I Am the Monarch – Chapter 265 – The Beginning (1)

I am the Monarch – Chapter 265: The Beginning (1)

“Your Majesty.”

A powerful voice.

The young man standing outside the west gate in a salute was the general in charge of the security of the Capital City Mediasis, Pichio.

Roan waved his hand lightly as he stared at the faraway gate. There had been numerous changes to the Mediasis Castle. The heightened walls and the widened gates were one of those changes.

“As you had ordered previously, we have not prepared a ceremony for your arrival.”
“Good. Well done.”

Roan nodded his head with a light smile.
Everything felt anew.

“We have prepared a separate carriage.”

Pichio looked to his right and there stood a carriage too normal for the Monarch to be using.

Roan slowly gave a nod.

“It’s been a long time since I last returned. I want to walk a bit.”

In response to that, Pichio gave a bright smile and pulled out a yellowish-brown robe from his backpack.

“I expected those words and have prepared in advance.”
“As expected of Pichio.”

Roan took the robe and put it over his head. Pichio repeated the process and wore the same robe.

“Yes, your majesty.”

Roan ordered the deputy commander of the Amaranth Troop, Nathan to return separately as the citizens’ attention would naturally follow the Amaranth Troop.

Roan and Pichio waited together for a while until they hid under the visitors of the capital, before entering Mediasis.


Roan unconsciously let out a sigh of admiration.

It wasn’t that the castle had transformed into something tremendously different. The wide road penetrating the centre of the castle, the tall, clean buildings to each side, as well as the separately marked roads for men and horses – these had all practically stayed the same.

There certainly wasn’t a big difference.

But the small, minute details had grabbed his attention.

What he first found were the evenly-spaced lampstands standing tall alongside the big and small roads.

Pichio approached before whispering.

“We have installed magic lamps around the entire castle.”

Previously, only the main road from the South to the North had the lamps. Roan gave a slow nod.

“You all must’ve worked hard.”
“Yes. It was especially thanks to the magic tower of Leno, as well as the Lancephil Alchemy Department.

They had put a lot of effort into the production and installing of the magic lamps. And not just that…


A large horse carriage travelled smoothly along the two long yet small crevices next to the main road. The carriage was large enough for more than 30 adults to ride, and yet, the two sturdy horses leading it showed no signs of exhaustion.

Pichio’s explanation continued once again.

“It was made after improving the standard magic carriage. The Magic Tower of Leno calls them the Lebbis carriages.”

He pointed his finger at the long crevices next to the road and the carriage wheels.

“By using a special varnish on the trail of crevices and the wheels made by Lancephil Alchemy Department, it enabled the travel of larger numbers of people with less power involved. The magic circle embedded on the carriage had naturally undergone several improvements.”

Roan was wholeheartedly amazed.

After all, the only thing he had provided was economic support including magic stones. He had no clue as to how the Lebbis carriages operated. The most important thing was that thanks to the efforts of many people, Mediasis had earned a transport method which anyone could easily use.

‘I should give more economic support once the kingdom’s system is properly set.’

Thinking of what other inventions would pour out with more support made his heart rush.

Apart from that, it was hard to find dirt inside the capital city of Mediasis, and instead was filled with well-decorated flower beds and gardens.

The new city had an addition of beautiful scenery to the previous city of men and buildings. But more than these improvements, there was something else that made Roan more satisfied.

“Hahaha. Really? I wanna hear more of that.”
“Then how about a light round of beer at a nearby place?”
“Wow! You’re so pretty!”
“Mum! Buy me that!”
“Hurry, run! We’ll be late for class!”

The laughter that made one feel good, as well as a happy atmosphere, filled the faces of the people around the town. Roan temporarily stopped his feet and watched the people go past.


A low, yet long sigh escaped his mouth.

The scenery that he had long wished for was before him. The reason for putting his life on the line over the countless battles, the reason for being unable to leave the cruel battlefields full of screams and corpses – that reason was right there in front.


His eyes, his lips, his fingers… his heart trembled lightly. Within his eyes were a deep sinking light and Pichio who had been watching from the side bent his neck down.

“All of this is thanks to your majesty.”

A face and voice devoid of any deception, but Roan shook his head. He stared at the still-smiling people and replied in a low voice.

“This is all…”

A soft aura emanated from his body.

“Thanks to you all.”

All of you.
That wasn’t limited to just the subordinates following Roan. It included the normal citizens of the kingdom who had endured through the sufferings of the cruel periods of war.

‘Everyone has a right to be happy.’

Roan bit his lips tight. A spring wind marking the start of the beginning blew refreshingly.

‘I must protect this scene from now.’

Becoming a monarch wasn’t the end – he had to protect this happiness to the bitter end.

Roan breathed in deeply and felt his head and chest refreshed. He turned and faced Pichio.

“Let’s go to the palace.”
“Yes. Let me lead the way.”

Pichio slightly lowered his head and led Roan forward, but their steps ceased before long.


Roan stopped his feet and stared at a decent-sized building next to him. It had gathered more people than other places.


Pichio returned from the front and approached.

“What’s that place?”

When Roan pointed at a building, Pichio followed his fingers until he eventually made a small cry.

“Ah! That place is the main restaurant of Tia Bakery belonging under Eskar Restaurant. It is one of the most popular places within Mediasis.”
“Tia Bakery?”

Roan tilted his head.
Eskar Restaurant under Lancephil Business Department was a name he was familiar with. However, Tia Bakery was new. Pichio read his expression and gave a quick reply.

“The bread sold at Eskar Restaurant was so delicious that they made a separate bakery. The taste is one thing, but the price is cheap as well so is frequented by many people. Even I visit there once every three to four days.”
“I see.”

Roan nodded softly.

Eskar, the boss of Eskar Restaurant, was a skilled merchant. Even from the Lancephil Business Department, it was second only to the Ford Mining Company in terms of revenue.

‘A bakery set up by that Eskar is trustworthy indeed.’

Suddenly, he was curious about the taste.

“Shall we enter for a bit and buy some bread?”
“Yes. It is just about time for the new-baked bread to come out.”

Pichio nodded with slight excitement showing on his face. The two of them eventually headed towards Tia Bakery. Roan did not introduce himself ’till the very end and had to wait at the queue like others for a very long time until he could enter.


The soft fragrant smell of bread itched his nose.

“Here is the bread for taste-testing.”

Pichio quickly snatched a few small pieces and brought them back.


Roan tilted his head while holding onto the bread piece. Pichio smiled widely and placed another piece inside his mouth.

“At Tia Bakery, you can taste each bread, cookies, and cakes before buying them.”
“That’s quite a good idea.”

With slight admiration, Roan put a piece of bread into his mouth.

The outside was hard but the inside was soft and resulted in a good texture. Not only that, but the fragrance was also amazing and merely one piece had allowed the smell to encompass both the mouth and the nose.

“Hmm. Delicious. Delicious indeed.”

Roan truly admired this. He picked another piece of bread before eating, and shook his head slightly.

“Never knew Eskar’s baking skills were this good.”

He had previously only seen him as a skilled merchant.

Pichio who had just picked another piece opened his eyes wide and shook his head.

“The one in charge of Tia Bakery isn’t Mr. Eskar.”
“Really? Then who is it?”

When Roan asked with slight surprise, Pichio soon pointed at a corner of the shop.

“That person is the one in charge of Tia Bakery as well as the baker…”

Roan followed Pichio’s finger as he looked over. At its end was a young woman – a woman looking truly happy.

“Miss Celine.”

A little after, Pichio’s words dug into his ears.


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  1. wakoko79

    Aww hell no, now i feel bad for celine. For christsake be a man and take her as your concubine! You’re a king man! Even though its a parallel timeline, she clearly felt that shit!
    It’s like he left her for someone better, when he could’ve made them both happy! Dammit, i feel like if i were in his shoes, i will either choose celine only, or just take them both, since he clearly have a reason for taking them both, and not just to be a 2 timing jerk.

    Anyway enough of the rant, thanks for the chapter!

    1. oneFallenleaf

      Bruh, firstly Roan and Celine already broke up in the last life. She couldn’t wait for him and he cannot put down his dreams so they parted. It’s even implied she got married to someone else.

      When they met again it’s said that Roan also cannot be with her in this life because he want her to achieve her dreams, to be a baker.
      If he succeed (and he did), his lover would be a Monarch’s wife. In a world full of wars inside and outside the palace, would she be happy? She also can’t become a baker if she become a concubine.

      And most of all, Roan’s feelings changed.
      His life changed, and another love blossomed. Celine also probably like that.
      They still have a connection somehow but it’s gone now.
      Of course, after it disappeared, they would feel sad (Celine cried and Roan felt anxious), but it’s made them free.

      I think this is the best anyhow.
      Besides, Celine only really met him once in this life and that’d be too abrupt if a king suddenly take his subordinate’s sister after tasting her bread lmao.

      Thanks for the chapter!🍀
      Ps; Roan and Aily is so sweeet! (。 >艸<)❤︎

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