I Am the Monarch – Chapter 258 – Hometown (1)

“Yeah and you’re a Westend native too.”

Shane twisted his lips.
Vogel tapped his chest with his right hand.

“I’m different. I’m going to leave this place and go to the Brunner Castle.”
“Brunner Castle? For what?”

Shane creased his brows.
The Brunner Castle, as the capital of the fief, was a place three times larger and more bustling than the Vally Castle.
Vogel deeply breathed in.

“Of course I’ll have to enter the fief regiment and raise an achievement. The time like now when the kingdom is troubled is a chance, a chance. I can earn wealth and honor if I raised a big achievement in the war.”

He tightly clenched his fist.
Shane clicked his tongue and shook his head.

“Tch tch tch. You don’t know how precious your life is. If a country bumpkin like you go to the battlefield, it’s immediately a corpse……”

The moment his words reached about that point.


Vogel who was shaking his head back and forth at the irritating nagging widely goggled his eyes.
His gaze continued towards the eastern end.

“What is it?”

Shane creased his face and turned his head following Vogel.


Suddenly, his eyes too roundly widened.

“What is that?”

Slightly flabbergasted faces.
The two people stared at the eastern plain.


A dust cloud rose along the horizon.
It was a bizarre scene not even once they had seen until now while working as the castle gate guards.
The dust cloud slowly approached closer.
The two people, unable to even move freely, merely blinked their eyes.
At that moment, the dust cloud lowly settled like a fog and giant flags soaring towards the sky showed up.

“W, what does it say?”

Shane who was illiterate grilled Vogel.
Vogel, who in his own way had a dream and a goal, had little by little learned the words from numerous merchants.

“W, wait a bit…… A, A, Ama……”

Vogel laboriously recalled the letters within his head and read out the words written on a flag.

“A, Amaranth Kingdom?”

A head-tilting looking even after reading it.
Shane creased his forehead.

“Amaranth Kingdom? And just which kingdom is that a kingdom attached next to? Are you sure you read it right?”
“P, probably? It definitely does look like it’s written like that though……”

Vogel nodded his head with a bewildered look.
At that moment, a warhorse jumped out below the flag.
A warrior wearing a brilliant suit spurred his horse and quickly raced up.
The closer and closer the warhorse approached, Shane and Vogel’s eyes also slowly turned bigger.

“S, Sir Baron Aps?!”

The two people spasmodically shouted.
Even if they didn’t know of Amaranth Kingdom, they could instantly tell the identity of the horseman frantically racing up.
He was Baron Chuck Aps, the fief lord of the Aps Barony that included the Westend Region.
Chuck feverishly spurred his horse.
Literally, he arrived in front of the castle gate in an instant.
The instant Shane and Vogel tried to straighten their backs and salute, Chuck shouted at the top of his lungs.

“It’s His Majesty the King’s visit!”

<Hometown (1)> end.

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