I Am the Monarch – Chapter 267 – The Beginning (3)

In any case, due to the issue regarding Io Lancephil, a confrontation with the church was inevitable.

Due to Hurvert’s sudden visit, the wedding ceremony had ended in an awkward manner. It was supposed to be continued by a meal accompanied by the citizens, but in consideration of the situation, the plan was changed to a simple meal.

Instead, a debate with his subordinates on how to deal with the messenger and the letter from The Church had opened.

Because of this, the Capital of Mediasis Castle was burning red hot with talks.

“What? So the reason why the meal was suddenly cancelled is because of that messenger from The Church?”
“That’s what I’m saying. It was one big fuss.”
“They completely ruined the atmosphere, it seems.”
“Tch, why did the messenger have to arrive on this exact day…”

The citizens gathered in groups and clicked their tongues in regret. Most of them blamed the messenger from The Church and complained.

Something like this would never happen on the west side of Grain Mountain Range. No, even from the east side, there weren’t many locations in which people could openly complain about the church.

This was all due to the special circumstances around Mediasis.

In the beginning, the Capital City Mediasis was a small village built on a vast wasteland.

Afterwards, as the war continued, the poor and exhausted ones from all around the kingdom had gathered until it formed a castle of the current size. Most of the citizens were foreigners that had suffered through hard times, so there was a tendency for them to stick together during hardship.

Regarding the Devesis Church that especially favoured the royal family, the nobles, and the rich, they had some slight dissatisfaction.

That didn’t mean that they believed in the Tallian Church, but the influence of the Devesis Church was a lot smaller here in comparison to other locations within the kingdom.

“Tch, on such a good day…”
“Should’ve waited for a bit before coming.”

There were sounds of tongues clicking here and there. At that time, a polished young man frowned before asking in a loud voice.

“But isn’t this quite dangerous, actually?”

To a sudden question, the surrounding people scowled.

“What does that mean?”
“How is it dangerous?”

After seemingly thinking for a bit, the young man replied in a loud voice.

“Right now, The Church isn’t acknowledging the founding of the Amaranth Kingdom nor His Majesty’s coronation.”

The happenings at the venue had all been relayed so everyone nodded their heads. The young man’s voice slowly got louder, and soon, everyone at the streets listened to his story.

“What if The Church continues to deny our Amaranth Kingdom? What if the Holy Letter they brought tells him to step down from the throne himself?”
“No way…”

The people waved their hands and shook their heads. Their faces reflected their wish to not think of such things, but the young man formed a more serious expression.

“It’s not ‘no way’. Think about it. Did a cardinal of the Devesis Church, or even a priest attend His Majesty’s coronation? No, right? And to be honest, back then during the war with the Rinse Liberation Squad, the Estia Empire army and the North Rinse Kingdom who had been in war united together to attack his majesty, no? Who was the one that made that happen, huh? Who?”

A storm of questions fell down, and soon, the people’s expressions were clouded.

“I, it was The Church…”
“Right. That was the case.”
“Now that I think of it, the holy declarations of marriage during this wedding wasn’t done by priests, it was by family members.”

The people finally realised that things were off.

“W, what if the church actually never acknowledges our kingdom and his majesty?”
“Does he really have to step down from the throne?”
“We have to return to the days of Rinse Kingdom?”

The people were greatly agitated. They bit down hard and shook their heads.

“We can’t let that happen.”
“We can’t return to those terrible days.”

The atmosphere turned hot.

“This won’t do.”
“We can’t have our monarch taken.”
“Now is a lot better…”
Soon, the voices turned into shouts.


“Let’s go find the messenger from The Church!”
“Convey our will!”
“We must clearly convey what kind of country and monarch we are actually wishing for!”
“Yes! Let’s tell the messenger our thoughts!”

They were naive.

The citizens thought the church didn’t know their thoughts and was therefore making a big misunderstanding.

“Let’s go!”

The people raised their hands high as they carried themselves. Their destination was a mansion next to the palace – the place where Cardinal Hurvert was staying.

<The Beginning (3)> End.

Translator: Lunargrasp
Proofreader: Deathwing

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