I Am the Monarch – Chapter 264 – Hometown (7)

A shout filled with anger hit the ears.
At the same time with that, the ogre swung its giant arm.


With a horrid sound, Bekeil’s head exploded out.
A vein death.
Bekeil who repeated betrayal after betrayal solely for his own gain lost his life at an ogre’s single swing.


Roan looked straight at the headless corpse.
There wasn’t any regret.
No, it was a moment he had wished so much for since his last life.

‘Even so, if you had kept your promise with me……’

He had thought to spare at least his life.
But he, even just a moment before, had tried to kill him as if it was nothing.
Roan’s patient emptied out at that moment.

‘It’s a more painful homecoming than I had thought.’

The taste in his mouth was bitter.
At that very moment.

“Roan Lancephil.”

Hesul’s voice was heard through his ears.
Roan turned his head and looked at him.
Hesul’s appearance was one surrounded by ogres.

“Were you also learning hexes?”

He asked in a low voice.
Roan shortly answered.

“Of course.”

At those words, Hesul let out an amused laugh.

“You bastard must really be……”

The tip of his voice sharply shook.

“Planning to become a god or something.”

That was the end.
Ogres’ fists flew down from every direction.
Hesul, without even particularly thinking of blocking, closed his eyes.


His head shattered and his entire body mashed.
Hex Master Hesul, who dreamt of revenge on the world, met his end like that.
Roan looked at his powerlessly collapsing body and spoke in a quiet voice as if to whisper.

“I don’t even wish for something like a god.”

His eyes flashed and shone with light.

“The thing I wish is only to become a good monarch.”

His calm voice rode the wind and flowed.
In that time, the monsters bit apart and snapped necks of each other and fell down.
After who knew how long, the ones now left were merely five, six ogres.
Roan lightly drew his Travias Spear at his waist and swung.


A dark red flames pierced the ogres’ bodies.


Monstrous screams echoed the mountainside.


Together with a dull sound, the ones that stood to the end fell down.
Finally, the last members of the hex legion were erased clean.


Roan withdrew his spear and called Murray.

“Yes. Your majesty.”

Murray kneeled down on one knee and lowered his head.
Roan looked at the Delphin Gorge full of corpses and spoke in a small voice.

“Let’s go back. To our home.”

It wasn’t merely a hometown.
It was their home.
That place was not the Lare Village.
Murray, in a resounding voice, answered.

“Yes sir! I will lead the way!”

A slightly excited voice.


Soon, Murray kicked off the ground and exited out of the perilous Delphin Gorge.
Roan, with soft and relaxed movements, followed his back.
And exactly two weeks later.
A group showed up at the west of Amaranth Kingdom’s capital, Mediasis Castle.
A giant flag waved at the group’s front.

<Amaranth Kingdom.>

Next to that, two smaller flags showed off their majesty.

<Amaranth Taemusa Troop.>


<Roan Lancpehil.>

Finally, Roan had ended the long war and had returned to the Mediasis Castle as the monarch of a kingdom.


Roan stood at the lead and exhaled a long sigh.
The tally rising castle wall was clearly seen.
He, so that the Amaranth Taemusa Troop’s soldiers could all hear, spoke in a loud voice.

“That very place……”

The tip of his eyes slightly trembled.

“Is our home.”

It truly was a perfect return.
No, it was a homecoming.

<Hometown (7)> End.

PR Note: This chapter was TLed but not PRed for a while now. I am hoping to start posting more chapters soon™.

Translator: CSV
Proofreader: Deathwing

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