I Am the Monarch – Chapter 252: Victory (2)


Something cold dropped onto her forehead and the back of her hand.


Kinis widely opened her eyes and formed a shocked expression.
In contrast, Roan faintly smiled and nodded his head.

‘Ian Phillips. Amazing as expected.’

Amazed light overflowed on his eyes.

‘To think he would exactly predict the moment it rains……’

Even moreso, he realized a step ahead of even Kinis who was a water spirit.

‘In the last life too, his ability to predict weather was superb.’

Due to that, even bizarre rumors that Ian could control weather circled around in the last life.
Of course, in actuality it wasn’t that Ian controlled the weather.

‘Merely, he infer the weather by scrupulously analyzing the long gathered information and numerous natural phenomena.’

Roan deeply breathed in.

Drop drop drop drop drop drop.

The blue sky above their heads instantly darkened and violent raindrops drummed the earth.

<That Ian guy is amazing.>

Kinis too recognized Ian’s ability and raised up her thumb.
Meanwhile, Roan arrived before the Rinse Liberation Army 3rd Squad’s main center army.
Rainstorm pouring down enough to make seeing even an inch ahead difficult.
Between those raindrops were felt tens of thousand pairs of eyes.

“Wha, what the? Isn’t that Roan Lancephil?”
“Where? You’re right! It’s Roan Lancephil!”
“It’s Roan! Roan!”

The Rinse Liberation Army’s soldiers looked at Roan who abruptly appeared and greatly panicked.

“Di, did he come alone?”
“And by walking at that?”

But soon, they saw how he appeared alone without even a horse, without even a soldier and creased their brows.
The noble commanders and knights soon reddened their faces.

“Is he actually saying he will face our fifty thousand men army alone?”
“Arrogant! Even if he is looking down on us, he is looking down on us far too much!”

Curses together with insults poured out.
At that moment, upper-level commanders together with Mills Voisa showed up from the camp’s center.

“Roan Lancephil has appeared you say?”
“Yes sir. He appeared alone holding a single spear.”

Mills creased his brows at the adjutant’s words.
He moved his steps to the camp’s front.


Instantly, a quiet groan flowed out from Mills’ mouth.
The commanders’ words were true.
Roan was standing still alone in front of a fifty thousand strong army.

‘What are you scheming……’

Mills did not carelessly step forwards, nor even speak up a word.

Drop drop drop drop drop drop drop drop.

Only the sound of raindrops noisily rang the battlefield.
At that very moment.

“Mills Voisa. It has been a while.”

Roan passed a greeting towards Mills.
Mills made a bitter smile.

“It’s the first since the suppression of Elton Coat’s rebellion.”

During the suppression of Elton’s rebellion, he was completely beaten by Roan.

‘I resolved to absolutely win when we meet again.’

Of course, he completely didn’t expect a situation like now.

‘Just how did I come to point swords at the Rinse Kingdom……’

A bitter smile hung on his mouth.

‘No. No. I cannot let my resolve soften..’

Mills exhaled a short sigh and stared straight at Roan.

“Are you saying you will face fifty thousand soldiers alone? Or do you perhaps have a some other underhanded scheme?”

At those words, Roan lightly swung his Travias Spear.
A raindrop rode the spear handle and softly flowed.

“There is no such underhanded scheme.”

He, with the tip of his spear, pointed at Mills and the fifty thousand soldiers.

“I alone will face you bastards.”

The instant his words finished.

“You arrogant brat!”

Noble commanders tightly clenched their fists and shouted aloud.
All were of completely enraged looks.
In contrast, Roan and Mills were still calm and unperturbed.

“Roan Lancephil. However strong you are, you cannot face fifty thousand soldiers alone.”

Roan nodded his head at those words.

“I can’t if it is the usual. But……”

The smile hanging on his mouth deepened even further.

“Now it is raining.”

Mills creased his forehead.

“And what changes if it rains?”

He didn’t understand Roan’s words.
Roan held his Travias Spear with both hands.

“This rain isn’t an ordinary rain, you see.”

A quiet voice pierced through the sound of rain and stabbed into the Rinse Liberation Army’s fifty thousand soldiers’ ears.

“This rain is……”

The end of his words turned faint.
Simultaneously, Kinis who was flying above Roan’s head soared up towards the sky.
She, with her eyes closed, fully opened up her arms.
Suddenly, a dark crimson light exuded out form Kinis’s body.
The light directly dyed the violently falling rain.
The clear raindrops slowly turned into a dark red hue.
Of course, it wasn’t only the color that had changed.


Flame erupted on the spots the dark red raindrops fell.

“Fi, fire!”
“I, I’m on fire!”

Simultaneously, the Rinse Liberation Army’s soldiers ran this way and that and screamed.
Dark red flames erupted along their helmets and armor.
The warhorses’ manes burned jet black and the rations and tents all were swallowed by the flame.
The earth that just until now was damply wet from the violent rain likewise spew out dark red flames.
The entire world was completely full with flames.

“Ju, just what is……”

MIlls muttered with a half-dazed expression.
He, too shocked at the scene unfolded before his eyes, couldn’t even think of putting out the flame attached on his own body.
Roan extended forwards his Travias Spear and lightly kicked off the ground.

“This rain is the rain of fire.”

His spearhead split the air.
Along his spear’s path erupted a giant flame.


Sparks jumped together with a roar.
Along Roan’s hands, feet, and body the flames waveringly danced.
That sight almost brought to mind a god of flame.


The Rinse Liberation Army’s soldiers including Mills burst out exclamations with their mouths wide open.
Already looks completely devoid of their will to fight.
Roan lightly stamped his feet and jumped into the air.


Flames followed him and covered the sky.
Roan swung his Travias Spear and shouted in a loud voice.

“This place here is my world!”

< Victory (2)> End.

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    “Kinis’s story began like that.
    That was a rather long and boring story.”

    Honestly I wouldn’t mind hearing more about the spirit world and I certainly wouldn’t find it more boring than no names praising Roan in a circle for the umpteenth time while grasping at the very obvious concept of succession.

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