I Am the Monarch – Chapter 257 – Path of a King (5)

A young and high but clear and bold voice.
Roan brushed such young boy’s head and then rose up.


The cheer disappeared.
Everyone stared with their mouths closed at Roan.

‘I finally came to this place.’

He himself too whirled with exuberant emotions.
He returned to the past after dying as a file-and-rank spearman.
A second life started as the new recruit of the Eastern Regional Corps 7th Corp Rose Troop.
Goblin battle at the Ale Gorge, Pedian Plain Monster Subjugation, Travias Spear, Brent’s Ring and Kalian’s Tears, battle with Violin, Flamdor Mana Technique and the Reid Art of Fighting, Biate’s secret cave and the Tear of Spirit King, invasion of Istel Kingdom and the Byron Kingdom, Poskein Exodus, Elton Coat Rebellion Suppression, visit to Pershion Kingdom, Poskein Lake Subjugation, Fief War, war with Simon, South Rinse Kingdom Conquest, North Rinse Kingdom Conquest…….
There truly were many events.
Roan’s gaze turned towards his retainers who neatly stood and clapped a standing ovation.
Austin, Semi, Harrison, Brian, Pierce, Walter, Chris, Keep, Kinis, Ian, Swift, Buro, Raitler, Rotner, Griffin, Nuns, Onil, Sith, Elva, Tane, Pete, Glenn, Aaron…….
Countlessly many valuable people.


A smile hanged on his mouth.
The line of his eyes softly curved.
He was happy.
When he first returned to the past.

‘Anguished from dying, I thought I would at least become a great general if I aim to become a monarch.’

But his thoughts changed as he experienced countless incidents.
Roan resolved to become a true monarch.
He wished to change the world.
And finally, he came to climb that place.
Roan suddenly realized the weight of the crown worn on his head was heavy.
No, he realized that it wasn’t the weight of the crown.

‘It’s the weight of people’s wishes, hopes, and dreams.’

He came to carry everything.
But it wasn’t burdensome.
He thought it was the role and responsibility of a monarch.
Roan spun and looked around and quietly looked at the gazes pouring down.
His heart heated up
However, he couldn’t simply stay moved forever.
This was not the end but a new beginning.

“Rinse Kingdom is over.”

Roan’s voice shook the Regium Plaza.

“However, its brilliant history and the ignorant past does not vanish.”

He matched eyes with each, and every citizen.

“I will plant a new seed upon the brilliant history and the ignorant past.”


Everyone swallowed dryly.

“The seed will bud a sprout and blossom a flower, and that flower will forever be unwithering.”

Roan tightly clenched his fist.

“I raise a nation upon the land Rinse has laid.”

His voice left the plaza and shook the heaven and the earth.

“The kingdom’s name is……”

Everyone leaned their ears.
Roan faintly smiled and shouted in a powerful voice.


Declaration of Founding.
On a spring day when brilliant sunlight poured down.
The Rinse disappeared and the Amaranth was founded.
The founder of the kingdom was Roan Lancephil.
The owner of the forever unwithering flower.

<Path of the King (5)> End.

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