I Am the Monarch – Chapter 263 – Hometown (6)


“Huff. Huff.”

Bekeil climbed the steep mountain path and heaved out rough breaths.
The Delphin Gorge was a place far more rugged than one would think.

“After just that one slope is the Delphin Gorge, sir.”

Bekeil laboriously collected his breath and diligently moved his steps.
Murray followed his back and pulled up his mana.
His sense turned sharp.

‘Is there no reaction……’

His eyes calmly sank down.

‘But the monsters tracks definitely continued towards the Delphin Gorge……’

It was something that the taemusas had all jumped on and traced, so it was an undoubtable fact.

‘Have we thought this wrong?’

Murray soon shook his head.

‘No, it simply hasn’t bit the bait just yet.’

Murray threw away the single grasp of his doubt remaining.
He could only do so.
This event was all Roan’s design.
To him, doubting Roan was something that absolutely couldn’t occur.

“Huff. Huff.”

Meanwhile, the sound of Bekeil’s breath walking a step head turned a little more rough.
He grasped the tightly packed trees and barely climbed over the tally rising slope.
Instantly a valley, no, a gorge deeply hollowed with bizzaredly formed rocks appeared.
It was the Delphin Gorge.

“This here is the Delphin Gorge, sir. What do you think? Is this the place you were searching for?”
“It seems to be so.”

Murray answered with a calm voice, then slowly surveyed the gorge.

‘There is nothing that has changed.’

Compared to last night, when he had secretly visited, there was nothing changed.
In short, it meant that there was no one who visited this place after last night.

‘Hurry and come out.’

Murray tightly clenched his teeth.

‘Hex Master Hesul. We know you are here.’

A sharp light flowed on his eyes.
The order Roan gave as he left the Lare Village.
That was to protect the village while simultaneously investigate precisely and minutely the situation of Grain Mountain’s monsters.
Roan already suspected that the cause of the monsters’ abnormal activities was Hex Master Hesul.
In the first place, he was bristling his sense for the whereabouts of Hesul, whose tracks had disappeared at the Longfort Castle.
It was a state where he had given orders to the Tenebra Troop to find him, but then he coincidentally had come to find Hesul’s track in the Grain Mountains.
Because of that, Roan had given an order to Murray to trace back the monsters and find Hesul.

‘There was also an order to teach that guy called Bekeil a lesson, but……’

That was purely because of the village head Bas and Melly whom Roan looked up to like his real parents.
Because Bekeil had disturbed the village’s atmosphere after becoming an adult and the head of the hunters on his own.
Although Bas had tried to appease and lead him in multiple ways, Bekeil instead looked down on and regularly harassed the logging and herb gathering village people.

‘If it was me, I would have simply flogged him, but……’

Roan seemed to wish to give Bekeil one more chance again.
He had wished to see whether he would keep the promise he made with him, or throw it away when not under poison and a situation to gain power came.
The results so far was disappointment.
The instant he realized that the poison was fake, he instead burst with anger.
He had forgotten black his wrongdoing of trying to steal Roan’s belonging as he wished.1
Furthermore, he even made plans to secretly find the Bow of Piscis and oppose Roan.

‘He gave up the chance his majesty has given.’

Rather, he betrayed so boldly that Murray who had slightly anticipated felt embarrassed.

“Now, then what should we do from now, sir?”

Bekeil pretended like he knew nothing.
Murray faintly smiled and pointed at the Delphin Gorge.

“The gorge is too wide that it seems I will have to look at it a little clos……”

The moment his words reached about that point.


An incredible roar enough to shake the tightly packed trees hit the ears.


Bekeil, who was furtively rolling his eyes this way and that looking for the Bow of Piscis, gulped empty air and collapsed onto his bottom.

“T, this is……”

A hideous roar far too familiar to his ears.


It was undoubtedly that horrible howl he heard the last time they attacked the village.
He instinctively looked at Murray.
Even Murray’s expression that was always emotionless was at least this time showing a dramatic change.
But that thing called his expression was truly odd.
It seemed to be afraid like Bekeil, but also somehow looked excited.
An expression as if he had been awaiting this moment.

‘No way that can possibly be.’

Bekeil soon shook his head and falteringly stood up from his bottom.
At the same time as that.


The trees and forest shrubs greatly shook and soon ogres showing off their giant bodies showed up.
Their number in fact reached twenty.
Simultaneously, below their knees over tens of goblins showed up.

“Chhruk! Chhruk!”

They towards Murray and Bekeil waved shabby wooden clubs.
Unquestionably a breath-stopping situation.

‘R, run?’

Bekeil lightly glanced behind.
A steep downhill came into his eyes.


Even with just a single misstep, his limbs would break and his neckbone would shatter.
Running was impossible.

‘Then fight?’

His face bleached white.
A horrible idea even in thought.
If with his skills, just about four or five goblins would be his limit.
His gaze naturally turned towards Murray.

“S, Sir Adjutant Murray.”

If Murray, could he face the monsters?
He asked himself.
The answer?

‘No. Taking on twenty ogres and tens of goblin alone is impossible.’

Furthermore, the surrounding topography too was so perilous that they couldn’t easily move their bodies either.
Bekeil’s face soon turned teary.

‘We’ll die like this.’

He entertained a needless greed and wound up becoming monsters’ food.

‘This is all Roan, that son of bitch’s fault!’

Resentments and tears rose up to his throat.
At that very moment.

“Are you bastards Roan’s minions?”

A dreary and dark voice pierced into their ears.


Bekeil creased his brows and stared at the direction the voice was heard from.
Soon a young man parted the grass and showed up.
The man was none other than Hex Master Hesul.
He, covered in a black robe, glared at Murray and Bekeil.
The unique dreary air of a hexer extended out.

‘W, who?’

Bekeil looked at Hesul who suddenly appeared and quickly rolled his head.

‘He asked if we are Roan’s minions?’

In his voice and air sharply stood an edge.
Even from just a glance, he didn’t have a friendly relationship with Roan.

‘I, I can live. There’s still a way to live.’

Who knew if it was monsters who he can’t even speak with, but the guy that appeared after them was definitely a human.
If acted right, he could keep his life.

“W, wait a second!”

Bekeil shouted and quickly kneeled down.
Murray and Hesul’s gazes planted into the back of his head.

“I, I’m not Roan’s minion!”

Bekeil shouted with all his desperation.

“You’re not Roan’s minion?”

Hesul creased his brows.
Bekeil with just his head slightly raised quickly added on.

“Yes sir. I’m a hunter from the nearby Lare Village. I’m not a Roan’s minion. No, to put it exactly, I’ve got an abhorable relationship with Roan.”
“An abhorable relationship?”

  1. “forgotten black” : a Korean phrase meaning “completely forgot”, similar to “I tried to recall last night, but my memory came up blank”.
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