I Am the Monarch – Chapter 263 – Hometown (6)

Hesul looked at Bekeil with his brows still creased.
Bekeil dryly swallowed.

“In truth, Roan came to our village a few days ago and……”

He clearly and in detail revealed the things Roan had done to him and the hunters after he had returned.
Hesul who was quietly listening formed an odd smile.

‘Oho. So that mountainside village near here was Roan’s hometown.’

A coincidence he completely hadn’t expected.

‘I could have captured all of them and turned them into hex dolls if I knew beforehand……’

Hesul smacked his lips at a regrettable feeling.


He, with a deeply sunken light in his eyes, stared back and forth between Bekeil and Murray.

‘They weren’t looking for me but a thing called the Bow of Piscis……?’

Bow of Piscis was something even he was hearing for the first time.
But there was no way that that Roan would pour in time and men into a vain work.

‘The owner of the bow can become the strongest person in the continent……?’

If Bekeil’s words were true, then the Bow of Piscis wasn’t an ordinary weapon.

‘If I were to find that……’

He would be able to regain his strength a little faster.
The smile hanging on his mouth turned even thicker.

“Have you found the Bow of Piscis?”

At the lightly asking sound, Bekeil quickly bowed his head.

“N, not yet, sir. But the Delphin Gorge here is no different than the inside of my palm. I’ll absolutely find and present to you if you give me a little time.”

Hesul nodded his head with a satisfied expression.
At that moment, Murray who was quietly watching the situation spoke with a cold voice.

“Mr. Bekeil. No, Bekeil. Are you dare trying to betray his majesty?”

At those words, Bekeil who was flatly bowing down raised his head and glared at Murray.

“Betray? What betray? I never served something like Roan in the first place.”

An edged voice poured out.
He turned his gaze and looked at Hesul.

“Please just leave my life be. No, please take me as your underling, sir. I’ll find and present the Bow of Piscis, become your arrow, and pierce Roan’s chest.”

Bekeil begged for his life.
No, it wasn’t a simple begging.
This was a chance.

‘I can instantly close the gap between Roan and I.’

This was an ideal chance he had to grab at any cost.
Hesul felt Bekeil’s envy and anger and formed a bloody smile.

‘Small fries blinded by revenge like that have a useful place to employ.’

In any case, he needed at least one minion he could freely order around if he wanted to head back out onto the world.

“Good. I will grant your plea.”

Hesul’s hideous voice echoed the mountainside.
Bekeil who was flatly bowing down bowed his head multiple times with a moved expression.

“Thank you sir. Thank you.”

He rejoiced and rejoiced again at the fact he didn’t die and survived.
At that moment, Murray’s cold voice poured down onto the back of his head.

“You bastard are a scoundrel without even honor.”

At those words, Bekeil stood up from his place and subtly backstepped.
He had gone slightly afraid that Murray just might perhaps spite him.
He backed off up to right in front of the ogres he couldn’t even dare look at until just now and then confidently shouted.

“What bullshit honor! I didn’t serve Roan in the first place and didn’t believe in him either! That brat who crawled spinelessly in front of me just when I was young became a monarch? Hmph! I don’t accept it! If that brat became a monarch, then I too can become a king, no, an emperor!”

Bekeil mindlessly and wildly spat out any words that floated to his mind.
Since he was chosen to receive Hesul’s protection either way, he no longer had anything that scared him.

“Shut that mouth!”

Murray pulled up his mana and let out a bellow.
But Bekeil was already at a completely excited state.

“Hmph! What are you gonna do if I don’t?! Can you face this awesome monster troop alone!”

A heinous light flowed in his eyes.

“Roan’s bastard goon! Become food for the monsters!”

Curses exploded out.
But for some reason, Murray formed a far more composed expression than before.
On his mouth he was even forming a leisurely smile.
Hesul who was watching the scene with a pleased expression creased his brows.

‘That bastard, why did he suddenly become so full of ease.’

Suddenly, goosebumps sharply shot up behind his back.
He had experienced multiple times such experiences before.

‘And each and every time……’

Outcomes he didn’t wish to think of followed.
Hesul rapidly shook his head.
A look of laboriously attempting to shake off the foreboding thoughts.
But at that very moment.

“So the bait has finally bit the bait.”

A quiet voice rode the wind and echoed the mountainside.


Hesul let out a quiet exclamation.
A voice he absolutely couldn’t forget.
His hands and feet greatly shook.

“W, who are you!”

Bekeil, who still hadn’t properly understood the situation, shouted in a loud voice.
The answer was simple.

“It’s me.”

Simultaneously, a young man wearing a crimson uniform appeared in front of Murray.
Murray quickly knelt down on one knee and lowered his head.
In contrast, the young man stood straight and looked right at Bekeil.

“Y, you, you……”

Bekeil became so, so shocked that he sharply shook his entire body.
The young man wearing a crimson uniform faintly smiled and shortly answered.

“Yes. It’s me. Roan.”

<Hometown (6)> End.

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