I Am the Monarch – Chapter 263 – Hometown (6)

I am the Monarch – Chapter 263: Hometown (6)

“Damn it! Damn it! Damn it!”

Harsh curses burst out.
The small and dark cave was full with horrid monster corpses.

“Ghostly bastards. Just how did they knew I was here…… Damn it!”

Curses once again flowed out.
The man kicking at the ground with a completely twisted face was a rather young man.
A dreary and sinister air flowed in his eyes.

“For I, Hesul, to hide and live in such pathetic affairs……”

A grief-stricken voice.
The identity of the young man angrily grinding his teeth was shockingly Hex Master Hesul.

‘I have barely escaped from the Longfort Castle and hidden here, deep within the Grain Mountain.’

In that process, he lost everything from Simon, the hex dolls, and even the Grain Mountain’s monster legion.
The situation wasn’t good, but he couldn’t merely despair on even so.
No, there was no reason to merely despair.
Something like the hex dolls he could simply make them again, and he could once again form a monster legion with the hexes he had.

‘If there was just a little, just a little more time……’

Even if not as much as the before, he could have created a powerful hex legion.
But since just a few days before, unfamiliar men appeared on the mountainside.
Bastards wearing crimson armors.
The striking appearance that he couldn’t forget even if he wished.

‘The Crimson Legion.’

They definitely were Roan Lancephil’s soldiers.

“Are those bastards truly ghosts……”

Goosebumps rose.
The goblin troop and ten ogres he sent as a test to the mountainside village too became annihilated in their hands.

‘I don’t know if they were already in the village knowing something, or if they had coincidentally stayed there……’

But the important thing was that right after that day, their mountainside search began.

‘They are definitely looking for me.’

He could only think it so.
Hesul tightly bit his lower lip.

‘At the least, the good thing is that their number isn’t very many.’

At most, that number was about ten men.
But it was too soon to relax.

‘Though they haven’t worn crimson armor, there are those who move along with them.’

Combining them too, their total number reached tens of people.
Although they didn’t seem strong enough to particularly be alert against, there was no harm in being cautious.

‘Do not move incautiously.’

He planned to wait until they split into fews and move.
The moment his thought reached about that point.


Together with an ugly sound, a goblin showed up.
An urgent expression and voice.
It used his hands and feet along and continued to throw up ugly sounds.

“Chhruk! Chrururuk! Chhruk!”

Hesul, through a hex, instantly understood what it was saying.

‘Two humans have appeared in the Delphin Groge?’

His eyes flashed and shone a light.
Finally the moment he had awaited had come.


The sound of teeth grinding echoed the cave.

‘Just how they found out this place, I must find that out.’

After finding out the how, he planned to erase his tracks and hide himself a little more.

‘Just a little more, if I can prepare just a little more……’

He had the confidence to shock the world once more.


Hesul tightly clenched his fist and kicked off the ground.
His image extended long out of the cave.
The destination was Delphin Gorge.
His target was Murray and Bekeil.

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  1. rialm

    Thank you for the chapter.
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    Joking. A wonderful chapter, but what trouble is happening awhile?

    1. oneFallenleaf

      Hahahah well, this novel is kinda that type in the first place xD

      In my case I always thought Roan saying it inside his heart (now he already say that out loud tho)

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