I Am the Monarch – Chapter 269 – The Beginning (5)

The people of Castle Mediasis remained calmer than expected. It was because a large portion of the citizens had viewed the fire on the messengers’ mansion with their eyes and their heavy trust towards Roan.

They trusted the announcement from the palace.

It was the same for the citizens within the east and the north sides of Castle Mediasis. Plus, the Castle Mill in Rinse Special District where Katy Rinse was in charge of, had been somewhat confused, but had ultimately believed in the Amaranth Kingdom and supported them.

However, a part of the south and the west district of the Amaranth Kingdom had intense dissent towards it. That was due to these areas having higher trust in the Devesis Church than other districts.

Rather than the cardinal from the church dying, they focused more on the fact that the church did not support Roan or the Amaranth Kingdom. Some devout believers even raised strong protests saying they could not accept Roan and the kingdom.

The still-hiding leftover army of the previous Rinse Kingdom used this situation to their favour and gathered together.

Roan was about to immediately send a subjugation army but Ian, Swift and others carefully held him back.

“It is already too late to receive support from the church.”

It was impossible to receive the pope’s permission for coronation like other kingdoms and empires. Or rather, now that the temples had been closed with priests leaving the country, it made no sense to have the Devesis Church as the national religion.

“Instead, it will be better to acknowledge the freedom of religion to the citizens.”

Swift nodded his head in agreement to Ian’s words.

“The people who wish to believe in the Devesis Church can continue, and the devout believers who need priests should be allowed to migrate to other countries.”

Ian continued from there.

“It’s allowing the citizens to choose.”

His two eyes shone bright.

“Is it the Amaranth Kingdom, or the Devesis Church…”

In response, Roan nodded without speaking a word. It was impossible to forcibly carry devout believers with him, and the ones that were currently forcing the south side into confusion were those devout believers of Devesis Church.

That day, a royal order was announced.

It had stated that the Devesis Church had lost the position of national religion of the Amaranth Kingdom. But that didn’t stop people from believing in it – the ones who wished to, could continue like before and believe in Devesis Church.

But it was made clear that they could no longer receive support from the church.

The citizens were befuddled.

They had already guessed that the relationship between the Amaranth Kingdom and the church wasn’t good from the messengers’ deaths. However, they hadn’t expected such a firm and clear decision to be made.

There were many confusions throughout.

The one that stepped out during this time was the previous Black Rinse, currently the Black Amaranth. The Black Amaranth that had originally been a revolution army formed during the war for coronation, was a group of citizens.

They told their friends and family of the honesty of Amaranth Kingdom and Roan – who they had fought for with their lives on the line.

At the same time, they reminded about the Devesis Church’s non-actions during the terrible war as well as them favouring the rich and disdaining the poor.

Black Amaranth’s honesty – no, Roan’s honesty had reached them, as the confusion quickly died down. Most citizens decided to follow the Amaranth Kingdom instead of Devesis Church.

Of course, there were people that didn’t.

People within the west and the south, especially the south, wanted to follow Devesis Church. For them, religion was a part of their life – in fact, it equaled their lives.

They desired to leave the country.

Here, Roan made a grandiose decision. He chose to give funding as support to the ones who wished to migrate out of the country. It wasn’t a large amount, but him taking care of people that disliked and wanted to leave the country greatly appealed to the citizens and it highlighted how their decision was a correct one.

Besides, people weren’t just leaving.

There were those who looked for the Amaranth Kingdom in hope of freedom and happiness. Elves that had hid themselves for the past 500 years moved from the southern forests of the continent to a part of the Grain Mountain Range next to the kingdom. At the same time, the believers of several religions that had been persecuted in other countries and wanderers who had suffered from nobles and royal families’ tyranny all started to cross the borders of Amaranth.

Roan used the information gathered by Argens, Tenebra, Evishun and others as the basis in deciding whether the people had troublesome backgrounds or not, before allowing the non-problematic ones in without any conditions.

Thanks to that, the Amaranth Kingdom was like a new-born child, a boy who just started running around, and a youthful young man, as it overflowed with energy.

And finally, on a clear day with warm spring wind breezing around, a public announcement on renewed compensation system, regulations and military restructure had begun at Castle Mediasis.

Austin stood on one side of the stage as he bellowed.

“From now, we shall have new compensation systems.”


The silver moonlight shone on top of the rough ocean waves.

“A magnificent scenery no matter the time.”

A young man gazed at the night ocean as he leaned on the windowsill. He had a superb appearance as well as a strange aura being emanated from his body.

“This Teloi Island is sure beautiful for a land for exiles…”

A bitter smile hung on his lips.

Teloi Island.

It was an island located on the Norton Seas, on the north of Persion Kingdom. The kingdom would send the treacherous criminals with heavy crimes onto this small, isolated island.

Recently, it was also a place where the first prince, Reitas Persion, who had failed in assassinating Manus Persion had been sent on exile.

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