I Am the Monarch – Chapter 253 – Path of a King (1)

“What a load of rubbish.”

A voice even more suffocating from exasperation.


A silence fell onto the grand hall’s inside.
Barry and the old nobles who had loudly laughed and chattered stared at Roan with their mouths fully dropped.
They, with shocked expressions, couldn’t continue their words.
At that moment, Roan lightly waved his right hand.

“Yes sir!”

The Amaranth Troop’s members kicked off the ground and pounced towards the old nobles.

“Eh, eh, eh……”

The old nobles, at the abrupt situation, merely blinked their eyes and waved their hands.
Their bodies froze like stone statues.


The Amaranth Troop’s members’ swords slashed the old nobles’ necks.
Literally an event unfolded in an instant.

“U, u, uuuuack!”

Barry widely goggled his eyes and screamed.


Shocked far too much, he fell from his chair and rolled on the ground.

“Uuack! Blood, blood!”

The old nobles’ blood wetted his palms and uniform.


Barry sharply shook his hands with a spiritless expression.
Truly a miserable sight.

“Y, your majesty!”
“You, you bastards!”

The knights at the back tried belatedly to pull out their swords.

“Do not move carelessly.”

Already, the taemusas including Brian and Pierce had caught their backs.


The knights pulled their hands away from their longswords and raised their hands above their heads.
In the first place, they couldn’t handle Roan and the Amaranth Troop with their level and numbers.
It was a scene where Barry’s idiocy was shown off.
He completely couldn’t discern Roan and the Lancephil Fief Regiment’s skills.
Roan slowly moved his steps and stood in front of Barry.

“In the name of Rinse Kingdom Supreme Commander Roan Lancephil, I arrest Barry Webster with treason.”

At those words, Barry raised his head and looked at Roan.
Whitely bleached face.
He shook his head with an unbelieving expression.

“I, I am the North Rinse Kingdom’s king. The North Rinse Kingdom’s……”

The moment his words reached about that point.

“The kingdom called North Rinse does not exist in this world.”

Roan looked at Barry with a firm expression.
Barry continued and shook his head.

“No. No! I am a king of a kingdom! I am a king!”

A final squirming.
Roan formed a faint smile.

“Barry Webster. You are neither a king, nor a noble.”

As expected, it was a firm voice.

“You were a brat of a noble house that didn’t know of the world, and is merely a criminal that drove innocent people to death because of empty desires.”

Roan deeply breathed in.

“Criminal Barry Webster. I sentence you to death penalty.”

Finally, the judgment fell.
One among the taemusas stepped forwards and pulled out his longsword.


The metallic sound pierced into the ears.

“U, u, u, uh. Sa, save me!”

Barry extended his hand towards Roan.
Roan, with an emotionless face, signaled the taemusa with his eyes.
At that moment.


The longsword split the space.


Together with a horrid sound, the head of Barry who crawled on the floor cleanly cut off.
A meaningless death.
Like that, Barry Webster, who disturbed the Rinse Kingdom together with Clay, met his end.


Roan exhaled a long sigh.
Everything had finally ended.
However, now was not the time to rest.
There still was the truly important work left.


At the quietly calling sound, Austin approached.

“Tonight, I will announce my intent to everyone.”

They were incomprehensible words, but Austin already knew their meaning.

“Yes sir. I will make preparations.”

He, with a moved expression, lowered his head.
The many commanders lined up behind him were also the same.
They knew what Roan’s words signified.
Roan quietly stared at the numerous commanders’ faces.
The past years brushed past before his eyes.
Starting from a rank-and-file spearman and coming all the way to here and now, he experienced countless events and countless wars.

‘This was something impossible without them.’

Roan made a faint smile.
He spoke with a calm and gentle voice.

“Let us go to the Capital, Miller, together with me.”

<Path of a King (1)> End.

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