I Am the Monarch – Chapter 261 – Hometown (4)


Clyde and Goden swallowed empty air at the abruptly heard voice and moved back.
There definitely were just them in this large secret room.
The two people’s gazes dizzily swept the secret room’s inside.
At that moment, darkness at a corner of the room wavered and soon people deeply worn black robes showed up.
Their numbers were altogether three.
They were existences that whose presences, despite that they were looking clearly right in front of them, couldn’t be felt.


Clyde, who had momentarily panicked, quickly calmed his breath and regained his composure.
He had experienced all sorts of things while managing his company.
Through the countless experiences, he knew very well just how important it was to keep his heart steadfast.

“Who are you?”

Lowly sunken voice.
At those words, the one who was standing the most forwards took off his robe with his own hands.
The face that suddenly appeared.

“You are……?”

Clyde formed a slightly surprised expression.
The trespasser’s face was that of a well-familiar person.
Clyde once again calmed his breath and then passed his greeting with a calm voice.

“I haven’t ever imagined meeting at such a place, at such a manner. Troop Commander Sir Keep.”
“To know my face and name, it’s as expected of Mr. Clyde.”

A clear voice that plant into the edges of the ears.
He was in fact Tenebra Troop’s Troop Commander Keep.
Clyde made a bitter smile.

“Good eyes and memory are the absolute necessities for becoming a grand merchant, sir.”

He deeply breathed in.

“What brings Troop Commander Keep of the so-called special forces, the Tenebra, here, sir?”

Clyde asked with the most composed and cool expression.
But in actuality, he was completely nervous.

‘Is he perhaps to harm……?’

The excessively loyal one among Roan’s subordinates that he had worried of could be Keep.
At that moment, Keep gently extended out his right hand.

“Mr. Clyde is absolutely needed in the Amaranth Kingdom, so I have come to escort you.”

At those words, Clyde let out a laugh.

“Hahaha. I’m needed?”

A relaxed expression and movement.
They were actions to hide his completely tense insides.

“I’m merely a fallen merchant, sir. What kind of a help could such an I……”

The moment his words reached about that point, Keep faintly smiled and spat out single line.

“Holy Palace.”

Instantly, Clyde’s expression stiffly hardened.
That was an expression knowing that the inevitable had finally come.

<Hometown (4)> End.

Translator: CSV
Proofreader: Deathwing

PR Note: Happy new year from CSV and myself to you all! Regarding the chapters, we were on a holiday break. To compensate for this we are releasing 2 chapters today! Enjoy Chapter 261 and 262!

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