I Am the Monarch – Chapter 254 – Path of a King (2)

“Uhuh. Baron Neike. It seems you still haven’t properly grasp the situation, sir.”
“Eh? What do you……”

Valent who had gleefully chattered soon closed his mouth.
Victor too creased his brows and tilted his head.
Banel pointlessly searched once the nearby nobles’ faces and then answered in a small voice.

“The mood of the kingdom’s citizens isn’t usual, sirs. They are sending stinging gazes at the nobles who had pulled back to the sides in this war.”
“Those worthless things dare……”

Victor spat out a curse without even grasping the situation.
Banel creased his brows.

“It’s not a situation we can ignore because they are worthless. Baron Marcus Brown threw fists at the castle’s residents who poured down jeers and had his carriage broken.”

Instantly, Valent and Victor roundly goggled their eyes.

“Eh? What are you……”
“Mere commoners broke a noble’s carriage? And he just stayed still even then?”

Cold air stretched out on their voices and eyes.
Banel nodded his head.

“Of course he can only stay still.”
“What do you mean he can only stay still? Lowly bastards have broken a noble’s carriage, but are you saying we can only let that just be?”

Valent and Victor glared their eyes.
Even killing intents hung on their voices.
Banel exhaled a short sigh.

“Huu. That can’t be helped, sirs. Since the Miller Castle’s residents, no, the kingdom’s citizens have a power stronger than any noble in here.”

Valent and Victor, still hadn’t realized, creased their faces.

“What power do you mean those bastards have, sir?”

Banel, seemingly truly frustrated, clicked his tongue and shook his head.

“To be this tactless…… listen carefully. Behind the kingdom’s citiznes……”

His voice turned slightly more smaller.

“Is Count Roan Lancephil.”

Immediately, Valent and Victor’s eyes widely goggled.

“C, Count Lancephil you say?”
“Why is Count Lancephil……”

The moment his words reached about that point, the grand hall’s doors abruptly opened.

“An urgent message, sir!”

A knight hurriedly entered and shouted at the top of his throat.
The urgent message’s content was simple.

“Count Roan Lancephil has exited out of the Sedes Castle and began to march south!”

Instantly, all nobles inside the grand hall turned their heads towards the knight.
The knight dryly swallowed, then added on in a loud voice.

“The destination is the capital, Miller!”

At that moment, a quiet voice was heard from the innermost of the grand hall.

“Have you observed his flags?”

The nobles’ gazes that poured down onto the knight headed towards the grand hall’s inside.
From the darkness, a middle-aged man appeared.
Valent and Victor made slightly surprised expressions.

‘Duke Francis Wilson!’
‘So he was already inside the grand hall.’

The middle-aged man was Duke Francis Wilson who appeared with the royal family’s crest and the national seal.
The knight deeply lowered his head.

“Yes sir. I have observed the order of Lancephil Fief Regiment’s flags as instructed.”

Francis slowly nodded his head.

“And the observed result is?”

A composed voice.
However, his eyes sharply shook.
The knight collected his breath for a moment and then answered.

“The flag farthest in front was the Count Lancephil House’s flag, the next was the Lancephil Fief Regiment’s flag, the next was Count Roan Lancephil’s flag, and the next was the Amaranth Troop’s flag, sir.”

As the report continued, Francis let out a groan.
Few aged nobles and nobles whose heads were rather bright too dropped their heads with mournful expressions.
In contrast, dim-witted nobles including Valent and Victor couldn’t tell what the knight’s report signified.
Francis raised his head and looked up at the grand hall’s ceiling.


A long sigh flowed out.

“So in the end, he didn’t raise the Rinse Kingdom Flag and the Grand Commander Flag……”

The situation wasn’t good.
However, it was not something he hadn’t foreseen.
Francis once again lowered his head and stared at the numerous nobles.

“Prepare yourselves everyone.”

He, from his inner pocket, took out the royal family’s crest and the national seal.


Every noble dryly gulped.
Francis rapidly turned his body enough for a wind to whoosh.

“I will go see Princess Katy.”

Numerous nobles let out quiet exclamations.

‘So Sir Duke Wilson eyed Princess Katy as the next king.’
‘Right. Princess Katy who is a Rinse Royalty is far better than Count Lancephil.’
‘Princess Katy is still young and soft. We will be able to raise her to the throne and aid her as we like.’

Base greed and ambitions mixed.
They soon followed Francis’s back with short and quick steps.

‘The only one who can stitch together this crisis is Princess Katy.’

Francis tightly bit his lower lip.
Among those left within the Rinse Royalty, the one who could be called the true bloodline was only Princess Katy Rinse.

‘I cannot leave the Rinse Royal Family to collapse like this.’

Francis floated up his deceased father and the late king’s will.
He had the responsibility to absolutely continue on the Rinse Royal Family’s existence.

‘Count Roan Lancephil. Why have you not chosen Princess Katy instead of Princess Aily?’

When he thought of Roan, a disappointed feeling did emerge.
However, he wasn’t a person of the Rinse Royal Family.
And they couldn’t leave Katy aside and bequeath the throne to Aily just because so either.

‘I simply need to aid Princess Katy well.’

Although still young, she would be able to become a good enough queen since she was kind and talented.
Francis thought as so.
However, he was overlooking the most important problem.

“Princess Katy. I present the royal family’s crest and the national seal to the princess. Please climb to the throne and lead the Rinse Kingdom onto a path of pros……”

The moment grandiose words reached about that point.

“I don’t want it.”

Katy cut off his words in half with a cold face.


Francis merely blinked his eyes in confusion.
The most important problem he had overlooked.
That in fact was Katy’s desire.
She had absolutely no thought of climbing to the throne.

“I said I don’t plan on climbing onto the throne.”

A firm expression and voice.
Francis sincerely and greatly flustered from his heart.

“P, princess. Now isn’t the time to be so unreasonably obstina……”

The moment his words reached about that point, Katy once again cut off his words in half with a cold expression.

“Sir Duke Wilson. And the many noble sirs and madams who followed behind. Do you not hear that sound?”

Her gaze turned towards a window.
Francis and the numerous nobles closed their mouths and leaned their ears, but no sound at all was heard.

“Just what sound……”
“We don’t hear anything, princess.”

At those words, Katy made a bitter smile.

“It’s because you are closing your ears so tight that we became like this.”

She slowly closed her eyes.

“I can clearly hear it. The shouts, desires, longing, and hope of the angered citizens of the kingdom.”

Strength slowly went into her voice.

“It is so loud that my heart is racing.”

Katy once again opened her eyes.
Her gaze swept past Francis and the many nobles.

“P, princess……”

Francis flustered and stuttered his words.
He, who for his entire life had only swore fealty to the Rinse Royal Family, did not wish to accept the current situation.
Katy stared straight at such Francis and formed a bright smile.

“Sir Duke Wilson.”

Francis couldn’t answer.
In the first place, Katy too did not want an answer. She, with a very relieved and refreshed expression, added on.

“The Rinse Kingdom is over.”

<Path of a King (2)> End.

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