I Am the Monarch – Chapter 262 – Hometown (5)

I am the Monarch – Chapter 262: Hometown (5)

“I, is that really true?”
“You haven’t misheard it, right?”

Urgent voices poured down.

“Shh. Quiet. Lower your voices.”

The one scrunching down with a completely tense expression was Bekeil.
He, at late twilight, sneakily called together his gang.

“I clearly heard the words they said.”

Bekeil’s face redly flushed out.
Anger rose up to his throat.

“Roan. That bastard has fooled us.”

He laid out Murray and the Taemusa Troop member’s words he had heard at the watchtower.

“There wasn’t anything like poison in the first place.”

At those words, the gang creased their faces.

“Why such a lie……”
“To dare play around with people’s lives……”

Likewise their anger rose up.
Bekeil formed a bitter smile.

“He must’ve planned to turn us into puppets.”
“Damn it.”

The gang clenched their fists and spat out curses.
But that was all.
There was nothing more that they could do.

‘It’s enraging, but……’

Roan now wasn’t a mountainside village kid but a monarch of a kingdom.
He had become a high existence that they couldn’t even dare look straight at.

‘Even if the bastard wiggle a single finger, our heads will fly off.’

In the end they could only live on quietly with their breaths stifled.

‘But that means we won’t die even if there isn’t that medicine.’

They laboriously thought positively and forcibly made smiles.
At that very moment.

“It isn’t over yet.”

Bekeil added on with a suggestive expression.

“There is more to the talk Roan’s underlings shared.”

The light in his eyes calmly sank down.

“There is another reason Roan has left his underlings in our village.”

At those words, the gang tilted their heads.

“It wasn’t to protect the village and spy on us?”
“Ah! They said they were investigating the Grain Mountain’s monsters, didn’t they?”
“Right. Isn’t that why they stayed behind?”

Everyone looked at Bekeil with curious expressions.
Bekeil scrunched down his body even further and spoke in a small voice.

“There was one more reason besides that.”
“And what’s that?”

Everyone asked in one voice.
Bekeil shortly answered.

“The bastard is looking for an object right now.”
“What kind of object is it?”

Everyone dryly gulped.
Bekeil answered in an even smaller voice.

“Bow of Piscis.”

“Bow of Piscis?”

The gang creased their brows.

“What’s Bow of Piscis?”

At those words, Bekeil needlessly looked around their surroundings once more and then answered.

“It’s the bow the queen of elves Piscis has said to use. They say a dragon and elves’ magic are enchanted that you don’t even separately need arrows.”

A slightly elated expression.

“They say the magic arrow will fly on its own towards the target if you just pull the string. It’s all infallible and they say it has an incredible enough power to instantly destroy a large boulder.”

The gang let out quiet exclamations.
Bekeil’s words kept continuing.

“From what I heard, it looks like the Bow of Piscis is hidden in the Grain Mountain mountainside near our village. The reason Roan returned after a long time was also in truth to find Bow of Piscis.”
“I knew it.”
“Want to see the hometown people, missing hometown, etc, all those words were all nonsense.”

The gang twisted their lips.
The more the time passed, their hostility towards Roan slowly became larger.
Bekeil looked long across their faces.

“So since it’s like that……”

His voice turned sly.


Everyone dryly swallowed with tense expressions.
Bekeil formed a bloody smile.

“Let’s go and find the Bow of Piscis ourselves.”

The gang creased their brows.
Bekeil nodded his head with a slightly excited expression.

“They say the one who gets the Bow of Piscis could become the most powerful man on the continent.”
“Those taemusa-something guys said that?”
“Yeah. They definitely said that.”

Bekeil formed a bloody smile.

“If we can just find the bwo, we can go out to a war and raise a big achievement and even earn a nobility. No, if we can become the most powerful man in the continent, then we could found a kingdom like Roan.”

His face redly flushed.

“Even if not that, we could at least become a noble of the empire.”

The bloody smile hanging on his mouth turned even thicker.

“Meaning we could have a far bigger strength than a monarch of a newborn kingdom, Roan.”

The end of his voice trembled.
Bekeil tightly clenched his fist.

“We are going to find the Bow of Piscis. Let’s find the bow and go out into the world. We’ll go out and win wealth, power, and fame. Let’s break Roan’s nose and make him pay for playing with our lives.”


The gang once more swallowed dryly.
The anger and hostility towards Roan, and the momentarily forgotten ambition murkily rose up.

“G, good. We were going to go out to the world in the first place anyway.”
“There’s no need to pointlessly hesitate if we aren’t poisoned.”
“Let’s find the Bow of Piscis and go out to the world.”

They all came together as one and formed a firm resolve.
Finally the decision was made.
Bekeil touched heads with the gang.

“For now, follow those teamusa bastards and spy on them. I’ll take care of the cleanup.”
“G, got it.”

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