I Am the Monarch – Chapter 255 – Path of a King (3)

He slightly shook the sword he held.

“So don’t think of causing harm to the castle’s residents, sirs. If you just comply to that, then there will be no case of us pointing our swords at sirs gathered here.”

Francis once more leaked out a groan.
Finally, he could understand the events that had happened in Miller Castle’s insides within the last few days.

‘So the City Guard had stepped up only when the nobles violently treated the castle’s residents.’

His heart ached.
Now there truly was nothing they could do.
Meanwhile, the castle’s residents who had swarmed all the way before the north gate even loudly clanged their pots and plates.

Kkakakakang! Kkakang! Kkakakakakang! Kkakang! Kkakakakakang!

Everyone turned their heads and looked up towards the tower.
Hot and fierce gazes poured out towards the nobles.

“Huhm. Khm.”

The nobles couldn’t endure those gazes and subtly stepped back.
In contrast, Francis leaned on the tower’s ledge and looked straight at the appearances of the castle’s residents.
A sight of everyone only clanging their pots and plates with their mouths closed.
But at that very moment.

<Sir Count Roan Lancephil! Sir Count Roan Lancephil!>
<That sir is the true monarch!>
<Sir Count Lancephil is our monarch!>
<We want to live happily!>
<Only Sir Count Lancephil can achieve that!>

His ears numbly echoed.
The resonant shouts, wishes, desires, and hopes pierced into his ears.
His head and heart trembled.
Of course, it wasn’t that they were physically heard.

‘I, is this the sound of the castle’s residents Princess Katy spoke of……’

Francis, only after having the giant mass before his eyes, could finally hear the sound held in the heated hearts of the castle’s citizens.
The citizens’ shouts turned even fiercer.

<Open the north gate!>
<Open the north gate!>
<Open the north gate!>
<Open the north gate!>

A shout giant enough for the heart to drop and crash.
Francis’s hands holding the ledge sharply shook.

‘Princess Katy’s words were true.’

He bit his lower lip.

‘There is no man who could endure to the end even after hearing such sound……’

His legs weakly trembled.
Francis turned his head and looked at the Capital City Guard.

“Guard Captain.”

A quietly calling voice.
However, his voice dangerously shook.

“Yes. Sir Duke.”

Leslie slightly lowered his head.
Francis exhaled a short sigh, then ordered in his most composed voice.

“Open the north gate.”

Finally, the last rooted wrong surrendered.
That was not an attainment achieved through violence.
It was an achievement the peaceful shouts, actions, and desires of the castle’s citizens had attained.
A revolution without a drop of blood.


The tightly closed castle gate opened.


The castle’s citizens put down their pots and plates and cheered.


The drawbridge lowered down above the moat.
Roan climbed down from his horse and slowly moved his steps.
When he arrived at the end of the drawbridge, Francis showed up at the opposite end.
Countless gazes from the inside and outside of the castle poured down.


Francis exhaled a short sigh and slowly moved his steps towards Roan.
He carefully kneeled down and raised up the royal family’s crest and the national seal.

“I present the Rinse Royal Family’s crest and the national seal.”

Francis’s voice rode the wind and flowed.
Roan quietly stared at that sight.


Everyone dryly swallowed with nervous expressions.
At that moment, Roan extended his hands towards Francis.

“Please stand up, sir.”

Roan raised up Francis and then formed a faint smile.

“I do not need the royal family’s crest nor the national seal.”

A calm voice spread far, very far out.
Every person inside and outside the castle could hear that voice.
Roan pointed at the royal family’s crest and the national seal with his finger.

“The monarch is not something that comes from blood.”

His finger again pointed at the sky.

“Nor is monarch something the heaven chooses.”

His finger pointed at the Lancephil Fief Regiment lined up outside the castle.

“And neither is monarch something won through strength.”

The smile on Roan’s mouth deepened even further.


The place his finger finally pointed at were the citizens standing within the widely open castle gate.

“Comes from the people.”

They were the words and the intent he had engraved and engraved always again from the moment he resolved to become a true monarch.
Roan looked at Francis and spoke in a quiet voice as if to whisper.

“I will become the monarch for all.”

A declaration.
That was the Great Declaration.

“Roan! Roan! Roan! Roan!”

The citizens let out shouts of cheers.
Following behind, the army outside the castle including the Lancephil Fief Regiment became one and cheered.
It was an incredible cheer enough for the surrounding regions with the Miller Castle at the center to shake.
The world had finally come to meet the monarch for the very first time birthed by the people.
His name was Roan.
Roan Lancephil.

<Path of the King (3) > End.

T/N note: We still have almost 100 more chapters left, so please continue on reading until the very end.

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