I Am the Monarch – Chapter 260 – Hometown (3)

He moved his feet and headed towards his room.
Behind him Melly’s voice was heard.

“Roan. Don’t be sorry. It’s fine. It’s really fine.”

The voice, as he thought, was teary.

“As long as you are okay, everything’s fine for us.”

It truly was warm.
Roan deeply breathed in and quickly went into his room.
They were the moments he for a long time had missed and longed for.
His heart ached but it wasn’t a sad feeling.
A feeling like a clump that was deep within his heart slowly melting and disappearing.

‘This room is also the same.’

Roan looked at the appearance of his bedroom and formed a faint smile.
The room was of the same look as when he had left.
It wasn’t an appearance of having cleaned just today.

‘She cleaned and cleaned it again every day since I left.’

Melly’s touch could be felt everywhere in the room.
Roan slowly sat down on the hard bed.
An uncomfortable and old bed.
But it was more cozy and homely than anything in the world.
At that moment.

“Your majesty.”

A quiet voice rang in his ear.
Roan slightly nodded his head.
Instantly, a man appeared in the shadow of his bedroom corner.
It was Nadan, Amaranth Taemusa Troop’s captain.
Nadan kneeled down on one knee in front of Roan.

“The one called Bekeil had come leading a gang and has stolen few things among your majesty’s belongings.

The reported continued on.

“For the time, we have merely watched as ordered, your majesty.”

The voice quietly sank.

“Good work.”

When Roan replied shortly, Nadan once again disappeared into the dark.

‘Bekeil. So you really can’t be helped.’

He had wavered.
With a self-doubting heart, he had called the taemusas before the village party began and had ordered to watch the house well.

‘So I had thought of such a man as my friend……’

He newly realized just how much he had lacked the eyes for people in his last life.
Roan spat out a long sigh and lied down as if collapsing onto his bed.

‘So he went through my bag……’

An odd smile hung on his mouth.
He slowly closed his eyes.

‘Bekeil. It’s my turn this time.’

An indecipherable thought.
On his face too a mysterious expression floated up.
At that very moment.


An unpleasant presence got caught in Roan’s sharp senses.
It wasn’t a presence felt nearby.

‘Is this perhaps……?’

He slowly opened his eyes and got off his bed.

Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding!

A noisy bell sound hit his ears.
It was a familiar sound situated deep within his memories.
Roan quickly exited out of his bedroom.


With a dull sound, Bas and Melly too raced outside.
Flustered appearances.

“Village head. Is this……”

When Roan cautiously asked, Bas immediately nodded his head even while partially intoxicated.

“Yes. It’s the monsters’ attack.”
“The monsters have come attacking.”

Melly added on.
Her expression and voice too were urgent.

‘So the village is still perilous.’

Roan recalled the painful old memories and quickly went out of the cottage home.
Bas and Melly followed his back.

“To the north watchtower. The north watchtower!”
“The hunters quickly go and get the bows and arrows!”
“Everyone go to the north fences!”

The village was clamorous.
Torches lit up everywhere.
Hurriedly racing people and wavering firelight.


The screech of monsters heard from afar.
Roan quickly headed towards the village’s north fences.

“Line up! Line up! It’s the goblins! Match the signal and fire the arrows at once!”

The owner of the voice was Bekeil.
He glared at the outside of the village from the north watchtower.
Now he wasn’t a mere hunter but the Lare Village Militia captain.
Roan stood on the inside of the fences and calmly looked around his surroundings.

“Huu. Huu.”
“Huuph. Huuph.”

Everyone were exhaling short breaths.
However, not one were despairing nor collapsing powerlessly.
The men held bows or stone, old but well-maintained spears and axes and glared beyond the fences.
The women too stood behind them and were gathering big and small stones into mountains.
Very practiced looks.

‘Right. Since this is basically the usual for the people of Lare Village.’

There was no discrimination before the monsters’ attack.
At that moment, Bekeil waved his right hand.

“Shoot! Shoot the arrows!”

The instant his words finished, the hunters and men lined up along the fences shot the arrows.


Together with sharp shrieks of air, tens of arrows split the night sky.

“Shoot! Keep shooting!”

Bekeil pauselessly screamed.


The sound of goblins’ crying was clearly heard from outside the fences.

“They’re jumping onto the fences! Stab the spears! Throw the stones!”

This too was Bekeil’s order.
The men who were standing by extended their spears between the fences.
The women threw stones.

Sssguk! Pssuck!

The goblins that pierced the rain of arrows and jumped onto the fences got hit with spears and stones and helplessly fell down.
They were shoddy weapons, but it was a perfect response.

Ggiieck! Ggiieck!

In the end, the group of goblins began to run together with a shriek.
Bekeil looked at the group of goblins running away and raised up his arms.

“They’re running! It’s our win!”

A loud voice hit the ears.


The people let out a cheer in one voice.
Bekeil looked at that sight and climbed down from the watchtower.

“Bekeil. This time was excellent too.”
“As expected of the village’s best hunter.”
“He’s the greatest militia captain ever.”

The gang and few village girls that normally followed him approached and raised up their thumbs.
Bekeil waved his hand a little and then stood in front of Roan.
His face was full of self-admiration.

“How’s it?”

Abruptly asking words.
Roan slightly tilted his head asking what he was talking about.
Bekeil sneered largely and added on.

“How does it feel to see a real battle in front of your eyes. You liar.”

An edge stood in his voice.

“Why? Does your legs feel weak and your teeth shudder?”

Sneering continued on.


The gang and the few girls who were lines behind him let out a laugh.
Roan bitterly smiled and shook his head.

“It doesn’t look like the battle is over yet, though?”

A calm voice.
Bekeil creased his brows at those words.

“What? What baloney are you talking about? The goblins have all ran. Has your mind gone mad from fear?”

He, as if intentionally to draw people’s people’s eyes, shouted in a loud voice.
Roan answered with a still calm expression.

“I clearly said it before, I do not lie. The battle hasn’t ended yet. Do you not hear this sound?”

A voice full of certainty.
Bekeil let out a snicker.

“Kuk. This guy really had his mind blown or something. Just what sound is……”

The instant his words reached about that point.


With an explosive boom, the north fences that sturdily held their places exploded out.


The village people that were gathered near gasped at the abrupt situation and goggled their eyes.

“Wha, what!”
“What happened!”

Bekeil and the hunters looked at the exploded north fences.


With an incredible roar, a green monster pushed through the dark and showed up.
The hunters including Bekeil spastically screamed.

“O, ogre!”
“It’s an ogre!”

A size three times larger than an average man.
Strength to crush a rock with a single fist.
A monster that couldn’t even be compared with something like a goblin had shown up.
Most of all.

Kwuaaaauung! Kwuaaaauung!

It wasn’t just one.

“T, ten!”
“E, even fences are no use to ogres!”

The village people screamed and ran in every direction.
The hunters and the gang hid behind Bekeil’s back and raised their voices.

“Bekeil! Do something!”
“Bekeil! Bekeil!’

They pushed Bekeil’s back.


Bekeil tightly clenched his teeth and forcibly stood.
Even he who was called the Lare Village’s best hunter was no different than a mere pup before an ogre.


The ogres discovered Bekeil and the gang and raced up letting out roars.

“Sa, save me!”

The gang screamed a moment behind and ran away in all directions.
Only Bekeil froze like a stone statue and couldn’t freely move.
At that moment, a young man stepped in before the ogre.

“Tha, that’s!”

The village people who were hiding behind the nearby buildings let out gasps at the brupt situation.
Bas and Melly looked at the young man standing in front of the ogre and screamed out.

“What are you doing there! Roan! Hurry and run!”

The identity of the young man was Roan.
He turned just his head and looked at the village people.
Everyone were clear with worrying looks.

‘I can’t hide my skills even at such an event.’

If he didn’t step up now, then someone among the village people would lose their life.

‘I dreamed of becoming a great general because I wished to protect the village and the village people……’

Now was the moment that dream was fulfilled.

‘But in price, I probably won’t get yelled at, chewed out, or get chastised anymore.’

He also won’t be able to freely mingle and chat anymore.
A corner of his heart felt bitter.
Roan breathed out a long sigh.
His gaze turned towards Bekeil.

“You said to show the Kingdom-Army soldier’s skills, yes?”
“Uh, huh? Uh, uh……”

Bekeil nodded his head with a dazed expression.
Roan formed a faint smile.

“I will now show you.”

Quiet but powerful voice.

“Open your eyes clearly and watch carefully.”

Meanwhile, the ogre had reached close to them.

“R, Roan!”
“Hurry and run!”

Bas and Melly shouted in urgent voices.
At that very moment.


Together with a metallic sound, a long spear appeared in Roan’s right hand.
A black spear-handle and a sharp spearhead.
It was the Travias Spear.

“W, where did a, a spear……?”

The village people creased their foreheads at the incomprehensible sight.


The ogre swung its giant arm together with a roar.


Everyone burst out exclamations with pained expressions.
The image of Roan’s body exploding out was drawn in their minds.
At that moment, Roan who was standing still kicked off the ground.


His image turned faint.

Spat! Ppababababababat!

His Travias Spear extended out long and split the air.
The spear smoothly curved and pierced the ogre’s chest.


A horrid sound echoed out.
The Travias Spear almost brought to mind a snake.
The spearhead shook its head and continued to pierce other ogres’ chests.


The ogres let out howls and flailed.
However, not even one could dodge Roan’s spear.
Instantly, ten ogres were all pierced on the Travias Spear.

“Eh, eh, eh, eh, eh……”
“W, what in the……”

The village people stuttered their words with dazed expressions.
Especially Bekeil was of the most greatly shocked look.

“N, n, no way……”

He sharply trembled his hands.
Roan boldly stood holding an end of the spear in one hand and quietly stared at the ten ogres.


The ogres unconsciously lowered their heads.
It truly was a shocking sight.
They, who with their incredible strengths were known as tyrants even among the monsters, had become frightened at the light of Roan’s eyes.


Roan lightly twisted his wrist and whispered in a composed voice.




A dark-red flame soared along the Travias Spear.
The flame directly swallowed the ogres.


The ogres burst out howls and tried to run, but couldn’t escape the Travias Spear.

Kwua. Kwua.

The fiercer the flame became, the howls slowly decreased.
And finally.


The dark-red flame exploded out in every direction and the fire burned down.
Simultaneously, the ogres that showed off their giant bodies too disappeared as if washed away.
They all turned into a fistful of ash and scattered into the mountains.


The mountain wind coldly blew.
A silence colder than that sank down.
Roan withdrew his Travias Spear and slowly turned around.


The village people simply stood stupefied and stared at Roan.
Their throats soundlessly moved.

“R, Roan……”

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