I Am the Monarch – Chapter 262 – Hometown (5)

Everyone quickly nodded their heads.
From the next day on, Bekeil and the gang chased trailed from afar the Amaranth Taemusa Troop members including Murray.
Of course, they didn’t forget to act like they were hunting not unlike the usual.
At that sight, Murray momentarily formed a disgusted expression, but did not particularly tried to shake them off.
No, there wasn’t a need for that in the first place.

“Huff. Huff. Huff. Are those people really human?”
“Where’d they go? Huff. Huff. Huff.”

Two among Bekeil’s gang held their knees and breathed out rough breaths.
They were following the taemusas’ backs while pretending to hunt.
But the stamina and speed of the taemusas who had learned mana were far greater than the ordinary men.
From the start, the backwoods hunters chasing them was beyond their limits.
In the end, their strengths squeezed out empty and their breaths turned raspy enough for their eyes to turn woozy after half a day.
This wasn’t merely these two’s problem.
The gang that chased the other taemusas, including even Bekeil too, all had their stamina emptied out.

“Huff. Huff. Huff.”

Only rough breaths fully filled the mountainside.
Like that, two days flowed by without any result.

‘Damn it. Continuing like this is wrong.’

Bekeil clenched his teeth.
If like this, then the taemusas would come to find the Bow of Piscis before they could even do anything.

‘Roan who became a monarch even gets the Bow of Piscis……?’

It was a horrible outcome even in thought.

‘His gap with me will become even larger.’

He couldn’t endure that.


His teeth naturally grinded.

‘Though whatever means, I have to fi……’

The moment his thought reached about that point.

“Mr. Bekeil.”

A baritone voice pierced into his ears.
An unfamiliar voice.
Bekeil raised up his head and looked for the owner of the voice.


Instantly a quiet groan flowed out.
The owner of the voice was Murray, who commanded the Taemusa Troop’s members left in the village.

“Sir Adjutant Murray.”

Bekeil instantly stood up and bowed his head.
The face that was dyed with annoyance was in no time forming a servile smile.
Murray uninterestedly looked at such Bekeil.

‘A, am I perhaps found out?’
Bekeil felt cold sweat squeezing straight out behind his back.


A dry spit gulped over.
At that moment.

“Mr. Bekeil. If it is alright with you, could you please help us?”
“H, help you?”

Bekeil, at the unexpected words, formed a puzzled expression.
Murray slowly nodded his head.

“We are looking for a certain place, but we hadn’t had any progress for the last two days, you see.”

Bekeil instinctively let out a quiet exclamation.
He could tell what Murray was talking about.

‘The place the Bow of Piscis is.’

The inside of his head turned chaotic at the abrupt situation.
Meanwhile, Murray’s words kept continuing on.

“We thought that if it is Mr. Bekeil, who as the village’s best hunter knows the Grain Mountains closely, you would be of help.”

His sharp gaze swept Bekeil’s entire body.
Bekeil abruptly came to his senses.

“Yes, yes! I am the very one who knows around this land the best in our village.”

He formed a friendly-looking smile.

“Do you perhaps have detail on the place you are looking for, sir?”

Bekeil very amiably, and cautiously asked as to not buy suspicion.
Murray faintly smiled and nodded his head.

“There is a passage describing the said location. The descriptions are……”

He, for a long time, laid out long the depiction of the certain place.


Bekeil, who was listening on quietly, suddenly had a flash in his head.

‘Delphin Gorge! This is exactly describing Delphin Gorge!’

He instantly realized where the place Murray was speaking of was.
Delphin Gorge was a place where ferocious monsters often appeared that people didn’t often look for unless in special cases.

‘Pretend not to know and go look for it alone?’

Bekeil rapidly spun his bad head.
But he soon shook his head.

‘Delphin Gorge isn’t some village gorge either, and…… until I know the more exact place, cooperating with these bastards……’

The moment his thought reached about that point.

“Can you perhaps tell about where this is?”

Murray asked with a deeply sunken voice.
Bekeil purposely acted like he was contemplating, then snapped his fingers.


A clean sound echoed out.

“Come to think of it, I think that place you spoke of sounds similar to Delphin Gorge, sir.”
“Delphin Gorge? Where is that?”

Murray asked with a slightly elated look.
Bekeil hesitated for a moment, then answered with a helpless expression.

“Hhm. That’s, it’s a bit difficult to explain with words…… I’ll instead show you the way myself, sir.”
“Ah, there is no need to particularly do that.”

Murray indirectly refused.
However, Bekeil had no thought of stepping back.

“No no, sir. The way to the Delphin Gorge is so complicated that you could accidentally lose way and wander if you carelessly go look for it. I’ll personally lead you the way.”

Murray contemplated with a troubled expression, then soon nodded his head.

“Alright. Then I will request you of that, Mr. Bekeil.”
“Yes. Just trust me, sir.”

Bekeil inwardly cheered and drummed his chest.
He quickly gathered the necessary bags.

‘Should I tell other guys too?’

His friends, with whom the past night he had put heads together and checked each other’s firm resolves with.
Bekeil contemplated for a moment, then soon shook his head.

‘There is only one bow, either way.’

There wasn’t particularly a need to take them along at the current situation.

‘Later, I can look after them later.’

A disgusting thought.
He, behind everyone, threw away his friends.
Whether in the first life or the second life, Bekeil consistently and faithfully showed off a face of a traitor.

“I will lead ahead, sir.”

Bekeil moved his steps with a bold expression and pose.
Somehow a really elated looking appearance.
Murray quietly followed his back and secretly formed a bitter smile.

‘Your majesty……’

A short sigh pushed through his lips and flowed out.

‘Everything really are flowing as your majesty has said.’

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