I Am the Monarch – Chapter 268 – The Beginning (4)

“Sir Cardinal is misunderstanding the holy pope’s will.”
“What? I am misunderstanding the holy pope’s will?”

Hurvert’s expression became rigid, with anger reaching into his voice. Shika remained confident.

“What the holy pope wanted wasn’t mere conversation.”

To that, Hurvert could no longer hold it in and rose up with a dash.

“Then are you saying we should make a huge commotion? Raise our swords and attack the palace?”

His voice got louder.

“Impossible! What will we get from doing something like that! It will only result in a bigger dent in the relationship and one mistake could get us expelled before we can even speak one word!”

If that happened, they would not be able to carry Pope Beldrica’s wish at all.

“Of course, it would be troubling to be expelled.”

Shika’s two eyes reflected light.

“Then what are you saying we should…”

Hurvert continued with annoyance mixed in his voice and expression until he suddenly widened his eyes.


His breath ceased and a painful moan escaped. He lowered his head to face his stomach.

“Wh, why…”

Hurvert had an expression of disbelief as he shook his head. There was a knife the size of a palm digging into his stomach, and the wielder was none other than Shika.

“Y, you dare to do this to me, the cardinal…”

His two eyes reflected lights of rage, while Shika nonchalantly twisted the dagger.


Along with the sound of bones being crushed, Hurvert’s face crumbled.

Shika stared directly into Hurvert’s eyes as he whispered in a low voice.

“This is the holy pope’s wish.”
“What rubbish are you… Cough!”

Unable to handle it any longer, he went down on his knees, as power left his body. His eyes scanned the monks and priests behind Shika and found them watching the situation unfold with composed, unbothered expressions.

‘T, this bunch were all on the same side.’

The situation didn’t look favourable.

Shika’s voice reached his ears.

“What the holy pope wished for was our death.”

With a calm voice, he continued with words that Hurvert couldn’t believe… no, didn’t want to believe.

“Due to Roan Lancephil’s grandfather, Io Lancephil being in custody of the church, it is impossible to talk this out in the first place. Besides, the Rinse Liberation Army that had been formed under The Church’s support had been completely defeated by Roan Lancephil which put shame on the church’s authority and fame.

Continuing an impossible conversation in this situation is more poison than anything. It might appear as if the church is appeasing to Roan Lancephil. With one mistake, the church’s authority within the east side of the Grain Mountain Range, especially the Rinse Kingdom area, could fall to the bottom.”

An unhideable pride and confidence appeared on his face.

“No, in the first place, reaching out a hand to someone who had pointed their sword at us, the church is something we can’t do, and do not want to.”

Shika’s voice enlarged even further.

“We, The Church will punish the immoral Roan Lancephil and the blasphemous Amaranth.”

In response, Hurvert squeezed his all into his words and screamed.

“If that was the case, they wouldn’t have sent me to such a place!”
“No, the cardinal’s role was the most important.”

Shika shook his head and twisted the dagger once again.

Cra, crack!

The sound of the crushing bones echoed violently.

“The church cannot start a war without reason.”
“T, then…?”

A tide of emotions waved through Hurvert’s eyes, finally understanding Beldrica and the church’s inner thoughts.

Shika slowly nodded his head.

“Sir Cardinal shall be the manure for the Great Church.”

His voice was full of pride.

Hurvert shook his head; his eyes were now blurry.

‘Damn, the divine power isn’t working.’

Healing magic couldn’t be used.

The dagger was most likely not a normal knife.

“T, to think that I would die like this…”

It was frustrating.

“If I were to die, y, you bunch will find it difficult to keep your lives as well…”

A strange threat, different to normal threats were thrown. However


The monk and two priests excluding Shika bit into a poison sac and collapsed. An appearance devoid of any hesitation to the point of insanity.

“The moment we departed the church, we were ready to follow the god’s will with a happy heart.”

Hurvert let out a despondent laugh. Looking at the dead priests and the monk made him feel a rush of fear. Suddenly, he thought of what Beldrica had said before he left the church.

[Go to Rinse Kingdom and follow the god’s will. If you don’t know what the god’s will is, follow my will.]

Soon, Roan’s words at the palace floated in his head.

[What I disdained and looked down on, is it God or The Church?]

A bitter smile hung on his lips.

When he first heard those words, he thought it was a blasphemy to god, but now before death, his head was filled with complex thoughts.

‘By who’s will, am I dying? The God’s, or The Church’s?’

He couldn’t find an answer.

Opening the eyes that threatened to close itself, he stared at Shika, and saw a firm, solid pair of eyes.

He felt helpless.

All his beliefs had crumbled at an instant.

“We all had our eyes open…”

The voice got smaller and smaller.

“And yet couldn’t see anything properly…”

That was the end.

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