I Am the Monarch – Chapter 266 – The Beginning (2)

I am the Monarch – Chapter 266: The Beginning (2)

I am the Monarch – Chapter 266: The Beginning (2)

It was a festival. A true festival at the end of a long war.

The marriage of Roan Lancephil and Aily Rinse.

The entire kingdom received the news of Roan’s rowdy and urgent proposal. Citizens cheered for the honest and bold confession of the king, and prayed for it from heart.

This wasn’t just because of Roan – the citizens loved Aily just as much.

As a supporter of Roan, Aily had shown great achievements throughout the war, and after the war, she had regulated the conditions of the citizens through the Sale Company.

Roan and Aily.

These two had prioritised the citizens rather than their personal relief or greed. They were more than worthy to receive the love of the people.


Along with the rumblings of the earth, carriages rushed from every direction. They were guests who were visiting to celebrate Roan and Aily’s marriage from all around the kingdom.

Amongst them was the castellan of Miller Castle in Rinse Special District, Katy Rinse and her guard Pierce.

“I’m really glad.”

Katy gazed outside through the little window of the carriage, as the spring scenery sped past like a painting. Pierce sitting next to her, slowly nodded his head.

“Truly, a matching pair.”

The pair they were talking about was Roan and Aily. Katy murmured with a cloudy expression.

“Thank goodness that at least sister could be happy.”

A somewhat lonely voice and eyes. Pierce stared directly at her.

“At least sister…”

He didn’t feel good about that, and slowly shook his head.

“It’s not just your sister. Even Miss Castellan could be happy.”

There were more words stuck in his throat, but he forced those words down. Katy, who had been gazing outside, turned her head in surprise and looked at Pierce.

“Thank you.”

It was a short sentence, but Pierce could feel her honest thoughts fully. After some fidgeting, Katy asked with a very soft, even whimpering, voice.

“You will stay next to me forever, right?”
“Of course.”

The reply came quick.

“Because it’s his majesty’s order?”

Katy once again asked carefully, to which Pierce replied with a bitter smile.

“No. It is not because it’s his majesty’s order.”

Pierce placed his right hand on his chest.

“I want to do it myself. I want to continue staying next to Miss Castellan’s side.”

At once, a light silence covered the area – a silence that seemed to blow away at a breeze. The two of them stared at another with awkward smiles. Both had given non-confession-like confessions.

“We won’t be late for the ceremony, right?”

Katy naturally switched the topic and Pierce nodded his head as he stared outside.

“Yes, we should be arriving at Mediasis soon.”
“We should’ve hurried a bit more…”

Katy gave a short sigh, but Pierce replied with a wave of his hand.

“We had to take care of the people who had suffered greatly due to the previous war. I’m sure his majesty would understand.”
“That’s true, but…”

She remembered Aily Rinse who had, after the war, become close enough to feel like true siblings, and wanted to arrive before the ceremony for some chatter.

‘I wanted to share all the stories I had in store over the ages…’

Her face was starting to fill with regret. Suddenly.

“It’s the Capital City of Mediasis.”

The coachman’s voice could be heard.

Soon, the rushing carriage started to slow down.


Katy and Pierce looked at each other and tilted their heads. It was because the carriage had suddenly come to a stop.

“Please wait for a bit. Let me go out and have a look.”

Pierce calmed Katy as he opened the door. At that instant, his confident steps stopped as he became solid like a statue. People he had never imagined were standing right before him.

“Good work travelling all the way here.”

A soft yet powerful voice.

Pierce finally came to things, and quickly got down onto one knee.

“I greet your Majesty.”

The owner of the voice, who had been standing straight in front of the door of the carriage was Roan Lancephil.

Katy who had been at her seat was startled at Pierce’s words and quickly turned towards the entrance. And indeed, in front of the carriage was Roan.




There stood Aily Rinse who wore a bright smile on her face. Katy sprinted past Pierce and rushed outside the carriage without further thought.

“Slowly, slowly. You’ll fall otherwise.”

Aily pulled Katy who was about to start crying any time into her arms and patted her small feeble back.

“Sister, congratulations on your marriage.”

Katy somehow forced congratulatory words through her wet voice.


With a faint smile, Aily stroked Katy’s head. That smile was so soft and warm that it resembled the smile of a mother.

Pierce, who was still down on one knee, looked towards Roan.

“Sh, shall we embrace as well?”

An awkward sentence.

The faint smile on Roan’s face turned rigid.

“Don’t say something so terrible.”

A humoured, relaxed voice unlike his expression.

Pierce gave a light smile as he stepped down from the carriage. The warm spring wind embraced the four people.

“Why are your esteemed selves who are marrying today receiving us outside the castle gates?”

Pierce asked carefully, but Roan answered as if it was natural.

“It’s natural, since our family’s coming.”

In response, Katy who had been within Aily’s arms couldn’t hold it in any longer and broke into tears. Those were silent and warm tears full of happiness.

Pierce, who had been staring at that from the side, approached right next to Roan and whispered in a low voice.

“Then, am I family as well?”

A somewhat reddened expression. Roan stared quietly at such Pierce and eventually lightly smiled as he grabbed his shoulder.


With a nervous expression, Pierce waited for Roan’s reply. Roan whispered back in a similar soft voice.

“You had always been…”

The voice was clear, and was filled with certainty.

“A part of my family.”

A light cry escaped Pierce’s lips, as one sentence had warmed his heart significantly.

Roan stared at those three and smiled wryly.

“How long are you going to stay like this? We need to go back, no?”

Right now at the wedding venue, all the preparations had been finished as they waited for Roan and Aily’s arrival.


Katy escaped Aily’s embrace with surprise. She had a worried look as she checked whether Aily’s dress had tear marks or not. Aily looked at that quietly before reaching her right hand out.


Forcing her tears in, Katy grasped onto Aily’s hand as they entered a carriage. Roan and Pierce looked at each other before similarly entering another carriage.

“Let me lead you to the palace.”

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