I Am the Monarch – Chapter 264 – Hometown (7)


Roan was inwardly greatly surprised.
This time was the first that he used the Ring of Divine Arts.
Until now, he couldn’t carelessly use it because the level of divine power accumulated in his body was low.
Only now, thanks to tirelessly training hexes while repeating the wars and battles, he could activate the Ring of Divine Arts.
However, his level still wasn’t high.

‘My divine power is draining rapidly.’

Roan collected his breath and laboriously calmed his boiling divine power.
His gaze headed towards Hesul and Bekeil.

“I have clearly given you the last chance. The ones that threw that away are you.”

A cold voice echoed the Delphin Gorge.

“W, what? Wh, what does……”

Bekeil couldn’t properly grasp the situation.
He looked back and forth between Roan and Hesul.

“W, what are you doing, sir? Why do you stay still? Hurry and give orders to the monsters and kill the bastard Roan!”

His urgent voice noisily rang out.
Hesul tightly bit his lower lip.
Already, he was pauselessly incanting and incanting again the spells.
However, the monsters did not even twitch.

‘He actually knows how to properly use the Ring of Divine Arts.’

The color of his face dyed black.

‘Roan Lancephil……’

Hesul spat out a long breath.
He already gave everything up.

‘The hex legion that I painstakingly prepared too has gone over to him.’

There was nothing left in Hesul’s hands.
Even if he were to exhaust all his divine power and fight, he couldn’t face a troop level of monsters alone.

‘And the backwoods hunter brat wouldn’t even be a help either……’

His deeply sunken eyes turned towards Bekeil.
Bekeil looked at the somehow limply depressed Hesul and creased his brows.

“J, just why are you……”

The moment his words reached about that point.

“It’s all over. It’s all over. Even the monsters have already gone over to Roan.”
“J, just what’s……”

Bekeil waved his arms with a disbelieving expression.
Hesul finished his words with a despondent expression and voice.

“Everything is over. Everything is……”

He, like that, closed his eyes.

“Th, that’s impossible……”

Bekeil shook his head with a half-soulless expression.
He looked back and forth between Roan and Hesul, then soon collapsed down.

‘I went out of my way to beg and stick to that weird man, and……’

In reality the one that grasped his life became Roan.

‘Kuuk. I’ve poured down all sorts of curses and awful swears……’

His eyes lost their direction and rapidly shook.

‘I, I can’t die like this!’

Bekeil clenched his teeth.
A foul light flowed in his eyes.

“Y, you son of a bitch!”

A sharp curse echoed the Delphin Gorge.
Surprisingly, his cold gaze was headed towards Hesul.
Hesul, who was closing his eyes, let out an astonished laugh at Bekeil’s abrupt action.

“Do you really want to live even like that?”

At the lightly asking words, Bekeil turned his head instead of answering and looked at Roan.

“Y, your majesty! P, please spare me. I, I’ve done a foolish act because I was stupid and lacking!”

A desperate and dire voice noisily rang out.

“P, please give me just one more chance! I’ll find you the Bow of Piscis if you save me!”
“Bow of Piscis……”

Roan faintly smiled and shook his head.

“There isn’t something like the Bow of Piscis in the first place.”
“Eh? W, what does……” I definitely heard the words that Adjutant Murray was……”

Bekeil’s face that spoke out to that point stiffly froze.

“T, then perhaps you intentionally from then……”

At those words, Murray who was staying quiet formed a bright smile.

“Y, you son of a……. kuuk.”

Bekeil forcibly swallowed the curse that rose up to his throat.
He once again lowered his head towards Roan.

“P, please spare me. Y, your majesty, no, Roan! My friend! W, we’re friends that grew up in the same village. P, please save me!”

Bekeil appealed to their old friendship.
However, Roan’s expression showed no change.


A quiet voice rode the wind and flowed.
A displeased look floated up.

‘There isn’t a room to look on further either.’

The divine power within his body was slowly showing its bottom.


The light spewing out from the Ring of Divine Arts became slightly brighter.
Instantly, the monsters that were frozen all turned their directions and glared at Hesul and Bekeil.
Roan began to slowly gasp the right hand he had fully opened.

“Kill yourselves and perish.”

Finally, a cold command fell down.


The ogres and the monsters exploded out howls and stomped the ground.
Few among them broke the necks of their nearby allies or bit apart their bodies.

Kkweoaoaoang! Chhrururuk! Ggiieeeck!

Horrid screams echoed on the mountainside.


Bekeil screamed at the thick blood splattering everywhere.

“S, save me! Save me!”

He began to squirmingly crawl towards Roan.
No, he tried to crawl.
But before he knew it, ogres and goblins blocked his front.

“R, Roan! No, your majesty! Please save me!”

Bekeil looked at the monsters closing in towards him and screamed.
Roan quietly stared at that sight and spoke in a low voice.

“I have never taken in a retainer like you.”

They were words directly returning back Bekeil’s words that he never served Roan in the first place.

“Roan! Please!”

Bekeil’s sharp voice pierced the sky.
Roan once more spoke in a quiet voice.

“Nor have I ever taken in a friend like you.”

He had already given enough chances.

“Y, you, you……”

Bekeil clenched his teeth.
An ogre’s shadow fell above his head.


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