I Am the Monarch – Chapter 256 – Path of a King (4)

I am the Monarch – Chapter 256: Path of a King (4)


The citizens of the capital, Miller, each tilted their cups and cheered.
The sound of music and laughter endlessly followed on.
A festival.
A festival most happy and joyful in the world opened.
The sun had already fallen and turned into midnight, but the people stayed at their places to the end.

“In the end, even the nobles who stubbornly opposed all surrendered, right?”
“Of course! You saw before how that senate member tried to throw in a wedge and then lower his tail. Hahaha!”
“Now there’s not one noble rebelling against Sir Count Lancephil!”
“Seeing those trash-like nobles that guarded just their own lives, wealth, and power all during the war turning into pale faces, my insides felt all free! Hahaha!”

The castle’s citizens freely grabbed and ate the foods that fully filled the tables and loudly chatted.
Most sincerely, it was the first they cursing and criticizing nobles this openly while living.

“Hahaha! Us freely laughing and talking like this is also all thanks Sir Count Lancephil.”
“Right, right. We can boldly and loudly speak up because Sir Count Lancephil is watching our backs.”

It was the truth.
Roan, after entering the capital, Miller, without spilling a single drop of blood, opened the grain storages and supply storages and abundantly supplied drinks and food to the castle’s citizens.
Simultaneously, he once again requested the Capital City Guard for the safety of the Miller Castle’s citizens.

“It definitely will become a good world to live in. Right?”

One man murmured with a redly flushed face.
For an instant, a silence fell down.
The nearby castle’s citizens nodded their heads with expressions drenched with elation.

“It definitely will be like that.”

Everyone matched their mouths and added on in one voice.

“Since Sir Count Lancephil is special.”
Everyone’s beliefs gathered into one.
A thought that Roan at the least would be different.
Their gazes naturally headed towards the castle’s center.
At the end of the gazes was the highly rising palace.
At that place was Roan who carried everyone’s hopes and dreams on his shoulders.

“What we need immediately at this moment is not a declaration of founding nor a coronation ceremony.”

Roan slowly strolled inside the grand hall and spoke in a strict voice.
The grand hall which originally had been completely empty was filled with numerous giant tables linked together.
The Count Lancephil House’s retainers and the Fief Regiment commanders, and the nobles and other civil and military officers who joined at this time were seated along and around the table.
Everyone looked at Roan with serious expressions.

“First, we concentrate on stabilizing the political situation.”

At those words, the Count Lancephil House’s retainers including Austin nodded their heads.

“That is natural, sir.”
“The enemy army’s remnants are still boldly active in the North and the South, sir.”
“There also should be nobles who openly raise revolts, sir.”
“We must also finish our matter with the Estia Empire, Byron Kingdom, Istel Kingdom, and the Diez Kingdom, sir.”

There was more work to do than most had thought.
At that moment.


The tightly closed grand hall’s door fully opened.
Everyone including Roan looked towards the door.
Instantly, a bright smile hung on Roan’s mouth.
Fully on his face a delighted and happy look floated up.


A quietly calling voice.
The person entering through the wide open door into the grand hall was none other than Aily Rinse.
She was wearing not the robe she usually wore but a clean uniform.
Even though it wasn’t a dress, Aily’s appearance was beautiful enough to blind.

‘Was Princess Aily that beautiful?’

Few nobles shook their heads with surprised expressions.
Aily, after revealing on her own that she was the queen of the elves, freely showed off her beauty she had hidden.

“I’m a bit late.”
“It’s fine. Are you injured anywhere?”

Roan only had worries for Aily.
Aily slightly shook her head and raised her hands.

“I’m fine. Nothing’s injured.”

Roan exhaled a short sigh with an expression relieved of worry.
Aily quietly stared at such Roan.
Honey and light flowed on her large eyes.
The two people’s gazes softly mixed.
An abrupt lovey-dovey foolery started in the middle of a grand meeting.
In the end, Austin let out a cough.

“Hm! Hm!”

Only then Roan and Aily awkwardly smiled and moved back.
Aily went to an empty seat and sat.
Roan quietly watched that scene, then once again made a serious expression.

“We will stabilize the political situation before spring comes.”

As expected an abrupt change of attitude.

“Yes, sir. Understood.”

Everyone faintly smiled and answered in one voice.
Afterwards the meeting continued until everything turned dark.
Roan leaned his ears at everyone’s opinions.
He absolutely did not made any needless act of obstinance.
He knew how to recognize the parts he lacked and step back on his own.
Thanks to that, the plans of people talented across each field poured down.
Ian, Swift, and so on calmly and meticulously organized the numerous plans.
At the end of the meeting, a rough plan was set.


Roan exhaled a long sigh.
It literally was a fiery debate.
The numerous retainers, commanders, and nobles had already turned to mush and were melting.

“Good. Let us end the meeting around here for today.”

Instantly, sighs of relief burst out.
But soon following, their faces bleached white at Roan’s words.

“We will meet again the moment the sun rises.”
“Yes, yes. Understood, sir.”

It couldn’t be helped.
Everyone knew very well just how important a time now was.
If not careful, everything could collapse from a mistaken decision and carelessness.

“Then. Everyone return and rest fully.”

When Roan announced the meeting’s end, everyone stood and moved their steps towards the door.
All were plain with tired looks.


An apologetic and sorry feeling.

‘As much as we suffer, the lives of the kingdom’s citizens become easier.’

Roan deeply breathed in.
As a position, a status went up, just as heavy a responsibility followed.
He once again resolved his heart.
He himself must remain firm so that the people who follow him too do not shake.
That was one of a monarch’s duties.

“What are you thinking of so much?”

A sweet voice was heard through his ears.
It was Aily.
In the grand hall where everyone left.
She alone remained and was staring at Roan.
Roan faintly smiled and answered shortly.

“Of you.”

A brazen lie.
Roan, he too was a helpless man before his lover.

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