I Am the Monarch – Chapter 258 – Hometown (1)

I am the Monarch – Chapter 258: Hometown (1)

“The tea’s fragrance is excellent, your highness.”

Roan Lancephil formed a faint smile holding a teacup.

“I’m glad that you like it.”

A beautiful voice that tickles the ears.
The owner of the voice was surprisingly Katy Rinse.
Now her old tomboyish looks couldn’t be seen on her.
There had been a large change from the harrowing experience she endured during the throne succession war and the death of her older brother Simon.
Of course, it wasn’t as if the person herself had become dreary either.
She still flooded with a bright energy and had the talent to make the people around her feel good.
In fact, the views of her attendants and maids whom served her were superb.
Katy put down her teacup and looked at Roan.

“I’m ready.”

A firmly resolved expression.

‘Coming to me immediately after the coronation ended means…….’

That there was a topic that urgent and important.

‘I know well of how the royalties of ruined kingdoms are treated.’

Katy clenched her dress.
She strongly grasp her disintegrating heart.
It was something she had already resolved for.

‘Ah…… it seems she’s misunderstood.’

Roan guessed such Katy’s thoughts and formed an awkward smile.
So that she won’t needlessly worry further, he spoke up the main topic he had prepared.

“We haven’t announced it yet, but we plan to move the capital, your highness.”

Katy quietly leaned her ears.
Roan faintly smiled and added on.

“The new capital is the Mediasis Castle.”

Katy nodded her head.
She heard well of and was familiar with the rumors about the Mediasis Castle.

‘People say that place is a completely different world.’

They said that even at midnight the castle’s inside was bright as the day.
Tall buildings and well-maintained streets, a place where the continent’s every good gather.
A place where those who wish can learn words regardless of status nor age and where discrimination and oppression did not exist.
They were rumors that it was the best place to live under the sky.
As the capital of the new kingdom, the Amaranth Kingdom, it was a place that couldn’t be more fitting.

“And so I have one request.”
“A request?”

Katy asked ack with a puzzled look.

‘A request…… what would one request of a ruined kingdom’s princess……?’

There was none that readily floated up.
Roan, in a calm voice, added on.

“Please become the Lord of the Miller Castle here..”
“Eh? T, the lord of the castle?”

Katy widely goggled her eyes.
A greatly shocked expression at the absolutely unexpected words.
Roan cheerfully smiled and nodded his head.

“The Rinse Kingdom has ended, but princess’s life has not. What do you think of living a new life as the lord of the Rinse Special District’s Miller Castle?”
“Rinse Special District……”

Katy murmured with a slightly dazed expression.
Roan’s words continued on.

“I don’t plan to denounce even the Rinse’s history, your highness. Since, as I announced in the coronation ceremony, the Amaranth Kingdom was born on top of Rinse’s foundations.”

His voice was gentle but held power.
Tears welled on her large eyes.

“Now princess’s status is the Special District Miller Castle’s lord and an honorary duchess. That is the Amaranth Kingdom and my thought and offer.”

Roan quietly stared at Katy’s face after finishing his words.

‘Katy Rinse……’

There were a number of reasons why he didn’t execute her or exile her outside the kingdom.
The first was to bring together through Katy the nobles and citizens of the kingdom who still supported and missed the Rinse Kingdom.
If Roan, who was the new monarch of the new kingdom, did not mistreat her and instead look after her with care, then the factions who possibly held rejection towards Roan too couldn’t help but quell their feelings.

‘Furthermore, the kingdom’s unification will be achieved far quickly if Princess Katy actively supports me.’

The second was because of Katy’s contributions.
She had supported Roan during Roan and Simon’s war, and after Simon had died, she had spread across the entire kingdom a letter written in her name to publicly denounce Simon’s fiendish deeds and side with Roan.
Thanks to her, Roan was able to be recognized not as a traitor but as a savior of the kingdom.
The third was her relationship with Aily.
Although Aily and Katy were step-sisters, their relationship became notably close as they weathered through the throne succession war.
The two people understood and pitied one another.
They felt a personal sense of kinship of the ones who safely survived the fight of a family dying and killing each other.
In such a situation, Roan who loved and was loved by Aily cutting off Katy’s head or exiling her wasn’t an easy decision.
The final fourth was in fact because of Pierce.

‘In the last life, they were a couple who intensely loved each other. Of course, in this life too they show plenty enough possibility to become so, and……’

Roan pulled up his mana and scanned the presence outside of the reception room.
The tip of his lips subtly rose up.

‘He’s tightly glued to the door.’

Outside the door stood Pierce.

‘At any rate, he’s a guy that listens amazingly well to orders at least.’

Roan had once given Pierce an order to protect Katy’s side when there was nothing special.
The guy right now was dutifully carrying out that order.

‘No, is it not because of my order but because of his feelings?’

Pierce and Katy too were searching their feelings for each other as they experienced the repeating wars and battles.

‘At the very least for him, I can’t kill Princess Katy.’

Thanks to such various reasons, Katy, despite being a princess of a fallen kingdom, was able to retain her life and earn a special status.
Of course, these weren’t merely Roan’s thoughts.
Ian, Swift, and others too made the judgment that Katy becoming the Miller Castle’s lord was far more beneficial to the good of the kingdom.

“How does it sound, your highness?”

Roan asked in a gentle voice.
Instantly, the tears welled on Katy’s large eyes fell like marbles.
She quickly brushed away the tears with the back of her hand and stood up from her seat.

“Your majesty.”

Katy sharply shook her body and deeply bowed her back.

“I will accept that purpose as your majesty’s subject.”

It meant to accept Roan’s offer, no, consideration.
“Thank you very much, your highness.”

Roan brightly smiled and stood up from his seat.
He did not particularly spoke down to her.
He turned his head and looked at the door.


The instant his words reached about that point.


The door abruptly opened.

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