I Am the Monarch – Chapter 26 : Unexpected battle (6)


Horse footsteps that shake the earth.
Every Time the horse ran, the rough recoil moved his body.


Kennis kicked the horse and looked at the end of the east.
He felt a rough and disturbing movement across Prely river.

‘It seems like Roan succeeded in luring Sedek.’

Then, the signal should rise to the skies soon.

‘I have to hurry.’

He sticks his chest to the horse.


The noise of the horse footsteps was heard more clearly.
Kennis and the 100 soldiers went around Pelt’s troop and ran towards the west.
After running around the battlefield for a while, they changed directions towards the three troops.

‘I have to charge in on a whim.’

He saw the orcs and goblins that belonged to Pelt’s troop in front of him.
Fortunately, they seemed like they were really hectic confronting the three troops.


At Kennis’s order, the soldiers all hit their horses and lowered the posture.


The war horses clash against the orcs and goblins with a frightening speed.



The bastards got bounced off to the sides along a cry.

“Don’t stop!”

Kennis’s yell.
At the same time, the spear of the soldiers dance while cutting through the air.


The heads of the orcs and goblins fall to the ground.
Making a turnaround on purpose and attacking their side on the west was really effective.
Kennis and the 100 soldiers charged through more easily than they had thought.

“Troop commander Ramsey!”

Kennis yelled towards the middle aged man that was swinging his long spear at the front.


The middle aged man stabbed down the head of an orc and looked at Kennis.

“Rose troop?”

Quite a surprised expression.
Kennis sticked next to him and said with a hurried expression.

“We have to retreat to beyond Prely’s river.”
“What are you saying after appearing so suddenly? Don’t you know when you see the situation? Sedek’s troop is blocking us on the rear.”

An expression mixed with annoyance.
Kennis shook his head and pointed to the rear.
Ramsey that looked at the rear without thinking much, widened his eyes.

“Wha, what is this? What happened?”

The line set up by Sedek got loose.
Kennis gripped the reins with strength.

“Soon, a big amount of water will pour.”

The calm voice passes through the noise of the battlefield and gets stuck on Ramsey’s ear.
The longer the story became, the more surprised Ramsey’s face became.

“Retreat! We are crossing Prely’s river!”

And then, Ramsey’s voice rings throughout the battlefield.
At the same time, the three troops turn away.
They didn’t keep pointing the spear to the west, but to the south.
A path to escape appeared there.


‘It seems like adjutant Kennis also did well.’

A smile appears on Roan’s face.
Because he felt how the shape of the battlefield was breaking.

‘Anyways, he’s really charging like crazy.’

His sight goes to his back.
He saw Sedek charging towards him like crazy with a contorted face.

‘If you come to me without thinking much, then thanks.’

He sticked his chest to the horse and looked to the front.
The archers that were stationed at places before coming to the battlefield start to fire their signal arrows.

‘By now, the news should also have been sent to troop commander Gale.’

This meant that they would soon explode the reserve.
Roan yelled towards Karon that was running in front of him.

“Sir adjutant Karon!”

Even if he didn’t do that, Karon that was in his moment of envy, nodded slightly and pulled the reins.


The head of the horse turns to southeast.
Karon and the soldiers start to charge towards Prely river again.

‘We have to cross before the water comes.’

Roan bit his lower lip and kicked the horse.

Splash. Splash.

Karon and the soldiers at the front jumped into the river.


Along the rough movements of the war horse, water splashes to the sides.

“Stop there!”

Behind them, Sedek’s shout was heard.
He had already lost his reasoning by now.

“Troop commander! Troop commander Sedek!”
“Don’t go too in front!”

The orc adjutants and warriors that were following behind him, sweat of anxiety and follow his back.


And then, the calm river started to tremble.

‘It’s coming!’

Roan’s expression freezes.
Karon and the other soldiers also seemed to have felt the tremor and yelled with a hurried expression.

“Damn! Hurry!”
“Hurry and cross the river!”

The speed of kicking the horse gets faster.


The war horse cries longly and rises its four legs highly.

Splash. Splash.

Karon, that was at the front, and the soldiers reached the other side of the river.
When Roan was the last that remained on the water.


A great amount of water came across the hill with a loud noise.


Roan grabbed the reins and kicked the horse.


The warhorse lets a cry and jumps out of the water.


Water drops splash along the body.
A dramatic and elegant look.


The soldiers and Roan, as the last, all crossed Prely’s river.

“Huk. Huk.”

Roan breathed roughly and looked back.

“Uaaaaa! It, it’s water!”
“Run! Run!”
“Cross the river!”
“Go back! Return!”

The orcs and the goblins looked at the water body that was going to clash against them roughly and got perplexed.
They, that were at the middle of the river, didn’t know if they had to return or cross the river, and they repeated stumbling onto each other.
Even in the middle of that, there was one bastard that was crossing the river with a fierce energy.


Because he ran alone at the front leaving the orcs and goblins, he was almost out of the water.

“You son of a bitch! Receive my blade!”

An evil cry.
Sedek got out of the water along with his horse.


The guys blade cuts the air.


Roan pulled the reins and fell back.
And at the same time, he twisted the wrist he was grabbing the spear.


The spear spun roundly and the blade of it danced.


Metal clashing was heard and sparks appear

“Dam! The orcs are coming up!”
“Block them so they can’t do it!”

Karon raised his spear highly as he saw the orcs running after Sedek like crazy and shouted.


At the same time, the soldiers attacked the orcs.

“Where are you going! Push them back!”
“We have to get out of the water!”

The orcs were also desperate.
That was because the water was near them.

Cheng! Checheng! Cheng!

Metal clashing continued fiercely.
And then, the water came up.



The noises the orcs and goblins make.
The huge amount of water swept the bastards like an angered wave.


The water splashed and the cold wind passed through their skin.
They felt the chill with all their body.

‘If, if we were even a little bit late it was going to be dangerous.’
‘It’s an impressive power.’

Karon and the soldiers gulped dry saliva.
The orcs and goblins that were filling Prely river got wiped off cleanly.
If they were even a little bit late, they would also have ended up that way.

“Thi, this son of a bitches!”
“Nasty humans!”

The remaining minority of the orcs and goblins let out cries and charge fiercely.
However, the one that charged in more fiercely than anyone was Sedek.

“Human! I will cut off your neck and chew you off!”

A ferocious spirit.
The fierce threat is reflected on his eyes.
However Roan’s face was still relaxed.

‘He’s really messed up.’

It was really important to not lose your cool on the battlefield.

‘One of the things I learnt during the past 20 years.’

A faint smile appears on his mouth.


Sedek’s blade passed right in front of his nose.

‘It’s big.’

It was a certainly powerful attack, but his movements were overly big.
Even now, as one attack missed his shoulder and sides showed.


His spear cuts through the air and stabs his waist.
An attack that was like a flash.


Sedek cried out and twisted his body.


The blade of the spear cuts his side thinly and passes through.
Normally, a situation that would make you shake.
However, Sedek that had already lost his reasoning didn’t care more about water and fire.
He lifted up his blade over his head while not even caring about his injury.


The blade that cuts through the air with a roaring sound.
Sedek swung down his blade with all of his strength as if he wanted to crush Roan.

‘I can’t block it.’

To block it, the strength under the blade was really strong.
Roan pressed the shoulder of the horse with his tigh and moved to the right.
At the same time he twisted his body and let the blade pass through.


At that moment, Sedek stumbled to the front.
Roan didn’t miss that chance.

Spat! Pabababat!

The spear cuts through the air and dances.

Cheng! Checheng! Cheng!

Sedek ground his teeth late and swung his blade.
However it was impossible to block all of the attacks while he had lost balance.

Spat! Pabat!

Some parts of the body start to get covered by wounds.

‘He is amazing.’

Roan gasped of amazement at Sedek that attacked and defended even while he had lost balance.

‘Let’s see if you can also block this one.’

He put strength on his hand that was gripping the spear.

‘Fifth stance of Pierce’s spearmanship.’

He had almost never missed individual training after he came back to the past.
And because of that, he could raise his skills to where he could execute the fifth stance, when before he could only do the third.

‘I will cut his neck instantly.’

The best skill he could execute without any mana.
The muscles of his both arms get swelled up.


The spear cuts the wind.
The body of the spear shakes and twists greatly.


The spear hit the space along a heavy sound.

“Where are you!”

Sedek pulled his blade and blocked the spear


The sound of metal clashing hit their ears.


Sedek ground his teeth.
The feeling that all of his palm was getting numb.

‘How is he this stron………’

The moment he was admiring him.
The spear that was blocked by the blade surged above his head.


Really strange movements.
Sedek just blinked at the unexpected spear movements.


And then, the spear that was above his head fell down with a sharp noise.

“Huh? Huh!”

Sedek pulled his blade with a surprised expression, but it was already late.
The sharp spear stamps his head.


Sedek’s head got separated to the sides along a horrible noise.
The eyes that were separated at both sides had a trace of disbelief.
Roan then twisted his wrist and cut off the head.


The atrocious head rolls down the floor.


Roan stabbed down Sedek’s head.
The spear that surges high to the sky.
At the same time, Roan’s voice rang on the battlefield.

“Squad commander Roan from the 42nd squad of of Rose troop has slain the enemy Sedek!”

That was a kind of ending.
And it was also a declaration of the battle ending.

< Unexpected battle (6) > End

Translator’s note:

Thanks for reading!

Translator : Subak

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