I Am the Monarch – Chapter 256 – Path of a King (4)


The entire Rinse Kingdom recovered its calm.
The international situation too was peaceful.
The Byron Kingdom greatly shook from paying the immense war reparations and the Diez Kingdom too remained quiet to get back Lukan. The Istel Kingdom put forwards Peid Neil and strengthened their friendship.
Roan and his retainers used the entire war reparations for the citizens of the kingdom.
Thanks to that, they could peacefully pass the cold and starving winter.
The citizens of the kingdom praise Roan saying it was the warmest winter to date.
And finally, the winter passed on and the spring arrived.
The cold sunlight embraced the warmth and the brown earth dyed with a green light.
Water flowed at the places snow and ice melted.
The world stretched and received a new life.
And Roan too faced a start of a new life before his eyes.

“My lord. The preparation is all complete.”

Austin approached with a moved expression and lowered his head.
Unlike usual, he was wearing a clean suit instead of an armor.
Of course, the suit too was a red color which now was essentially the symbol of Lancephil.
Roan, who sat on his desk and was reviewing through files, faintly smiled and nodded his head.
He too was wearing the same suit as Austin.
Austin looked at that appearance and exhaled a short sigh as if to show lingering regret.

“It would have been better if you wore just a bit more brilliant suit, my lord.”

At those words, Roan stood up from his seat and shook his head.

“I wish to wear the same clothes as you guys.”

Everything was settled with just that one sentence.
Austin as well as everyone lined up behind him lowered their heads with moved expressions.
Roan brightly smiled and moved his steps.
A brilliant sunlight poured down when he exited out through the wide open doors.
It was a brilliant day.
That day had finally came.

<Path of the King (4)> End.

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  1. oneFallenleaf

    Aww the part of Clay stung a bit :”>

    Also, I remember Roan was so dumbfounded before when he come to the capital for the first time as a baron xD. Good thing he didn’t follow Prince Simon’s unique fashion haha

    Thanks for the chapter!🍀

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