I Am the Monarch – Chapter 262 – Hometown (5)

His heart felt bitter.
His sharp gaze planted into the back of Bekeil’s head.

‘This bastard……’

A cold light flowed in his eyes.

‘Is a trash.’



A bizarre laugh fully filled a brilliant grand hall.
The owner of the voice was an old man wearing a brilliant purple hued robe and a large crown, Holy Emperor Veldrica of the Devesis Church.
He in one hand held a cluster of grapes and, with his long and thin fingers, pluck and ate the succulent grapes one by one.
An excessively bountiful and leisurely look.
At that moment, one among the men neatly lined up before him took one step forwards and deeply bowed his back.

“Cardinal Iare wishes to commune with your holiness Holy Emperor.”

An attractive baritone voice.
It was a soft yet powerful voice.
Veldrica, who was about to place a grape into his mouth, paused still and formed a weird smile.

“Hulhulhul. What do you wish to commune about? Speak as you wish.”

An expression that seemed to say it was ready to listen.
Ire, with his head slightly bowed, spoke in a quiet voice.

“I wish to inquire your holiness concerning Cardinal Herbert.”
“Hulhulhul. Cardinal Herbert, you say……”

Veldrica showed off his teeth and let out a bizarre laugh.
Herbert was the cardinal who had received Veldrica’s order and left for the Amaranth Kingdom.

“Two days ago, Cardinal Herbert has left for the Rinse Kingdom, your holiness.”

Because the Holy Palace had not officially recognized the Amaranth Kingdom, they still used the name of Rinse Kingdom.

“Hulhulhul. Cardinal Herbert has said he would head to the Rinse Kingdom on his own to wash away his sinned heart.”

Veldrica nodded his head with a happy expression.
Iare, with his head still bowed, added on.

“Cardinal Herbert has left leading two priests and two monks, your holiness. It is a number simply insufficient to wash away a sinned heart. Should we not even at least now send more priests and monks, your holiness?”

The thing he had said to wish to inquire of was in fact the supplement of priests and monks.
Veldrica looked at Iare with eyes full of wrinkles.
All kinds of emotions swirled in the light of his aged eyes.

“Hulhulhul. There is no need.”

A soft but firm tone.

“But Cardinal Herbert may fall into danger if even slightly mistaken, your holiness.”
His life could become endangered while pushing himself trying to wash his sin away on his own.
At those words, Veldrica suddenly burst out a laugh.


That truly was a bizarre laugh.
A moment later, he barely paused his laugh.

“Cardinal Iare. I understand very well of your worry and meaning. But……”

Veldrica’s voice slowly turned sharp.

“Even if something perhaps happens to Cardinal Herbert, that is the will of God.”

Iare let out a quiet exclamation.
He couldn’t speak on any further.
The will of God.
Before the will of God, whatever logic nor even rational judgment was of no point.
Here was the Holy Palace.


Veldrica bizarrely laughed and place the grape he had held into his mouth.
Sweet and sour taste fully filled the inside of his mouth.

‘Will of God……’

Even if when he thought of it himself, it was far too comical.
Veldrica chomped and munched the grape seeds.


A pleasant sound rang out.

‘Cardinal Herbert.’

The face of that loyal man floated up.

‘Nobly perish.’

A killing intent circled in the aged light of Veldrica’s eyes.

‘Kukukuku. For that is the will of God, no……’

The killing intent turned even deeper.

‘The will of I.’

<Hometown (5)> End.

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