I Am the Monarch – Chapter 261 – Hometown (4)

Empty promises full of hot air overflowed.

“I’ll definitely become a good person like your majesty said.”

Bekeil too raised his voice with a determined expression.
Roan looked straight into his eyes.

“Remember it well. If you renege on your promise……”

An edge rose up in his voice.

“You will soon die.”


Bekeil and his gang dryly swallowed.
The presence and pressure exuding out of Roan’s body suffocated their breaths.

“Uuuuh. W, we understood, sir.”
“We will definitely keep up our promise.”

They all laboriously nodded their heads.
Roan only then pulled away his pressure and looked again at Bas and Melly.

“Should we share the rest of the story at home, Ms. Melly?”
“Y, yeah. Let’s do that.”

Bas confusedly nodded his head.
Roan ordered the repair and guarding of the fences to the Amaranth Taemusa Troop’s members, and then returned to the house together with Bas and Melly.
The three people, in the old and small wooden hut, shared long and long stories until the day brightened.
After the day brightened, he gathered all the village people together and laid out his many fun and happy, sad and painful stories without restraint.
The people all immersed deep into Roan’s stories.
They especially reacted excitedly to the story of the newly founded Amaranth Kingdom.
Few village girls even openly flirted with Roan.
Roan, as if he had been waiting, took out the story of the most beautiful and lovely woman in the world, Aily.
In the end, the village girls that dreamt vain dreams could only turn back with dispirited expressions.
Roan stayed two more days in the Lare village.
He had stayed longer than the original plan.

“Roan. Even if often is difficult, do please come visit even occasionally, very occasionally at the very least.”
“Don’t get hurt anywhere and be careful. Alright?”

Bas and Melly held Roan’s hands and repeatedly insisted and insisted again.
Even if Roan was a powerhouse counted among the best, he was no more than an endlessly young and frail child in their eyes.
Roan brushed the back of the two’s hands.

“Whenever there is time, I will absolutely come visit, Ms. Melly.”

He didn’t say it just for the sake of it.
He turned his head and looked at the village people.

“And I will invite everyone to the capital soon.”

At those words, few adults and children raised up their arms high and cheered.
Purely rejoicing and happy looks.
Roan felt his heart becoming pure.
He whispered in Bas and Melly’s ears in a small voice.

“The next time I come too……”

His voice was gentle.

“I’ll come again not as monarch Roan Lancephil but as countryside boy Roan again, Mr. Bas.”

At those words, Bas and Melly faintly smiled and nodded their heads.
Proud, so proud, they simply couldn’t speak out any words. Roan lightly hugged such two people and then stepped back.


At the quietly calling sound, the Amaranth Taemusa Troop soldier that was standing nearby walked up.
It was one of the Taemusa Troop adjutants, Murray.

“Yes. Your majesty.”

Quiet but powerful voice.
Roan quietly looked at Murray and then spoke whisperingly in a small voice.

“You lead nine taemusas and protect the Lare Village for thirty days. At the same time, precisely and meticulously analyze the situation of the Grain Mountain’s monster.”

The appearance of ten ogres and the assault of more than hundreds of goblins.
There was a need to grasp what kind of reason there was for the monsters’ abnormal actions.

“Yes sir. I will carry out the order.”

Murray nodded his head with a solid expression.
However, that was not the end of Roan’s order.


He, for a while, gave through a whisper a long order.

“Would they possible even go that far?”

When Murray asked back with an unbelieving expression.

“He is a bastard that will easily do more than that.”

Roan formed a bitter smile.
At that look, Murray exhaled a short sigh.

“If he really act like that……”

A cold light flowed on his eyes.

“Then he would be digging his grave himself.”

At those words, Roan wordlessly nodded his head.

‘The trap has been set.’

Whether be caught, or not caught, was his choice.
If not caught, then he could preserve his life.

‘If he were to betray like the last life……’

Then he would become caught in the snare and meet a horrible end.
Roan exhaled a long sigh.
Now really was a time to go back.
He waved his hand towards Bas, Melly, and the village people.

“Take care on your way back!”
“Come again for sure!”
“Don’t forget to invite us to the capital!”

The village people too waved their hands and saw off Roan leaving.
Everyone were of happy and joyful expressions.
Of course, the expressions of Bekeil and the gang squeezed between them were stiffly hardened.
No, to be precise, they were forcibly smiling.

‘Damn it. What the hell is this!’

Bekeil looked at Roan leaving and bit his lower lip.
He felt wronged.

‘Damn it! Damn it! Damn it!’

If possible, he wanted to at the very least spit out curses until satisfied.
But because of the ten Amaranth Taemusa Troop members staying in the village, he couldn’t even act as he wished.
That day, Bekeil emptied his drink cup alone under the watchtower until deep into the night.
A gloomy night when neither the moon nor the stars rose up.
Without even thinking of going back home, he laid down in the dark and tempted sleep.
At that moment, Murray and one Taemusa Troop member quietly approached and stood below the fences.

‘What the?’

Bekeil tried to stand up throwing a fit, but abruptly stopped his movement.
Murray and the Taemusa Troop member, seeming not having discovered Bekeil, conversed in quiet voices.

“Did you passed it on exactly to the other members too?”

At Murray’s words, the Taemusa Troop member nodded his head with a slightly tense expression.

“Yes sir. I have passed it on. But is that really true? There……”

He specifically looked around their surroundings once, then cautiously added on.

“There really was nothing like poison in the first place?”


“Has it all been cleaned up?”

A quiet voice.

“Yes. For now, I’ve cleaned up just the necessary things.”

Likewise a quiet voice.
A young man and a middle-aged man secretly conversed on with their heads together.

“But must we really do it even like this, master?”

The middle-aged man asked again with a powerless expression.
The young man nodded his head as if to show it cannot be helped.

“We cannot expand the business any further in here.”
“But master, that sir isn’t known to be that obstinate a person……”
“I know. He’s definitely a magnanimous man among the magnanimous men. But we cannot view even all his subordinates as magnanimous men.”
“That ‘s……”

The middle-aged man couldn’t continue his words any further.
Because he couldn’t find the words to fittingly counter the young man’s words.

“In the first place, we have to go to the Estia Empire if we want to do a really big business. Let’s instead think that a good opportunity has come.”

The young man formed a bitter smile.
Although his words did say so, his mouth tasting bitter couldn’t be helped.

‘I thought at least my eyes for people was exact, but……’

One of the abilities that he himself prided in.
Because of that very ability, he couldn’t help but pack up the company he had grown his entire life.


A long sigh naturally flowed out.
The middle-aged man who was watching that sight laboriously formed a smile.

“Please don’t be so down, master. If it is Master Clyde’s ability, you will soon develop an even bigger company.”

They weren’t words just for the sake of them.
An expression and voice full of certainty.
The young man, Clyde faintly smiled and nodded his head.

“Thanks, Goden.”

Clyde and Goden.
The two people were the very Clyde Company’s owner Clyde and his right-hand man Goden.
Clyde funded and supported the Third Prince Kallum Rinse during the throne succession war.
He thought that among Simon Rinse, Tommy Rinse, and Kallum Rinse, the person could climb to the throne was only Kallum.
No, he was certain.
But in actuality, the one who ended the throne succession war and saved the imperiled kingdom was not the three princess but Roan Lancephil.
Roan, instead of the Rinse Kingdom that already had expired its time, had founded the Amaranth Kingdom and then climbed to the throne himself.

‘Receiving everyone’s support and cheer despite having brought down the originally serving kingdom and newly founding a kingdom, it was an unprecedented coronation.’

But because of that, Clyde’s position instead become complicated.
By Roan’s personality, he wouldn’t get harassed nor hindered because he had supported, funded Kallum, but even so he couldn’t receive support either.

‘The Sale Company that had close relationship even before the throne succession war is endlessly rising and expanding its business.’

Meaning it was impossible to fight for contracts against the Sale Company in the Amaranth Kingdom.
Furthermore, as said before, those among Roan’s subordinates with excessive loyalty could lay a wedge on the Clyde Company.
For various reasons, it was an uncomfortable situation to take a seat in the Amaranth Kingdom.

“Even so, it was fortunate that we laid connections on the Estia Empire and the Holy Palace’s side until now.”

Goden formed a bright smile as he packed up.
At that very moment.

“It has been a while.”

An unfamiliar voice pierced into the two’s ears.

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