I Am the Monarch – Chapter 269 – The Beginning (5)

I am the Monarch – Chapter 269: The Beginning (5)

“The crusaders…!”

The storm that followed was huge. Everyone widened their eyes and formed surprised expressions, and even Roan Lancephil who was always bold and calm, had a light wave of emotions pass his face.

The weight behind the word, crusaders was that great.

‘Might have to fight against the entire continent.’

The Amaranth Kingdom had just finished a war and was at a newborn state. It was not in a situation that could handle even a small-scale war, let alone a large war against the continent.

‘Is the Great Warring Period appearing in a different form?’

Roan thought back on his previous life.

When compared, it was indeed around the time for the Great Warring Period to begin. However during the previous life’s Great Warring Period, the church had taken a quiet stance without any action.

‘Did the future change…?’

It wasn’t a surprise.

Different to before, the Rinse Kingdom had been replaced by the Amaranth Kingdom, founded by none other than himself. It would in fact be strange if the future had not changed.

But that didn’t mean he could be certain.

‘The outside may seem different while it’s the same on the inside.’

He had already been through lots of such situations.


Roan let out a long breath, signalling the rowdy subjects to close their mouths.

“There’s no reason for you to rush.”

A calm voice, and Roan gazed towards Ian Phillips.

“Isn’t that the case, Ian?”

Ian slightly smiled in response.

“Yes. There’s no need to fret this early.”

As soon as he was over.

“No need to worry when the crusaders are being gathered?”
“It would be a problem if the Estia Empire attacked immediately, let alone crusaders of all nations…”
“Ugh… Just the thought itself is frightening.”
“I cannot understand how you could be so relaxed.”

Words of worries filled every direction. Ian looked directly at their faces before carefully opening his mouth.

“The church will surely gather the crusaders…”

Voice full of certainty.

“But it will take at least one year for the crusaders to gather. Or rather…”

The smile deepened.

“We’ll make it like that.”

Words they hadn’t been expecting came out, and they all tilted their heads in puzzlement. In the end, Austin represented everyone’s wish by asking carefully.

“What do you mean by that?”

Instead of answering himself, Ian looked towards Swift. Swift nodded in response and stood up from his seat, and spoke with a calm voice as he faced the officials.

“We have Mills Voisa and Lukan Diez. We plan to use these two to grab at the church’s feet – especially Mills Voisa will have Estia Empire and the church oppose one another.”

Gasps could be heard from the sides. Estia Empire and the church in opposition – indeed if it went as planned, the gathering of the crusaders will not be so easy.


“Will it be that easy?”

One of the lower-end government officials asked with a worried expression. Swift nodded while keeping his calm expression.

“Of course, it won’t be easy. No matter how much we try, it won’t be easy to split the Estia Empire and the church. No, to be frank, it will be impossible.”
“Then how…?”

They all held curious expressions and tilted their heads.

Swift continued his words.

“However, just as the strategist Ian has said, we can delay the gathering of the crusaders by causing a disagreement of ideology between the Estia Empire and the church. At least 1 year, and at the most 2 years – that is the remaining time given to us.”

He looked straight into the various officials. Roan, who had been staying quiet, followed from behind.

“My thoughts are the same.”

He slowly stood up from his seat, and his two eyes reflected light brightly.

“One more year from now. That is the time given to us, during which we must prepare all we can. All of you must try your hardest from your given positions.”

A powerful voice.

“The enemy we must face from now on are…”

A firm expression and tone.

“All the nations within the continent.”


A heavy blow hit the conference room.


They gulped.

But none of them were discouraged or despaired, or rather, they appeared a little excited. Like children given new toys, like teenagers given new challenges, they formed fists and bit down.

Their eyes overflowed with confidence that believed in their capabilities.

The great conference finished in that manner.

As soon as the day broke, Roan announced the truth regarding the death of the church’s messengers without hiding. In addition, he had prepared a pious funeral in the name of Amaranth Kingdom and sent their coffins to the church.

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