I Am the Monarch – Chapter 258 – Hometown (1)

“You called, your majesty?”

Pierce hurriedly entered and formed an awkward smile.
Roan stared at that look with an amazed expression and soon slipped out a laugh.

“You remember my order, yes?”
“Of course, your majesty.”

Pierce straightened his pose and nodded his head.
Roan slowly moved his steps and walked up to Pierce.
He lightly tapped Pierce’s shoulder and then exited out of the reception room.
It was a strong tap heavier and warmer than a thousand words.
That day, Katy Rinse’s appointment as the lord of the Miller Castle was proclaimed.
The Miller Castle’s citizens, even while regretful at the fact that the capital was moving, were moved at Roan’s deep and wide consideration.
Few citizens and public figures who still hadn’t forgotten the Rinse Kingdom and held opposition to Roan Lancephil and the Amaranth Kingdom also couldn’t help but exclaim at the news of such announcement.
Especially Duke Francis Wilson, who resisted to the end, was said to let out a deep sigh at a drinking gathering with his close-aids.

“So the monarch I’ve yearned for so much was here……”

It was a rumor that the belated sigh continued throughout the night.


Roan, after founding the kingdom and climbing to the throne, chose funeral ceremony for the fallen soldiers as his first proper and public act.
No, it wasn’t a funeral just for the fallen soldiers but everyone who had lost their lives during the war.
There wasn’t even the discrimination between allies and enemies.
It was a funeral for all.
The funeral ceremony was held solemnly but also grandly.
The coronation ceremony and the declaration of the kingdom’s founding could not even be compared.
Roan considered the funeral for the dead more important than his glorious ceremony.
Roan’s such decision wasn’t merely at this one time.
He, each time up to now when the battle ended, made solace for the dead.
Due to that, everyone knew that Roan’s sincerity wasn’t false.

Pbabababam! Pbam! Pbam! Pbam!

The Milta Military Band, no, the Amaranth Royal Band’s funeral march solemnly echoed.
Although it was a funeral for all the fallen, the ones they paid especially more attention to were of course the fallen allies whom they had fought together with.
Roan had separately ordered Ian and had made a graveyard on the plain outside the Miller Castle’s south castle gate so that the remains of the fallen soldiers could be buried.

<Miller Patriot Circle.>

It was a space for the true warriors, true soldiers, true comrades, just for them.

“We will not forget the blood they have spilt. It isn’t such that a one person is a hero. They all are heroes.”

Roan’s voice rode the wind and spread far and wide.

“Going forwards, we do not know who may also spill their blood and fall for the kingdom and its citizens. Let there be glory to them all.”

Roan asserted and asserted again.
Thanks to that, the Miller Patriot Circle, together with the Lancephil Hall of Heroes, became one of the places where any Amaranth Kingdom’s citizen would wish to be buried in.

<There is none more honorable as the Amaranth Kingdom’s citizen than to leave one’s name in the Lancephil Hall of Heroes, and be buried in the Miller Patriot Circle.>

They were words to be passed, and passed further through generations.
The funeral ceremony ended solemnly.
Originally, afterwards was the turn for the announcement of political, administrative, and military reforms and the merit awards as well as the office and status conferment ceremony of the founding retainers.

“Let us do it at the capital, Mediasis Castle.”

Following Ian’s suggestion, the major ceremonies and announcements were all pushed to the back.
Instead, they spurred on their capital transfer preparations.
Because they already had finished all of the preliminary works during the winter, it did not take a long time.
Roan quietly stared at the legion filed outside the north castle gate.
Truly a majestic appearance.
The giant flag soaring the highest roughly fluttered with the wind.

<Amaranth Kingdom.>

His heart elated.
At that moment, Austin and Ian walked up.

“The preparation for the departure is finished, your majesty.”

Now the time had come to leave for the new capital, Mediasis.
However, Roan did not easily answer and momentarily faltered.
Austin, who had shared a long time together with him, noticed that look.

“Something on your mind, your majesty?”

At those words, Roan exhaled a short sigh and then formed a faint smile.

“There is a place I wish to visit before going to the capital.”
“Where is that, your majesty?”

Ian carefully asked.
Roan turned his head and looked towards the west.

“Lare Village.”

A damp and watery voice.
Ian lightly creased his forehead.

“Lare Village, your majesty?”

He definitely had heard of it before.
However, the memory didn’t readily floated up.
A feeling like he hadn’t spoken them outside his mouth before.
That was also the same for Austin.
Roan looked at the such two people and spoke in a small voice as if to whisper.

“That very place……”

A homesick smile hung on the tip of his mouth.

“Is my hometown.”



An old guard guarding an old castle gate yawned droopily.
His entire body sagged under the warm spring sunlight.

‘I should take a nap as soon as my rotation ends.

He slightly slipped up the helmet he had deeply worn above his head.
At that moment.

“Shane! Hear your helmet properly.”

With a deeply sunken baritone voice, a guard showed up.
Shane who was droopily sagging snorted and shook his head.

“Doesn’t sound like something someone late to his hours would say, though?”
“Then what am I supposed to do about suddenly getting a stomach ache?”

The one laying out an excuse with a bold expression was Vogel.
The two people, with their backs leaned on the walls of the castle gate, looked at each other.

“The war should have all ended, right?”
“Can’t tell. This hay bale of a place is far away from the war, after all. And it’s been a few months since the merchants bringing the news of the war stopped coming here as well.”

Shane curtly answered at Vogel’s question.
Vogel roughly scratched his neck and made an odd smile.

“Will the Rinse Kingdom really end? No, had ended?”
“Who knows…… according to what the last merchant said, it does look like it cracked to at least two or three or had fallen……”

Shane twitched his nosed and soon shook his head.

“What’s that got to do with us? It’s just the place we pay taxes to changing.”

Vogel spew out a laugh at those words.

“As expected, you really are a native of this Westend Region.”

Westend Region.
The place located in the furthest west even in the Aps Barony, located in the western end of the Rinse Kingdom that now disappeared into the past, was the very Westend Region.
A region located in the most secluded and remote place in the kingdom, it was also a place completely isolated from the world.
Due to that, the residents of the Westend were slow to the news like the throne succession war, the horrid civil war, and the foreign invasion, and were at a state where they still hadn’t heard even the news that the Rinse Kingdom had disappeared and the Amaranth Kingdom was newly founded.
At the very least, the Vally Castle Shane and Vogel were guarding was located at least in the east in the Westend Region and was a place that could hear the news of the world the earliest.

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