I Am the Monarch – Chapter 264 – Hometown (7)

I am the Monarch – Chapter 264: Hometown (7)


Hesul sharply shook his entire body.
He was overflowing with vigor when he was reforming the hex legion alone in the Grain Mountains’ cheerless cave.
He thought that him being beaten by Roan was merely due to him having bad luck.
He had the confidence to absolutely win if faced again.
But as he looked at Roan boldly standing before his eyes right now, his breath stopped cold.
The insuperable might and strategies that annihilated Simon and the hex legion floated up.
No, from the start, the air and pressure shooting out from Roan right this moment crushed his entire body like boulders.

‘T, this bastard has already achieved the presence of a king.’

It was the air of a king that he hadn’t felt even from Simon.

‘A, a real monarch has appeared.’

Hesul forcibly put strength to his frantically trembling knees.
It felt as if he would powerlessly collapse if he did not.
At that very moment.

“Did you actually come alone?”

Bekeil who had greatly panicked looked around them.
The defeated look slowly disappeared and a bloody smile fully spread out on his face.

“Kukuku. You must have gone mad from climbing up to that high place. To dare appear alone in front of such a monster army.”

He quickly turned his head and looked at Hesul.

“Please hurry and order the monsters, sir! Now really is the time to rip apart and kill Roan!”

A knavish and sly voice.


Only then Hesul, who was becoming endlessly small, began to grasp the surrounding situation.

Kkweoaoaoaoang! Chhruk! Chhruk! Chhrururuk!

The howls of ogres and goblins pierced into his ears.
Tens of savage monsters surrounded the Delphin Gorge.
Compared to that, their opponents were only two.
Of course, he couldn’t relax even so.

‘I, if I incant the hex and call all the rest of monsters together too……’

If he continuously attacked and attacked Roan again without a rest, even he would eventually tire and collapse.

‘There’s no need to be scared!’

Hesul steadied his weakening heart himself and gathered his hands.
As he whispered the unintelligible words, soon a dark light flashed along the shape of his hands.
Simultaneously, the monsters surrounding the Delphin Gorge threw up an even more savage howl.


Hearts powerlessly dropped and goosebumps rose on the entire body.[A Korean saying to show excitement and fear at the sametime.]

‘A, amazing.’

Bekeil instinctively swallowed dryly.
It truly felt like they could crush and shred Roan.

Kkukung! Kkukukukung! Kkukung!

A ground-shaking sound was heard from afar.
A moment later, the trees and grass fell to the sides and an incredible number of monsters showed up.
Hesul had dragged together everything including the nearby hex legions as his final move.


The number of ogres reached almost one hundred.
The number of goblins, werewolves, redrabbits, breggar and so on exceeded hundreds.
In fact a size larger than a single troop.
Furthermore, even those that move through the ground like the venomous vipers and flying monsters like the twinhawks showed up.
However notable Roan and Murray’s strengths were, the Delphin Gorge’s topography was so rough and rugged that it wasn’t easy to confront the monsters.
No, it didn’t seem easy.

“Kukukuku. You scare? Hm? Scare?”

Bekeil looked at Roan unable to freely move and let out a crazed laugh.
A base expression and voice.
Murray turned livid and tried to immediately pounce, but laboriously cooled his anger at Roan’s restraint.
Roan quietly stood and looked at Hesul and Bekeil.

“I will give you a last chance.”
“What? What chance?”

Bekeil snorted and shook his head.
Roan added on with a composed voice.

“Kneel down and beg for forgiveness now at least and I will spare at least your life.”

Bekeil shook his head with a dumbfounded expression.

‘This guy, is he really insane?’

A sneer fully floated up on his face.
In contrast.


Hesul instinctively shrunk back.

‘Is there perhaps a reinforcement?’

But even when he meticulously combed the Delphin Gorge’s vicinity through a hex, there wasn’t a one more presence that could be felt.

‘Bluff? Or has he truly gone insane?’

Hesul clenched his teeth.
Whatever it was, it was more advantageous to quickly finish the job if him showing up alone for the rescue was true.

‘It will become problematic if I were to perhaps drag on the time and meet the Crimson Legion.’

Hesul quickly pressed his hands together.
Unintelligible words twisted through his lips and flowed out.


The monsters exploded out howls and poured out incredible pressure.
Roan felt the thick killing intents whirling like a storm and shook his head with an emotionless expression.

“In the end, you truly throw away even your last chance.”

His eyes deeply sank down.
He had finally made his decision.
He lightly raised up his right hand.
A motion seemingly without any meaning.
Roan held up clearly just his forefinger.
Unlike the usual, an old ring was worn on his right forefinger.
It was a truly shabby ring.


Hesul looked at that ring and gasped empty air.
No, it wasn’t just the degree of swallowing empty air.
He stiffly froze with his eyes wide like a stone statue.

“W, what’s wrong, sir?”

Bekeil saw that look and asked with a nervous expression.
Hesul merely blinked his eyes soundlessly instead of an answer.
Roan faintly made a smile.

“Do you recognize this ring?”

A quiet voice.
Hesul unconsciously nodded his head.
There was no way he couldn’t recognize it.
The old and shabby ring worn on Roan’s forefinger was originally his.

‘The ring I gave to Michel……’

The ring he passed before Hex Vice Master Michel marched leading Simon and the Hex Legion.
It was the very mark of the hex master, a treasure among treasures, the Ring of Divine Arts that numerous valuable hexes were etched in.
The color of Hesul’s face turned pale.

‘The Ring of Divine Arts has the power to command and control the hex legion.’


He dryly swallowed.
If not careful, the entire monster legion could fall over into Roan’s hands.

‘N, no. That’s impossible!’

Hesul spat out a long breath and shook his head.
He forcibly calmed his shocked heart.

‘C, calm.’

There was no need to be particularly shocked like this.

‘The Ring of Divine Arts is a divine artifact one can’t use unless one is a hexer with a high amount of divine power.’

Even if one learned mana, developed divine power, or learned spirit arts, it wasn’t a tool that one could simply use.

‘Only those who mastered a high level of hexes can u……’

The moment his thought reached about that point.

“Acquiring this was right after cutting off Simon and Michel’s heads, but……”

Roan’s voice rode the wind and pierced into their ears.
He lightly shook and showed his forefinger.

“I strangely couldn’t use it at all.”

At those words, Hesul’s expression turned bright.

‘I knew it!’

It was as expected.
Color blossomed again on his bleached face.
At the same time, a long sigh flowed out.

‘If the bastard can’t use the Ring of Divine Arts, then there is no no need to be afraid any longer.’

A bloody smile hung on his mouth.
Tragically, Hesul completely did not know.
Of the fact that Roan had already absorbed the memories and hex abilities of hexers a long ago.

“The Ring of Divine Arts isn’t an artifact a bastard like you can use.”

Hesul thunderously shouted with a cold voice.
At those words, Roan faintly smiled and shook his head.

“I also thought that too. But after I kept practicing……”

The smile hanging on his mouth turned even thicker.


A dark and dreary light poured out from the Ring of Divine Arts.

“Y, you actually……?!”

Hesul widely goggled his eyes.
An expression that absolutely couldn’t believe, no, didn’t wish to believe.
Roan, as if he had been waiting, fully opened his right hand.
The light flowing out from the Ring rode his five fingers and extended out in every direction.

“Now I can use the Ring of Divine Arts.”

A calm voice split the monsters’ howls.
Simultaneously, the monsters sharply shook their bodies and soon stiffly froze like stone statues.

Ggiick! Ggiick! Ggiiiick!

Completely paralyzed appearances as if caught in a snare.
From the Ring of Divine Arts the light continued to pour out.

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