I Am the Monarch – Chapter 255 – Path of a King (3)

I am the Monarch – Chapter 255: Path of a King (3)

Sunlight dazzlingly fell down.
The season raced towards the fall’s end.
A sweat and cool wind gently waved and blew from the north.

Ppababababam. Ppabam.

The Milta Military Band’s grand marching song loudly echoed.
A performance that raised hairs just from hearing.
The twenty thousand strong Lancephil Fief Regiment began to march together with the performance.
The path taken towards the capital, Miller.

“Lancephil! Lancephil!”
“Roan! Roan!”

Everywhere they went, the cheers and shouts of the kingdom’s citizens poured down.
Roan purposefully did not hurry.
He, for the kingdom’s citizens who had become poor from the long war, amply gave out foods and materials.
Even more, in the case when visiting hometowns of soldiers, he greeted them with the highest respect.
Due to that, not only the Lancephil Fief Regiment’s soldiers but the citizens of the kingdom too sincerely felt gratitude to the Count Lancephil House and came to follow them with their hearts.

[Woah! I can see the capital, Miller, far away! Roan. You see it too, right?]

Kinis who was flying above his head pointed towards the south and shouted.
Roan slowly nodded his head.
Thanks to the Kalian’s Tears, the capital, Miller, that was still far away was clearly seen as if it was before his nose.

‘So the castle gate is closed……’

A bitter smile hang on his mouth.
He slowly turned his head and looked at the twenty thousand strong Lancephil Fief Regiment following his back.

‘Everyone has decided to walk together with me……’

Roan, immediately after capturing the Sedes Castle, summoned the entire Lancephil Fief Regiment.
It was to reveal his intent that only the Count Lancephil House’s retainers including Austin knew of.
In truth, Roan had greatly worried.
He didn’t know if the nobles and soldiers who had supported him would shudder in anger at his betrayal.

‘When I revealed that I would become a monarch……’

The reaction was ecstatic.
Everyone shouted and cheered.
Nobles and ordinary commoners both, their status did not differ.
Everyone thought the same.

<Our monarch is only Sir Roan Lancephil!>

Ablaze shouts heated Roan’s heart.
Of course, there also were those who did not concur with Roan’s intent.
To them, Roan gave hefty recompense together with the freedom to go wherever they wish.
In that process, few nobles and soldiers even changed their hearts and supported Roan.
In the end, the number of those who left his side did not quite reach five hundred.

‘At the very least for them, also at least for those who have died for me, and also at least for those who do not support me, I must become a good monarch.’

Roan deeply breathed in.
A monarch not for the few privileged class but a monarch for all people.
That was Roan’s goal and a dream.
Even while having this and that thoughts, the march continued on.
Already, the capital, Miller, was before their noses.


Together with a sound of the horn, the Lancephil Fief Regiment stopped their footsteps.


At the thousand-man and higher-ranked commanders’ shout, the soldiers filed in and neatly lined up.
An appearance of having made a rectangular formation in front of the capital, Miller’s north gate.
Roan stared at the tightly closed castle gate and waved his right hand.
Austin, who was nearby, shouted in a loud voice as if he had been waiting.

“Raise the flags!”
“Yes sir!”

With a resounding answer, the soldiers holding the flags stepped forwards in front of the fief regiment.


With a dull sound, the flags impaled into the hard ground.

<Count Lancephil House.>
<Lancephil Fief Regiment.>
<Lancpehil Legion.>
<Tale Legion.>
<Amaranth Troop.>
<Piedes Troop.>
<Impasse Troop.>

Countless flags toweringly stood and showed off their splendor.
Roan stood below the flags and stared at the north gate’s tower.

‘Duke Francis Wilson.’

His eyes flashed and shone a light.
Within the tower, distinguished nobles including Duke Francis Wilson were standing in place.

“It is merely about twenty thousand strong army but its pressure is more than a hundred thousand strong.”
“It is the powerful force that has defeated Prince Simon and the hexers, defeated the South Rinse Kingdom and the Diez Kingdom Army, and has defeated the North Rinse Kingdom, Estia Empire, and the Byron Kingdom, sir.”
“Probably, it currently should be the strongest army in the continent’s east with the Grain Mountains as the line.”

The nobles clicked their tongues and shook their heads.
At that moment, Baron Valent Neike searched the nearby eyes and cautiously spoke up.

“Even so, just the number of nobles gathered here is tens of people, sir. Could we not overwhelm the Lancephil Fief Regiment if we claw together each’s fief regiments and forcibly conscript the fief’s citizens?”

Baron Victor Beuriting who was near nodded his head with an expression saying it had a point.
At those words, the faces of numerous nobles split into two sides.
One side were slightly elated expressions, and the other side were completely terrified expressions as if having met a dragon.
Of course, the completely terrified expressions were the majority.
Baron Banel Tendler, who was one of that majority, sharply shook his body and spoke as if to whisper.

“D, don’t say something so horrifying, sir. We can’t beat Count Roan Lancephil even if we died and woke up again. Moreover……”

He turned his head and looked at the castle’s rampart outside the tower.

“The capital, Miller, here too is already within Count Lancephil’s hands.”

At those words, Valent and Victor followed Banel’s gaze and looked outside of the tower.
The Capital City Guard wearing sturdy armor were visible.
They were all wearing crimson armor.
They were a part of the guard troop Roan had left as he marched to face the South Rinse Kingdom and the North Rinse Kingdom.
Valent and Victor dryly swallowed with slightly tense expressions.

“I, if they already control the castle, why aren’t they opening the castle gate, sir?”
“That is……”

The moment Banel tried to answer, a low voice was heard from his back.

“He probably want us to open the gate on our own……”

The owner of the voice was Duke Francis Wilson.


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