I Am the Monarch – Chapter 255 – Path of a King (3)

All nobles dryly swallowed.
Their breaths stuck.
Even though the capital city guard did no threatening at all, their bodies and hearts instinctively shrunk back.

“Does that mean we must open the castle gate and lower our heads at Count Roan Lancephil in the end?”
“Kuuk. It would all have been solved if Princess Katy had succeeded the throne, but……”
“To think we have to hand the kingdom to a bottom rank spearman whose name we didn’t even know of merely a few years ago……”

Complaints poured out from here and there.
Francis spat out a long sigh.

“Huu. It is not as if there absolutely is no way.”

He planned to attempt a final struggle to the end.

“It is not as if the kingdom’s all nobles support Roan Lancephil. Meaning even more nobles besides the tens of nobles gathered here have objections to him climbing to the throne. Even for Count Lancephil’s position, this isn’t a situation that could be laughed over. Since the Rinse Kingdom could be split in two if not careful. Meaning the horrid and gruesome war could start again if not careful.”

Even for Roan who now had just entered into post-war cleanup, this wasn’t a very welcome development.

“T, then how……?”

Valent stuttered his words and asked.
Francis made a faint smile.

“On top of the original Lancephil County, I plan to give even the northwest’s Webster Duchy and appoint Roan Lancephil to the grand dukedom.”

The instant his words finished.

“G, grand dukedom!”
“Hhm! The grand dukedom……”

All nobles widely goggled their eyes and made shocked expressions.
Since the Rinse Kingdom’s founding, there was not one who had climbed to the grand dukedom.
Francis stared straight at Roan standing below the flags.

“If Count Lancephil is a man with a thought, then there is no way he would ignore such offe……”

The moment his words reached about that point.


Abruptly a sound of a horn echoed.

‘Perhaps an attack?!’

Francis and the numerous nobles looked at the Lancephil Fief Regiment with shocked expressions.
However, the Lancephil Fief Regiment including Roan did not even tremble as they neatly lined up.
Even more, the sound of horn too wasn’t being heard from there.
Towards the place the sound of a horn was heard from, everyone’s gazes moved over.


A quiet exclamation flowed out from Francis’s mouth.
From a wide plain’s end, an army with a legion flag before it appeared.
One of the nobles shouted in a loud voice.

“I, it’s the Eastern Regional Corps! It’s Baron Aaron Tate!”

Everyone’s faces stiffly hardened.
By Aaron Tate, he was the emblematical pro-Roan faction.


Uncomfortable groans flowed out from everywhere.
However, the situation sadly did not end with just that.

Dum! Dum! Dum!

A sound of drums signaling march echoed from beyond the plain.
With its flags before it, another army showed up.

“This time it’s Viscount Russel Carpenter, sirs!”

Russel Carpenter was the supreme commander who headed the Northern Regional Corps.
A typical neutral faction, even during the throne succession war, he only focused on his own duty and did not support anyone among the three princes.
According to what was known until now, he also had no particular relationship with Roan.
Francis and the numerous nobles stared at the Northern Regional Corps with gazes mixed with optimism.

‘If the Northern Regional Corps were to join our side……’

The moment their thoughts reached about that point, the Northern Regional Corps that had boldly marched took place on the Lancephil Fief Regiment’s right.


Numerous nobles let out sighs.
On the wide plain spread before the north gate, the Lancephil Fief Regiment, Eastern Regional Corps, and the Northern Regional Corps took formation.
That presence was truly incredible.
However, the appearance of the Eastern Regional Corps and the Northern Regional Corps was not the end but a beginning.

Vvuuuuuu! Vvuuuuuu!

The sound of horn was continuously heard.

“It is Baron Collins!”
“It’s Baron Streiner!”
“Even the Southern Regional Corps has joined!”
“It’s the West’ champion Viscount Gleason Wulf!”
“M, Marquis Kukker too has joined the Lancephil camp, sirs!”

It was an incredible scene.
Before the sun that rose from the east lean towards the west, countless nobles led their armies and joined the Lancephil Fief Regiment.
The Miller Castle had now become a situation where not only the north gate but the east gate and the west gate, and even the south gate and every direction was enclosed by an incredible army.

Ppabababam! Ppabam! Ppabababam!

Together with the Milta Military Band’s performance, the Amaranth Troop’s horsemen wearing crimson armor raced sideways in front of the castle wall.
They did not throw weapons nor shoot arrows.
They merely changed horses and ran and ran in front of the castle wall as if taking a stroll.


Francis felt strength leaving his legs.

‘Just when has the situation, like this……’

He couldn’t believe it.
Francis thought too lightly of the world.
While he hid within the castle and guarded the royal family’s crest and the national seal, Roan guarded the kingdom outside the world.
While Roan put his life on line and fought, the people of the world wondered and admired his abilities and character.
Persuasion wasn’t especially needed.
As time flowed, the people very naturally gathered below Roan.
In the first place, the size of two people’s plate itself was different. 1

‘If the prominent nobles and generals all support Count Lancephil, then it is impossible to end this with merely a grand dukedom……’

Francis quickly ran his thoughts inside his mind

‘Since Princess Katy had refused to climb to the throne either way, then asking the throne to Princess Aily……’

When he was still absorbed in vain thought.

“S, Sir Duke!”
“L, look at that, sir!”

The tower’s nobles widely goggled their eyes and pointed at the castle’s inside.

Kkakakakang! Kkakang! Kkakakakakang!

Loud and noisy sound pierced into the ears.

“J, just what is this……?”

Francis creased his forehead and looked at the street longly stretching towards the inside of the castle.


From the big and small alleys stretching from the main street’s sides, the castle’s residents poured out.
Men and women, old and young, rich and poor, leaders and ordinary commoners, slaves and more……
A crowd that transcended age and status approached through the main street towards the north gate.

Kkakakakang! Kkakang! Kkakakakakang!

They strongly clang the pans and plates held in their hands.

Phabababam! Phabam! Phababababam!

It oddly matched the Milta Military Band’s performance echoing outside the castle.

“T, these insane bastards……”
“They dare!”

Few among the nobles flushed their faces and shouted aloud.

“What are the knight order doing! Get them away right now!”
“Troop commanders go block them so those things can’t approach towards the castle gate!”

As an unexpected event unfolded at a situation that was already tense, few nobles gave mad orders.

“Yes sir. Understood.”

The knights and soldiers who entered Miller following the nobles tried to climb down the tower.
At that moment.


An unexpected metallic sound echoed the ears.
The knights and soldiers who hurriedly moved as well as the tower’s nobles all turned their heads towards the place the metallic sound was heard from.


Numerous nobles let out exclamations together with groans.
The metallic sound was none other than the sound of pulling out a sword.
The Capital City Guard who were on standby on the ramparts had pulled out their swords and blockaded the tower.

“I apologies sirs but if you move a single step from that place……”

Leslie, originally a part of the Lancephil Fief Regiment and a taemusa who was the Capital City Guard Captain, pointed at the knights with his weapon.

“We will cut off all your heads.”

At those words, a knight who was at the front creased his face.

“W, what! A mere soldier dare point a sword at the nobles and knights! Are you mad!”
“Well, I don’t know. From what I see, sir, it seems that side isn’t of a sane mind, though.”

Leslie lightly replied and then gave a hand signal with his left hand.


Instantly, the Capital City Guard’s taemusas who were lined up along the ramparts raced towards the tower and took formations.


The knight spat out a curse and clenched his teeth.
The Capital City Guard’s number was too many that they couldn’t carelessly move.
At that moment, Francis who was watching the scene stepped forwards.

“What is the reason you’ve needlessly dragged on time if you were going to come out like this in the end? Would it have been far easier to trap and cut off our heads beforehand and then open up the castle gate?”

Words said as if to rebuke.
At those words, Leslie formed a smile.

“Sir Duke Wilson. It seems you are misunderstanding something. We have absolutely no thought of causing warm to the sirs gathered here.”

A composed voice.

“I am merely faithful to the order my lord has given, sirs.”
“And what is that order?”

Francis asked in a completely sunken voice.
Leslie looked at the Miller Castle’s residents clanging pots and plates and approaching towards the north gate.

“The Capital City Guard will protect the Miller Castle’s residents from any harm, whatever the case may be..”

A powerful voice.
The smile hanging on Leslie’s mouth turned even thicker.

“That is us Capital City Guard’s mission.”

  1. So… This is a Korean phrase that borrows from the Confucius(?) idea of regarding a man’s character/heart as a bowl, and how great a person he/she can be depending on how much the bowl can hold. FYI, the more localized translation is “size of the two people’s character itself was different”.
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