I Am the Monarch – Chapter 260 – Hometown (3)

The one that came to his senses the first was Bekeil.

“What d, did you just……”

However, his words failed to quite continue on.
Outside the north fences, a roar once again exploded out.

Chwurururuk! Chwururururuk!

They were the goblins’ cries.
An incredible sound enough for the entire mountain to thunderously ring.
It wasn’t a level of mere tens of them like usual.
More than hundreds even from a quick listen.

‘Is it approximately over two thousand……’

Roan inferred the exact number and creased his forehead.

‘The monsters’ attack at least is something that always happens, but this kind of large-scale attack is the first. Furthermore, ten of ogres simultaneously appearing is also the first……’

It was an odd event.
However, now wasn’t the time to do such contemplation.


The ground sharply shook as the goblins neared.

“Wha, what do we do.”

The village people once again trembled in fear.
Everyone looked at Roan.
Before anyone realized, they had naturally come to rely on Roan.
Roan deeply breathed in and slowly raised his right hand.

“Amaranth Taemusa Troop.”

A quietly calling sound.


From the sky, tens of, to be exact a one hundred men fell down.
They lightly landed down and then kneeled on one knees towards Roan.

“Amaranth Taemusa Troop. Present, your majesty!”

A sound of shouting in one voice.
An incredible pressure stormed.


Bekeil unconsciously swallowed empty air and fell as if collapsing onto his bottom.
His legs had given up.
Roan lightly waved his right hand.

“Annihilate them.”

The order was simple.

“Yes sir!”

The answer was even more simple.


The one hundred taemuas kicked off the ground and raced towards the outside of the fences.

Chwurururuk! Chwururururuk!

Simultaneously, the sound of goblins screaming pierced into the ears.
A very short time had passed.


The one hundred taemuas again broke through the dark and showed up.
Clean looks no different than before.
It simply didn’t look as if they had fought a battle with the goblins.
They kneeled down one knee towards Roan.

“The order is completed, your majesty.”

A simple report.


The village people including Bekeil let out quiet exclamations.

‘D, did they actually annihilate the goblins?’
‘In such a short time?’
‘J, just w, who are they?’

That was a pure exclamation.
Roan slowly nodded his head.
At that moment, Bekeil who was lying on the ground asked in a sharply trembling voice.

“R, Roan, J, just what are you? Just what are you.”

His voice swallowed back.
Roan faintly smiled and calmly answered.

“My name is Roan Lancephil.”


The village people swallowed dryly.
Roan’s words continued on.

“I am, of the newly founded on this land……”

Small but powerful voice.

“Amaranth Kingdom’s monarch.”


A giant shock struck the entire village.

“M, monarch?”
“Did he just say a monarch?”
“Where is Amaranth Kingdom?”
“On this land?”

The village people murmured with dumbfounded expressions.
At that moment, Bekeil abruptly rose up from his seat.
He screamed at the top of his lungs as if to show he couldn’t believe it.

“W, what?! R, ridiculous! You, you a king?!”

Roan quietly looked at that sight and made a faint smile.

“Whether you believe it or not, that is not important.”

He looked long across the village people’s faces.

“Whatever anyone says……”

A clear voice rode the night wind and spread out to the mountains.
No, it spread out towards the world.

“I am the Monarch.”

<Hometown (3)> End.

Translator: CSV
Proofreader: Deathwing

PR Note: The last sentence, I am the Monarch is a little fanservice from me & CSV. 🙂

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