I Am the Monarch – Chapter 254 – Path of a King (2)

I am the Monarch – Chapter 254: Path of a King (2)

‘It doesn’t even reach one thousand.’

Mills Voisa, with a pale face, exhaled a long sigh.
They received an unexpected attack at the Sedes Castle and lost thousands of soldiers.
And the retreat of suffering that followed.
In that process, the soldiers who suffered big and small wounds died or fell behind.
In the end, the number of soldiers who survived to the end and were following Mills’s back did not reach one thousand.
A wretched and horrid situation.
But even whilst that, there was a point that was good.

‘There is no pursuit force.’

Mills tightly clenched his teeth.

‘A little more, let’s endure just a little more. If we can just join up with the Byron Kingdom Army……’

The moment his thought reached about that point.


A sharp shriek of air struck his ears.

Pbububuck! Pbubuck!

Following that and together with chilling sounds, the commanders and soldiers who followed his sides fell.


Mills crouched his body with a greatly shocked expression.

‘Damn it!’

Curses naturally pushed up.
The commanders and soldiers all died with arrows struck on the center of their foreheads.

‘Perfect accuracy.’

It was just a single shot.
A soldier fell per a single arrow shot.

‘A sickening archery skill like this……’

It simply couldn’t be seen as a human’s skill.

“Counter! Counter!”
“Raise the shields!”
“Shoot the arrows!”

The surviving commanders and knights gave out vain orders.
A final struggle.

Pbububuck! Pbubuck! Pbubuck!

Even during that time, the arrows endlessly poured down.
The arrows, as if they had eyes, perfectly pierced the knights and soldiers’ foreheads.
After who knew how long.


His surrounding became silent.
The sharp shrieks of air were no longer heard.
Similarly, the screams, curses, and the shouts filled with rage also weren’t heard.


Mills let out a long sigh.
A despondent look was clear on his face.

‘Everyone is dead……’

The one that survived was only himself.

‘Damn! It!’

Mills who was completely crouching his body kicked off the ground and jumped up.

“Who is it! Come out! Come fight me fair and square!”

From rage and shame, he lost his sanity.
At that moment.


Once again a sharp shriek of the air pierced into his ears.


Mills who had gotten completely frenzied gulped empty air without even having thought of dodging.


The arrow exactly pierced the tip of his helmet.


A dull sound echoed as the iron helmet fell to the ground.


Mills dryly swallowed and brushed with his right hand the top of his head.
There was not one injured spot.
It had precisely taken off just the helmet.
It truly was a shocking archery skill.


In the end, Mills powerlessly fell onto his knees.
It was the moment everything ended.
He stared at the hills with a blank gaze.
Soon, the owners of the ghostly archery skills showed themselves above it.
Hundreds of archers who deeply wore robes over their faces.
They, carrying across their backs arrows far longer than their bodies, casually walked up.

“Who, who are you……? Are you people Roan Lancephil sent?”

Mills asked with a powerless voice.
At that moment, the archer who was farthest up front took off the robe she had deeply worn.


Mills let out a quiet exclamation.
The archer was a woman he too knew well of.

“Princess Aily……?”

Mills roundly opened his eyes.

‘But she hid her trails after her key action in the Capture of Miller……’

That her had suddenly appeared in the kingdom’s Northeastern Region.
Aily made a faint smile.

“Mills Voisa. I have been waiting.”

It was a gentle and soft voice, but he felt a power that couldn’t be carelessly treated. It wasn’t comparable to Roan’s, but she too naturally exuded the aura of monarch as the queen of the elves.

“Had Roan Lancephil saw this far down, princess?”

Mills shook his head with a resigned look.
He raised his head and looked straight at Aily’s eyes.

“Then the Byron Kingdom Army and the Istel Kingdom Army’s situations too must not be good.”

Aily slightly nodded her head at those words in place of an answer.


Mills couldn’t hold it in and spat out a long sigh.
He made a bitter smile as if having given up everything.

“Will you cut off my head, princess?”

A crestfallen voice.
Aily still faintly smiled and shook her head.

“No. Your life will be used at a far more important place.”
“By important place……?”

Mills tilted his head with a puzzled look.
Aily, in a very small voice, answered as if to whisper.


Her eyes twinkled and shone a light.

“Plan to trade with the Holy Palace.”

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