I Am the Monarch – Chapter 252: Victory (2)

The instant his words ended.


Everyone let out a quiet exclamation.

“Sir Count Lancephil!”

One couldn’t control himself and shouted out aloud.
The simple-looking man brightly smiled and nodded his head.

“If Sir Count Lancephil marries Princess Aily, then he would become a member of the Rinse Royalty. What about giving the Rinse Royalty’s name to him?”


Everyone dryly swallowed.
They failed to easily answer and simply searched each other’s faces.
However, everyone weren’t of displeased expressions.
At that moment, an impoverished looking old man squeezed in between the men clicked his tongue.

“Tch tch tch.”

Everyone’s gazes turned towards the old man.

“Old man. Why are you clicking your tongue?”

When one man asked, the old man stood up from his seat and shook his head.

“Sir Count Lancephil can simply climb to the throne without going all complicated like that. Since the Rinse Royalty already lost the citizens’ trust.”

The instant his words ended.

“Sshhh! Be quiet.”

The men startled up and pulled the old man down.
They looked around in case someone had heard and then exhaled a long sigh.

“Huu. Old man. You can’t say something like that carelessly.”
“A head can fly off if not careful.”

At those words, the old man raised his head straight and spoke in a bold voice.

“Did I say something wrong?”
“We, well you aren’t, but……”

The men wavered and formed awkward smiles.
The old man deeply breathed in.

“I lived long enough. I don’t have many days left. Looking back, it has been truly a hard and tiring life. At the very least, I want to spend my last days peacefully, happily, joyfully, and smiling.”

His eyes twinkled and shone a light.

“If it’s Sir Count Lancephil, it feels like he could make a world like that.”

A voice full of certainty.

“If I had the power to choose a monarch……”

The old man tightly clenched his fist.

“I would choose Sir Count Roan Lancephil as my monarch.”

Instantly, an unknown silence fell down.
The men who were silently listening lowered their heads with their mouths tightly closed.
They did not mind other people’s eyes any longer.
Heated passion filled up to their throats.
The men looked at each other’s eyes and nodded their heads.
Everyone’s thoughts were the same.

‘If we could choose our monarch……’

If such power were given.

‘Our monarch is Sir Count Roan Lancephil.’

That wasn’t merely the men’s thought.
It was also the thoughts of the capital’s, Miller’s citizens, further out the nearby regions, and out even further the Rinse Kingdom citizens’ thought.
The desire of the kingdom’s citizens spread out like a wildfire.
Silently, very slowly, it spread from heart to heart.


The Lancephil Fief Regiment passed the Newark’s northern region and entered into the Betus Region.
The Betus Region was a place located south of the North Rinse Kingdom’s capital, the Sedes Castle, and was formed out of low hills and plains.
A topography where a grand frontal battle rather than assaults, ambushes, traps and such schemes were more fitting.
Due to that, everyone couldn’t hide their puzzlement when Ian who returned from the capital, MIller, chose the Betus Region as the battlefield.
Furthermore, the moment Ian arrived at the Betus Region he ordered to capture key hills and set up camps and form defensive positions as if to carry out a defensive battle.
Although the incomprehensible orders continued on, no one acted worried.
From the file and rank soldiers to upper-level commanders, everyone trusted Ian.
Ian carried everyone’s support on his back and sent an order to standby to the entire fief regiment.
Afterwards, the Lancephil Fief Regiment idly awaited the next order.
In that time, the Rinse Liberation Army 3rd Squad with Mills Voisa at the head showed up.
They looked at the Lancephil Fief Regiment that had already finished setting up camps and halted their march for a moment.
They couldn’t move carelessly from not knowing what kind of scheme they had perhaps prepared.
Mills for now set up a temporary camp, formed a scout troop, and meticulously combed the hills.
Because it was Ian whom even that great Clay couldn’t defeat, they had gotten afraid in advance.
Ian did not miss this chance.
He formed a detached force and showed off moving from hill to hill, traveling back and forth the plain’s west and east, and other odd appearances.
Although they in truth were meaningless actions, in the Mills and the Rinse Liberation Army’s commanders’ eyes, they couldn’t carelessly move their legion due to their doubtful hearts.
Already, Ian’s name had begun to cause influence on the battle situation.
Like that, four days passed.

“Seven days have already passed since we arrived at the Betus Region, sir. Do we need to wait even longer, sir?”

One of the adjutants looked at Ian.
It wasn’t that he had a complaint.
Only, he was curious until how long this boring waiting would continue.
Ian quietly raised his head and looked at the sky.
The sky was blue and clean without a single speck of cloud.


His eyes thinly closed.
The commanders and adjutants who were watching from his sides looked at that sight and formed awkward smiles.

‘He’s keep doing that.’
‘For seven days he keeps looking only at the sky……’

Numerous commanders all tilted their heads.
At that very moment.


Ian let out a quiet exclamation and formed a faint smile.

‘It has finally come.’

The light on his face brightened.
He turned his head and looked at Roan.

“My lord.”

Quietly calling sound.
Roan quietly stared at Ian’s eyes.

“Has the time come?”

As expected, quietly asking sound.
Ian nodded his head.

“Yes, sir. The time has come.”

A short answer followed.
Roan deeply breathed in and slowly moved his steps.

“Then I will go.”
“Yes, my lord. Do go on, sir.”

Ian deeply bowed at his waist.
Numerous commanders and adjutants followed Ian and lowered their heads without even knowing why.
In that time, Roan moved out of their camp and headed towards the Rinse Liberation Army 3rd Squad.
A sight of moving his steps alone without even riding a warhorse and holding his Travias Spear.
Even though he stood alone before a fifty thousand strong army, he absolutely did not seem in peril.
Roan was bold.
A suffocating presence and pressure spouted out from his entire body.

<Weird. I still don’t get it……>

Kinis flew above Roan’s head and tilted her head.
She too stared holes into the sky like Ian.
Roan formed a faint smile.

“If Ian Phillips says so, then it is so.”

Words full of trust.
Kinis tried to say something else, but soon closed her mouth.

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    “Kinis’s story began like that.
    That was a rather long and boring story.”

    Honestly I wouldn’t mind hearing more about the spirit world and I certainly wouldn’t find it more boring than no names praising Roan in a circle for the umpteenth time while grasping at the very obvious concept of succession.

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