I Am the Monarch – Chapter 261 – Hometown (4)

I am the Monarch – Chapter 261: Hometown (4)

No one opened their mouth.
No, couldn’t open their mouth.
Everyone with their eyes widely goggled stared at Roan Lancephil.
Within a very short amount of time, too many unbelievable events had happened.
Roan alone incinerating ten ogres, the ones called Amaranth Taemusa Troop appearing and annihilating the goblins, and Roan himself announcing himself to be the monarch of this land.
The Lare Village’s people dryly swallowed with dumbfounded expressions.

‘M, monarch?’

They couldn’t fathom just how they should react.
If he had become even just a general, no, a great general, they would have clapped and cheered.
They would have greatly praised him saying he achieved his dream.
However, Roan became not merely a great general but a monarch.
Even more, he became a founding king that raised a new kingdom.
An event they hadn’t dare even imagine.
No, to say it honestly, it was something they couldn’t believe even now.

“I, is that really true?”

Bas, who was hiding behind a wooden hut, showed himself out onto the vacant lot.
Melly followed his back and came out.
Roan brightly smiled and nodded his head.

“It is all true.”

A gentle voice.

“I do not lie.”

There wasn’t even a little deceit in his eyes and expression.
Bas and Melly, who watched and raised Roan since he was born to the year he turned eighteen, could tell that everything was the truth.
The two people kneeled before Roan.

“Y, your majesty.”

Their voices sharply shook.
Roan, with a shocked expression, pulled up Bas and Melly.

“I couldn’t tell you because I knew you would do this.”

A bitter smile hung on his mouth.

“B, but how could w, I, I mean us peasants dare……”

Bas, unable to do this or that, formed an awkward smile.
Roan, in a small voice, spoke as if to whisper.

“Whether some poor handyman, beggar, soldier, general, or a monarch…… I’m Roan. I haven’t become someone else.”

He gently held Bas and Melly’s hands.

“I have always remembered your kindness. You not only took me, whose parents had passed away and became an orphan, into your family but also watched over and raised me up like your own.”

It was a difficult world to live in.
It absolutely wasn’t something easy.

“You always worried about and awaited the kid who simply left his home one day. I came back home after so, so long a time, but……”

Roan couldn’t easily continue his words.
As much as his voice, his eyes watered up.

“You two were still waiting for me here.”

That someone was waiting for him.
That someone was always looking at him with the same feeling in their hearts.
That someone loved and trusted him unconditionally.
There was nothing more that could make a person happier.Meanwhile, the village people that had ran from the monsters and hid began to gather in ones and twos.
Everyone had half-dumbfound expressions.
But their eyes at least were all looking clearly at Roan.
Roan stood in front of them and in a calm voice began to recount the events that had occurred up until now.
From the rank-and-file spearman of the Rose Troop to the moment he became the Amaranth Kingdom’s monarch, that grand and tortuous story continued without an end.
The people swung between and let out gasps and sighs.

“…… and like that, I became the monarch.”

The story ended.


The people let out quiet exclamations.
Not only them, but the members of the Amaranth Taemusa Troop filed behind him too couldn’t hold back exclamations at Roan’s story.
They had newly understood.
That a great existence that would leave a mark upon history was before them.

‘So he’s really a king?’
‘Just what did we……’

The faces of the few village people and the gang that followed Bekeil bleached blue.
Them having sneered at and deriding Roan all through the last night floated up in their minds.
Few girls exhaled deep sighs.

‘Ah, I could’ve become a queen if I’ve acted right just before……’
‘If I can marry Roan……’
‘Could I live a fabulous palace life?’

Each fully filled their heads with reddish and innocent delusions.
They were simple thoughts possible only because they were countryside girls.
Roan faintly smiled and looked at Bekeil.
Bekeil, still with a dazed expression, merely blinked his eyes.


A quietly calling sound.
Bekeil unconsciously shuddered abruptly.


His throat roughly moved up and down.
Roan quietly stared at Bekeil’s eyes.

“You touched my bag, no?”

The instant his words ended.


Bekeil began to hiccup.
Even his breaths turned rough.
A greatly panicked look.
That was also the same for the gang lined up behind him.
Their faces were now beyond blue to bleached white.

‘Bekeil. I have no thought of leaving you alone.’

The light in Roan’s eyes sank down.
The betrayal he experienced in the last life.
He had resolved to definitely get revenge if met again.
But even so, he couldn’t simply cut off his head all of a sudden.
His betrayal was something that hadn’t yet happened.
If he were to kill Bekeil here, he and his gang as well as even the Lare Village’s people would form an unnecessary misunderstanding.
They would merely think that Bekeil’s head was cut off for touching Roan’s belongings.
It wasn’t quite a good look for a monarch of a kingdom.

‘In the first place, I didn’t want to kill him that easily either.’

Having his head cut off in an instant without knowing why was far too pleasant a death.
Roan wished to let Bekeil feel all of the dejection and pain that he had felt.

“Y, y, you are going to kill me? N, no I, are you going to kill me, sir?”

Bekeil sharply trembled his entire body.
It was miserable.
A look endlessly powerful before the weak and endlessly cowardly before the strong.

‘So this was Bekeil’s true appearance.’

Something like the dominating look that spread fame as spear ghost in the last life simply couldn’t be found.
Roan slowly shook his head.

“There’s no need to unnecessarily touch blood with my hands. Since you……”

His voice quietly sank.

“Will soon die.”


Instantly, Bekeil kneeled down on the ground with a greatly shocked expression.
He sharply shuddered his entire body.

“D, die? W, what do you mean, sir?”

The look that poured sneers and derided Roan just until before couldn’t be found any longer.
Roan answered with a calm expression.

“There is poison on my belongings to prevent theft.”
“P, poison?!”

Bekeil sharply raised his head and screamed.
The gang behind him lost strength in their legs and fell onto their bottoms.
For they too had stolen Roan’s belongings.

“P, poison……”

Bekeil looked down at his hands and whimpered.
Roan snorted.

“Did you really think that a monarch’s belongings are guarded so laxly?”

Those words were logical.
Bekeil kowtowed flat upon the ground and begged.

“S, save me! Please save me, sir!”

Following behind, the gang that stole his belongings together approached up next to Bekeil and dropped to the ground the same. (t/n: “the same” or “the same way”?)

“P, please save us!”
“We were wrong, sir!”
“I don’t want to die yet, sir!”

Already, few of them were bawling.
They rummaged through their clothes and took out shabby objects.
They were all Roan’s belongings.

“H, here it is, sir.”

Bekeil too a moment behind took out an object.
Roan quietly looked at that sight and then extended out his right hand.


Suddenly, the objects were sucked into his hand.
An amazing and awesome scene.
It was a type of psychokinesis using mana.

“The poison on these objects are so strong that only I can touch them.”

The instant his words ended, a dark-red flame rode his hand and erupted.
The fire burned ferociously, but did not burn the objects.
Likewise an amazing and awesome sight.
Thanks to that, Bekeil and his gang came to believe Roan’s words like a stone.

“Please save us!”
“I’ll do anything at all if you save us!”
“Please forgive my immature, dumb, foolish actions of last night!”
“Please forgive me. I was a fool!”

The gang begged and begged until their hands turned into feet. Bekeil too was the same.

“I’ve dared to disturb your majesty’s mood without knowing my place! P, please forgive me! Save me!”

Desperate voices fully filled the clearing.
Roan quietly looked at that sight, then spat out a line.

“It isn’t that there absolutely is no way to live.”


“W, what is that way, sir?!”
“P, please teach us! I’ll do anything if you would just teach us!”

The gang including Bekeil cried with desperate expressions.
Roan waved his hand to calm them down, then spoke with a calm voice.

“There isn’t an antidote, but a medicine that could suppress the poison exists in the capital, Mediasis. If you consume that drug every thirty days, then you can live on no different from like until now.”

Everyone let out a sigh of relief.
A hope that they could live floated up fully on their faces.
Roan looked directly into their eyes and added on.

“I will send a man the moment I return to the capital to send the medicine.”

The instant his words finished.

“T, thank you very much sir!”
“Truly thank you very much!”

Cheers burst out.


Roan waved his hand and made them close their mouths.

“If your forms and actions are narrow-minded and base like today, then I will immediately stop that medicine.”

Bekeil and the gang that were greatly rejoicing let out exclamations with stiffly hardened faces.
A conditional time-limited life.
It meant that they could easily die if misstepped.
But in either case, there was no other way.
They could only follow Roan’s words if they didn’t wish to die.

“W, we’ll remember, sir.”
“I’ll commit myself for the village people.”
“I will be a good person.”
“I’ll follow village head’s words properly.”

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