I Am the Monarch – Chapter 267 – The Beginning (3)

The current Aimas Union, previously the Claude Kingdom, had selected the Tallian Church as their national religion instead of Devesis Church, destroyed all the temples under Devesis, and had expelled all their priests from the country.

Angered by this, the then Pope, Orika had ordered all the empires and kingdoms to raise their armies against Claude Kingdom through holy letters.

People called the united army the Crusaders.

Claude Kingdom tried its hardest against the Crusaders that had reached a scale never known in history, but had ultimately been fully defeated.

The church that had won the war divided the once powerful nation of the East, Claude Kingdom into dozens of countries and had created a union with a few countries.

That was the current Aimas Union.

Afterwards, the Devesis Church’s authority and power had increased even more, and the kingdoms and empires had been forced into worrying about the church’s eyes.

But at the same time, as the citizens of the previous Claude Kingdom had spread into several countries, it resulted in enlarging the influence of the Tallian Church.

Thanks to that, the west of the Grain Mountain Range had an overwhelming number of Devesis followers while on the east side, the Tallian Church was secretly gaining the citizens and slaves as followers.

Even then, it still couldn’t be compared to the Devesis Church, and had to hide themselves in fear of an inquisition.


Roan got rid of all the complicated thoughts in his mind and stared straight at Hurvert.

“Today is the wedding day, the most important and meaningful day of a life.”

A sturdy voice.

“I shall receive the Holy Letter of The Church once everything is finished.”

It was a strong rejection.

“What do yo…”

Hurvert was about to scream saying that it was a blasphemy, but Roan was one step quicker.

“I’ll prepare an accommodation next to the palace. We shall formally greet at a later date.”

When he waved his fingers at the same time, Taemusas that had been raring to go approached. The numbers had reached over 20.

“D, do you think you’ll be fine after disdaining, looking down on God?”

Hurvert shouted while being forced back. Roan smiled in reply.

“What I disdained and looked down on, is it God? Or…”

The two eyes shined as it reflected light.

“The Church?”
“Th, that is…”

Hurvert made a befuddled face and couldn’t find words to continue. Roan kept his smile as he lightly waved his hand.

The Taemusas blocked Hurvert from the front.

“We’ll lead the way.”

A rigid face and voice.


Hurvert shook his head with discomfort and displeasure. He wanted to stir more uproar but the atmosphere of the venue wasn’t to his favour.

‘Blasphemous. How blasphemous!’

Despite knowing that he was a messenger from The Church, the guests of the venue had directed him cold eyes of displeasure. Only a part of the nobles and the rich stood still with faces down.

‘This is why the easterners are!’

He clicked his tongue at an audible level. But he didn’t plan to stay there forever.

‘Let’s step back for now. Today’s not the only day.’

An elf’s sword might cut his head if he continued talking.

‘I can’t die in a worthless manner.’

His life was as important as his religion.

‘To follow the Holy Pope’s orders, I must keep my life safe.’


Unfortunately, he couldn’t understand the thoughts of the pope, Beldrica at all.

“Hmph, hmph!”

He purposefully gave out a few coughs before leaving the palace with the priests and the monks.

“A, are we just going back like this?”
“We must give punishment to the rude ones.”

The priests and the monks waved their hands in puzzlement. Hurvert shook his head with an expression telling them not to say useless things, and soon, the uninvited guests had disappeared.


Sighs of relief escaped from all directions. Roan stood still until Hurvert’s back could no longer be seen before returning back onto the stage.

“Will it be alright?”

Aily asked with some worry evident on her face, but Roan made a bright smile telling her not to worry.

“It’s okay. I’ve been prepared for it.”

Roan Lancephil and Beldrica.

The Amaranth Kingdom and The Church.

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