I Am the Monarch – Chapter 268 – The Beginning (4)

I am the Monarch – Chapter 268: The Beginning (4)



While relaxing on the soft chair, Cardinal Hurvert let out a deep breath.

Their long schedule had taken a toll on their body.

“Bunch of savages.”

He frowned as he thought back on what had happened in the palace. Rumours that the Devesis Church’s influence on the east side of Grain Mountain Range was different to before was something he had heard several times, but this was his first first-hand experience.

“They won’t realise their position unless we summon all the priests and close all the temples or something….”

The priests and temples of Devesis Church weren’t limited to the religious weight it had. They used divine powers to treat the sick and care for the poor, teach them words, or carry out ceremonies and were undisputedly placed at an important position in various fields.

“I think you walked away too easily sir.”

Shika, the oldest out of the monks conveyed his thoughts with a worried expression, but Hurvert waved his hand with a slight smile.

“No need to worry. We still have a lot of time.”

It was the personification of nonchalance and unworry.

Shika looked towards the other monks and priests after a brief sigh, and the three also didn’t seem content.

“In any case…”

Still on his chair, Hurvert examined the drawing room.

“It seems they put some care into it.”

He liked the house that Roan had prepared. The drawing room, office, bedrooms and everything were fancy and high-class, servants had manners and elegance, and the food they prepared were satisfying.

“He doesn’t look like a stubborn person. Maybe words will get to him.”

The conversation with Roan seemed likely to result in a positive manner. Hurvert waved at the youngest priest.

“Give me a glass of some alcohol.”

His posture, words and gesture – none of them seemed to be fitting of a cardinal.

“Yes. I under…”

It was when the stiff-faced priest was about to answer.

“What is this?”

The monk frowned as he approached the windows as his sensitive ears had picked up unpleasant noise. Hurvert who had been looking for alcohol similarly became nervous.


As the firmly closed windows opened, rounds of large cries dug deep into their eardrums.

“We are the citizens of the Amaranth Kingdom!”
“The monarch of our Amaranth Kingdom is Roan Lancephil!”
“There is no more Rinse Kingdom!”
“Do not take our monarch away from us!”
“Amaranth! Amaranth!”
“Roan Lancephil! Roan Lancephil!”

The citizens of the Mediasis Castle had encircled the mansion and were screaming.

An exorbitant number.

The roads were packed with people with the end invisible.

“W, what?!”

With a bewildered expression, Hurvert left the seat in a start. He looked outside the window and scowled.

“T, this bunch of crazy…”

He was evidently baffled by the situation that he had never expected.

‘Roan and his subordinates aside, I thought the normal citizens would at least worry about the church’s eyes…’

Although the east side of the mountain range wasn’t like before, Devesis Church was a part of one’s life for the citizens of the continent. He thought that if he sat down treating the sick with his divine powers and spread propaganda, it would cause the higher-ups to be on their knees.

‘But there’s a problem with the bottom.’

Hurvert bit down hard.

His eyes scanned the mansion, in case the citizens would bring themselves in, but.

‘Sigh, that’s a relief.’

He soon gave a short sigh. Ones that seemed to be soldiers of the Amaranth Kingdom were properly guarding the mansion, and the deafening crowd also maintained order without doing anything excessive.

It was a peaceful protest.

‘There’s no need to worry about this for now.’

Then, he sat back on the chair as a frown appeared.

“This is troubling. To think that citizens would be on Roan’s side.”

He hadn’t had an idea of how strong and tough the citizen’s support on Roan was.

“In the first place, it was impossible to be solved by conversing.”

Shika closed the window and approached Hurvert. Hurvert’s frown deepened.

“You’re saying I was wrong?”

A voice and face that reflected his displeasure, to which Shika replied by slightly lowering his head. Hurvert continued with a thorny voice.

“I have gotten the holy pope’s order in receiving full obedience of Roan Lancephil. I’m just being careful due to having received an important mission. There’s still time, and we can talk it out any time.”

In response, Shika shook his head after having some time to breathe.

“We don’t have much time. The demands from the citizens would only become higher, which means our position would continue to get worse. And besides…”

He stared directly into Hurvert’s eyes.

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