I Am the Monarch – Chapter 257 – Path of a King (5)

I am the Monarch – Chapter 257: Path of a King (5)

“When was it that Roan Lancephil’s envoy came?”
“It was the end of last fall, your holiness.”
“And the thing he wanted was an exchange of Mills Voisa and Io Lancephil……?”
“Yes, your holiness.”

A dry conversation rapidly went back and forth.
An old man wearing a brilliant purple robe and a large crown bizarrely laughed and shook his head.

“Hulhulhul. So that would mean in the end, no contact at all came after that, hm?”

Although the tip of his mouth was smiling, a horrifying killing intent flowed on his creased eyes.

“Yes, your holiness. He truly is an arrogant one.”
“To dare climb to the throne without Devesis God’s blessing……”
“Tch tch tch.”

The neatly lined up men lowered their head with courteous expressions.
Censuring words poured down from here and there.
The old man contemplated for a moment, then gestured at a man.

“Cardinal Herbert.”

An unopposable power was held in the quiet voice.
The one who stood in the exact center among the men took a step forwards.

“Yes. Your holiness the Holy Emperor.”

It was a soft and low voice, but somehow exuded a sly feeling.
The old man sitting on the grand throne raised his body.
He was Holy Emperor Veldrica of the Devesis Church. 1

“Hulhulhul. How is Io Lancephil staying?”
“He is confined in the Holy Palace’s underground cell, your holiness.”

Herbert cautiously answered.
Veldrica shook his head with a regrettable expression.

“Since the situation has become so, would we not need to bestow down condemnation to Io Lancephil in place of Roan Lancephil?”

At those words, Herbert formed a slightly troubled expression.

“To do so is originally natural, your holiness, but……”

Veldrica creased his brows at the unexpected reaction.
For he hadn’t thought he would dare express opposing opinion to his will.
His mood was ill-humored.
Herbert noticed Veldrica’s heart.
A voice as urgent as his expression jumped out.

“Father of Mills Voisa captured as hostage to Roan Lancephil, Edwin Voisa has incited the Estia Empire’s grand nobles and the emperor, and are submitting in blasphemous requests to us, your holiness.”

Instantly, Veldrica’s expression delicately changed.
That was neither a smiling nor frowning, but a complicated expression.

“Hulhulhul. Is it a request to exchange Mills and Io? Hhm. For the empire to pressure the Holy Palace…… just how is the world going to be to act like this……”
“Apologies, your holiness.”

Herbert immediately bowed his back.

“I know it isn’t your mistake. Hulhulhul.”

Veldrica bizarrely laughed and waved his hand.
He again set on his grand throne and twinkled his eyes.
It was a gaze far more horrifying and chilling than before.

“But if you yourself feel sinned in your heart, then I shall give you the chance to wash away that sin.”
“Your holiness?”

Herbert asked back with a slightly startled expression.
Veldrica widely smiled enough for his teeth to show clearly.

“Herbert. Take the monks and priests and head to the Rinse Kingdom.”

Herbert asked back with a still startled expression.
In contrast, Veldrica was still the same and serene.

“Go to the Rinse Kingdom and carry out God’s will.”
“The God’s will……”

Herbert murmured with a slightly dazed expression.
At that moment, Veldrica whispered in a voice quiet so that only audible to Herbert’s ears.

“If you aren’t sure what God’s will is……”

A horrid smile hung on his mouth.

“Go carry out my will.”


A sunlight as brilliant as the brilliant day dazzlingly poured down.
Roan quietly stood and breathed in the warm spring wind.
At that moment.

“We will lead, my lord.”

Pierce and Brian stepped forwards and saluted.
Roan slightly nodded his head and then moved his steps chasing after the two people’s backs.
The Count House’s retainers including Austin and numerous nobles and commanders neatly lined up and followed his back.

“Roan! Roan! Roan! Roan!”

The cheers of the citizens of the castle exploded out when he came out onto the street.
Everyone were clean-dressed appearances.
Already flower petals rode the wind and fluttered.
They weren’t things done because someone said to.
Everyone sincerely awaited today, and everyone sincerely were joyous and happy.
Roan brightly smiled and waved towards each and every citizen.


Each time, the cheers turned even hotter.
At that moment, Pierce and Brian stopped their steps and moved to the sides.
They had, in no time, arrived at the destination.
The widest in the Miller Castle, the central plaza.
It was a place also called the Regium Plaza.
Roan tapped Pierce and Brian’s shoulders, then entered into the plaza a step ahead.


A long sigh naturally flowed out.
The Regium Plaza was cleanly organized.
A circular rug was set in the center, and simple wooden chairs were lined around it.
In each chair, key nobles and civil and military officials were already seated.
They too wore crimson suits and politely stood and greeted Roan.
Behind them, tall terraces were installed forming stairs along the plaza’s perimeter.
The terraces were for the citizens.
It was Roan’s consideration so that even from the edge of the plaza the plaza center where the coronation ceremony was held could be clearly seen.
Due to that, the plaza was of an appearance surrounded by tall terraces like a small castle.
It was a scene without a precedent.
Most coronation ceremonies were held above a tall dais where everyone could only look up at.
Furthermore, ordinary commoners couldn’t even dare to watch.
Roan completely broke such custom and tradition.
He himself wished to be coronated at the lowest place.
He wished that anyone who wanted could watch regardless of one’s status.
The countless crowds’ gazes poured down towards Roan.
Roan faintly smiled and moved his steps above the carpet.
Austin followed his back standing nearby and lowered his head.

“My lord. We will now begin.”

At those words, Roan slowly nodded his head.
Austin, in an exuberant expression, quietly whispered.

“Now we won’t be able to call you our lord.”

It didn’t mean that he was regretful.
He was exuberant and proud.
He once again bowed and headed towards a long table prepared to their left.


Austin stood before the table and exhaled a long sigh.
His heart rapidly raced.
It was a moment more nervous than any war, battle, or battlefield.
He laboriously calmed his breath.

‘Let’s calm down.’

Austin quietly stared down at the paper, no, at the words written on the paper laid in front of him.
Unfamiliar sentences were clearly written on.

‘To think a day like this has come……’

A sense of fulfillment and nervousness mixed together.
Something he couldn’t have even imagined.
Austin tightly clenched his fist.

“From now……”

His voice had strength, but he couldn’t help his voice sharply shaking.
He, without a single mistake of a word, read long through the lines written on the paper.

“We will begin the coronation ceremony.”

The instant his words finished.

Ppabababam! Ppabam! Ppabababababam!

The Milta Military Band that was situated at one side of the plaza played the ceremonial music.
The majestic music drummed the hearts of the people seated in the plaza.
Coronation ceremony.
Finally, it was the moment Roan become a monarch.
Austin facilitated the coronation ceremony with a calm voice.
Roan’s coronation ceremony was different than other empire and kingdom’s coronation ceremonies until now.
Originally, multiple number of prayers and oath-taking under the presiding of a cardinal or an archbishop dispatched from the Holy Palace followed and all sorts of complicated and uncomfortable ceremonies had to be followed through.
However, Roan and his retainers skipped all such procedures.
The opening declaration announcing the coronation ceremony’s start and introduction of the attendees were the ceremony’s all.
Due to that, the coronation ceremony proceeded rapidly and quickly.

“And next……”

Austin deeply breathed in, and then shouted in a loud voice.

“There will be the coronation.”

Ppababababam! Ppabam!

Once more the ceremonial music echoed.
Simultaneously, a young boy looking just now about ten years old appeared at the opposite end of the plaza.
The neatly dressed boy walked pitter-patter and approached towards Roan.
Roan quietly stared at the boy, then brightly smiled and kneeled down one knee.
Their eye levels became similar.
At the same time, Ian wearing a crimson ceremonial clothes weld up a brilliant golden crown with both hands and approached.
It wasn’t the crown originally used by the Rinse Royalty.
It was a new crown that the Lancephil Engineering Department, Lancephil Alchemy Department, and the Reno Magic Tower had poured their heart and soul into and created.

  1. FYI, “Devesis Church has been referred to as “Ruth Faith” back in ch.195 by the author.
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