I Am the Monarch – Chapter 254 – Path of a King (2)


“We can see the Miller Castle, sir.”

The coachman shouted in a slightly exhausted voice.

“I hope we aren’t too late.”

The fief lord of the Neike Region located in the Rinse Kingdom’s Midwest, Baron Valent Neike tapped his knee with a restless face.

“We hurried here, so we will be fine.”

Baron Victor Beuriting, who sat on the opposite side, laboriously smiled and collected his breath.
Although his words spoke so, he too overflowed with an anxious look.

“To think Sir Duke Francis Wilson who hid his appearance had the royal family’s crest and the national seal…… it really is a shocking turn of events.”

At Valent’s words, Victor bitterly smiled and nodded his head.

“You said it.”

The inside of their heads were complicated.
The nobles who didn’t answer even at the Grand Commander, Roan Lancephil’s mobilization order and watched the war situation while being holed up in their fiefs bleached pale with shock at the news that the Lancephil Fief Regiment had finally defeated the North Rinse Kingdom and even the Estia Empire.
They hadn’t incautiously added in their strengths because they had thought that even for Roan this time at the least wouldn’t be easy, but instead they had ended up getting pushed out from the central power because of that low and stingy decision.
Because they too had eyes and ears, they knew well that the rumors Roan would climb to the peak of political power as the next king, or as the next queen’s husband was circulating between the kingdom’s citizens.

‘If so, then us who didn’t answer at the mobilization order and didn’t provide support will be pushed out of his eyes.’
‘Even if Count Roan Lancephil does not push us out, those who fought with him seizing greater wealth, honor, and power is something obvious.’

In the end, it was an outcome of getting pushed out to the edges of political power.

‘I was planning to line up at Count Lancephil belatedly at the least, but……’

At that very moment, a news was delivered from the capital, Miller.
A letter sent to the entire kingdom’s nobles.
The sender was none other than Duke Francis Wilson.

[The Rinse Kingdom’s disorder has been settled. Until now, I, Francis Wilson has kept safe the royal family’s crest and the national seal by the order of late his majesty the king Deni Von Rinse. Now I plan to follow the late king’s will and make the suited person continue the crown. I would be thankful if the kingdom’s nobles come to the capital, Miller, and join me on this. This is for the Rinse Kingdom’s prosperity and……]

The letter was long, but its content was simple.
That he would open the Rinse Kingdom Nobles’ Grand Conference.
Valent stared at Victor and formed a hazy smile.

“Then we will be choosing the next king with our hands in this grand conference, right?”
“Right. And that is why we are hurrying there like this.”

Victor readily nodded his head.
The reason the two people hurried to the capital, Miller, the moment they received the letter.
They had to raise to the throne the one most palatable to their tastes at this grand conference.
In that case, they planned to raise the one who could guarantee their current wealth and power, no, the one who could give them even more to the throne.
Probably, the nobles swarming from the entire kingdom were all thinking of the same thought as Valent and Victor.
By the news, they said tens of nobles had already gathered at the capital, Miller.

‘They are all those who didn’t join in Roan Lancephil’s camp and watched the situation.’

In short, they were the ones who did not look after something like the safety of the kingdom and the kingdom’s citizens to protect their wealth and power.
Their thoughts deepened.

‘Let’s avoid just Roan Lancephil.’

The two people looked at each other and nodded their heads.
At that moment.

“We are entering the Miller Castle, sirs.”

The coachman’s voice was heard.

“Oh! Finally……”
“It is the first visit since the war began.”

The two people opened the carriage’s window with slightly elated looks.
To the nobles, the meaning the capital, Miller, held was special.
There also were cases where having a mansion near the palace was one’s goal and purpose in life.


Valent and Victor who spiritedly opened the window soon let out a groan.
Even on the faces where the elated looks were clear, a dark light settled.
Countless residents of the castle were lined up on the street spread outside the carriage.
The problem was that their expressions were heavy and cold like clumps of lead and the lights in their eyes were fierce.


The two people unconsciously gulped dryly.
There was not once when ordinary commoners dared openly showed animosity like this.
At that moment.


Who, nor where it began was unknown, but a small sound of booing flowed out.


The sound of booing spread like wildfire.

“Wha, what?”
“Ha, have these bastards gone mad?”

Valent and Victor creased their faces and glared at the castle’s residents on the street.
But the more they did, the sound of booing turned even fiercer.

“D, damn it.”

Valent spat out a curse and closed the window with a disturbed look.
The knights and few soldiers who followed behind the carriage were also the same in being confused at the booing of the castle’s residents.
Few among the soldiers waved their swords and spears and shouted threats, but the booing had no sign of stopping.

“Damn it. Run faster.”
“Let’s head to the palace.”

In the end, they hurried like being chased and entered into the palace.

“Impudent things. To dare pour jeers upon nobles.”

Valent and Victor, who entered into the palace, moved their steps towards the grand hall where the Noble Grand Conference was held as they burst out in rage.

“It looks like their minds have gone out from the long war.”

Their voices were full of irritation.

“We will have to raise the issue at this conference’s time.”
“Right, right. We have to berate them.”

The two people formed bloody smiles at the thought of punishing the Miller’s residents who poured down jeers.
When they opened the giant grand hall’s doors, the nobles who swarmed from the entire kingdom were seen.
The brilliant grand hall, which had been completely empty during the entire war, finally for once swarmed with people.
Valent intentionally raised his hand and greeted in a loud voice.

“It has been a while everyone. But have you seen the reactions of the castle’s residents on the way he……”

However, the greeting couldn’t quite complete its end.

‘What the? The mood is too heavy.’

Valent realized the mood inside the grand hall was not usual.
For the ones who found a new chance, a breakthrough in front of a dead-end wall called Roan Lancephil, their expressions were far too not good.
Valent and Victor walked up towards the nobles they were familiar with.

“Was there something, sir?”

At the cautiously asking words, Baron Banel Tendler exhaled a short sigh.

“Shouldn’t you know it if you passed through the castle’s inside, sir?”

At those words, Valent creased his brows.

“What do you mean, sir?”

An expression saying he simply didn’t know what he meant.
Banel shook his head as if to show his frustration and answered.

“I mean the faces and mood of the castle’s residents, no, the kingdom’s citizens.”
“Aha! If it is that, I also have something to say.”

Valent added on with an angered expression.

“The lowly things dared to arrogantly jeer towards……”

The moment his words reached around that point.

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