faint smile.

“I will give you five thousand soldiers. Protect the Sedes Castle at any cost.”
“Yes, sir. I will absolutely complete this mission.”

Pichio deeply lowered his head.
The tips of his mouth slightly rose up.
Finally, the moment had come to complete Roan’s secret order.
A few days later, the 3rd Rinse Liberation Army’s fifty thousand soldiers belonging to the main army marched towards the south.
A bold and fearless spirit as expected.
However, the truth was not as it seemed.
Unlike the commanders who were spirited, the insides of the soldiers who actually had to fight were greatly complicated and dark.
Because they too had eyes and ears, they were well aware of how the current situation was turning.


Everyone dryly gulped with stiffly hardened expressions.
Especially the faces of the conscripts who were forcibly joined weren’t good.

‘They say they don’t chase those who run from what I hear……’
‘They said they were forgiving of conscripts.’
‘They say they locked up all those who attacked till the end……’

The conscripts repeated the rumours they heard over and across again and again.
They even thought of throwing away their weapons and running if there was a chance.
Of course, the commanders including Mills, knights, and elite soldiers couldn’t even guess such fact.
The 3rd Rinse Liberation Army was creaking from the start.

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