I Am the Monarch – Chapter 257 – Path of a King (5)

The young boy wordlessly stared at Roan, then asked in a childlike voice.

“Sir Count Lancpehil. No wait, mom said you’re not Sir Count anymore…… your majesty Lancephil? Hmm. You haven’t worn the crown yet, so that’s also……”

The boy flustered for a moment.
Roan brightly smiled and twitched the tip of his nose.

“You can just call me mister.”
“Ah! I can?”

The boy’s face brightened.

“Mister Lancephil. Mister is now going to be our monarch, right?”
“Yes. I will be so if you place the crown on my head.”

Roan slowly nodded his head.
The nearby people all leaned their ears at the two people’s conversation.
The boy formed a bright smile.

“That’s really good. Me and my mom always thought it’ll be good if mister became a king. Because mister is kind.”
“Thank you sincerely for seeing me in such a bright light.”

Roan sincerely was delighted.
The boy nodded his head and added on.

“So you have to keep being kind even after you become the king. You have to care for us good like before. You got it?”

At those words, Roan faintly smiled and answered in a loud voice.

“I will absolutely do so.”
“Alright! I’ll believe you!”

The boy, seemingly happy that Roan listened to his words, tightly clenched his fists.
Ian, who was quietly waiting, handed the crown to the boy.
The boy held up the crown with both his little hands.
Roan naturally lowered his head.
The man who would now become a king of a kingdom had kneeled down and lowered his head at a mere ten-years old child.


The people who were watching all dryly swallowed.
A scene they couldn’t even have imagined.
Everyone’s hearts rapidly raced.

‘He’s different.’
‘Our monarch is different.’

Hopes and anticipations rose up.
Of course, it wasn’t that everyone was like that.

“What kind of coronation is this……”
“However open-minded and modest he is, this is a coronation ceremony at least in name……”
“To leave even the coronation rite to such an ignorant child……”

Few nobles grumbled in small voies.
At that moment, a middle-aged man who was sitting a row ahead turned back and spoke in a quiet voice.

“He isn’t an ignorant child, sirs. He’s the son of a soldier who lost his life in this war.”

The nobles looked at the man who suddenly spoke at them and coughed seemingly in fluster.
The middle-aged man minded them none and added on.

“Sir Lancephil’s coronation ceremony is certainly different than the coronation ceremonies of other emperors and kings. A tall dais, brilliant rituals, grandiose celebration, haughty cardinal…… there aren’t any of those. But……”

A strength went into his voice.

“A low place considered so that even children can see, a ceremony with only the necessary, a warm request that rings the heart, a crowd that values each other…… there are many things that aren’t there in other coronation ceremonies.”

The middle-aged man look straight at the nobles.

“You should become familiar with them from now on at the least. Because this is the very sight of the new world, and this……”

The smile hanging on his mouth turned even deeper.

“Is the very sight of our monarch.”

Words that couldn’t be refuted to.
The nobles creased their faces with their mouths closed.
However, they couldn’t simply step back like this.

“A, and just who are you to chatter so highly?”

If perhaps an ordinary commoner, he planned to berate at him.
The middle-aged man answered in a calm voice.

“I’m Onil.”

The nobles tilted their heads.
It definitely was a name familiar to the ears, but its identity didn’t float up very well when the time came.

‘Onil, Onil, Onil…… where have I heard that before……?’

The moment his thought reached about that point.


One of the nobles let out an exclamation.
He stared at Onil with a shocked expression.

“Gentle Breeze Onil!”

At those words, the nearby nobles also roundly goggled their eyes.
By Gentle Breeze Onil, they too had heard of him.
No, they hadn’t merely heard of him.

‘Lancephil Division of Human Resources Director Onil.’
‘They say the reason Lancephil could prosper like this is thanks to Onil whose eyes for people are exact and knows how to place talented individuals at their right places.’
‘There is a rumor that he would control the kingdom’s human resources after the coronation ceremony ends, but……’

Without even knowing that such a bigwig was in front of them, they had revealed their shallow characters.
Faces of the nobles bleached white.
Onil looked at that sight and formed a faint smile.

“There is no need to be so afraid in advance. I believe that people can readily change and grow, you see. And I have actually seen such people many times.”

His gaze turned towards the plaza’s center.
Neatly lined up retainers.
At the end of Onil’s gaze were six men.
They were Swift, Buro, Raitler, Rotner, Griffin, and Nuns who were called the Lancephil’s Six Brains.

‘Those sirs too at first were trapped in egoti…… ah! Now isn’t the time to think something else.’

Onil who was continuing on his thought shook his head a moment late and moved his gaze towards the plaza’s center.
The young boy who was holding the crown with his small hands.
The boy approached a step towards Roan.


Everyone dryly swallowed.
Their eyes widely enlarged.
A historic moment.
It was the moment the monarch everyone wished for, the monarch for all was birthed.


The boy brightly smiled and placed the crown above Roan’s head.

At that moment.

Pboom! Pboom! Pbbbbom!

Flower petals covered the sky.


A giant cheer exploded out.

Ppabam! Ppabababam! Ppabam! Ppabababam!

The Milta Military Band’s performance too reached their peak.

“Kkuuk. Kkuuk.”

There even were those among the retainers who shed tears.
Finally, Roan had become a monarch.
He raised his lowered head and looked at the boy.

“Thank you.”

The boy brightly smiled and deeply lowered his head.

“Thank you very much. Your majesty.”

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